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On some platforms, my editor of choice has become the aptly named Sublime Text. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have built in syntax highlighting for the Maple programming language and so I set out to write some.  In the end, I wrote enough highlighting to keep me sane when looking at Maple source, but it could use a lot more work.  So in case anyone is interested I've put what I have in a Github repository: SublimeTextMaple

If you use Sublime Text, please download it and add your own enhacements and share in turn.

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There seems to be a bug in determining the folowing integral analytically:

integrate(-(3/2*(exp(-(1/4)*x)*x-sqrt(Pi)*erf((1/2)*sqrt(x))*sqrt(x)))/(sqrt(x)*sqrt(Pi)*erf((1/2)*sqrt(x))), x = 0..1)

Maple gives as a result


However, numerically integrating it

integrate(-(3/2*(exp(-(1/4)*x)*x-sqrt(Pi)*erf((1/2)*sqrt(x))*sqrt(x)))/(sqrt(x)*sqrt(Pi)*erf((1/2)*sqrt(x))), x=0..1,numeric)



In fact, integrating it from a to b,

integrate(-(3/2*(exp(-(1/4)*x)*x-sqrt(Pi)*erf((1/2)*sqrt(x))*sqrt(x)))/(sqrt(x)*sqrt(Pi)*erf((1/2)*sqrt(x))), x=a..b)


-3/2 a + 3/2 b

suggesting that Maple thinks the integrand is just 3/2. If one plots it, then it becomes obvious that this is not the case.


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