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Other work done to demonstrate that using the correct syntax leads to corroborate all the principles and theorems found in the area of geometry. The Gergonne Point is another achievement developed by Maple procedure through GergonnePoint command and use. I hope your hand corrections if any.



Maple 17.02...

September 20 2013 eithne 850 Maple

An update to Maple 17 is now available. It includes improvement in several different areas of the product, including a new keyboard shortcut for inline evaluation and updates to the Physics package.

To get this update, you can use Tools>Check for Updates from within Maple, or visit Maple 17.02 Downloads, where you can also find a few more details.


We have just released the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon, a new add-on component library for advanced hydraulics modeling.  The result of a technology partnership with Modelon, the renowned developer of high-quality Modelica libraries, the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon allows you to:

  • Seamlessly combine hydraulic subsystems and components with other domains in a single modeling environment
    • Choose from over 150 components...

A peculiar consequence of the "smartview" of plots see updates Maple16 (plotting) is that the plot of a constant function only shows the rounding errors:

plot( arcsin+arccos, -1..1 );

Obviously Maple doesn't automatically simplify arcsin(x)+arccos(x) to Pi/2.

I have a previous post on this, but the discussion completely missed the situation I was presenting.

The big problem is: The (vertical) writing cursor often does not move on the visible worksheet when a new location is clicked with the mouse or the arrow keys are used, and moving with the arrow keys often leaves a trail of writing cursors along the line between exisiting symbols. Luckily, Maple internally seems to know the correct (intended) location of the...

I would like to pay attention to the article "Words and More Words" by Joseph Malkevitch. Here are a few  intriguing references:

M. Morse, A solution of the problem of infinite play in chess, Bull. Am. Math. Soc., 44 (1938) 632.

M. Morse and G. Hedlund, Symbolic dynamics, Am. J. Math. 60, (1938) 815–866.

Lothaire, M. Applied Combinatorics on Words, Cambridge U. Press, New York, 2005.

Good books in Maple...

September 12 2013 Lenin Araujo Castillo 350 Maple 17ática-Computacional-Trujillo/145132492343285

A bug of Maple on sum command...

September 12 2013 jeffx 20 Maple

When I run "sum(a[1/k],k=1..n);", I get "Error, (in IntegerSub) too many levels of recursion". But it's OK to run "product(a[1/k],k=1..n);". Furthermore "Error, (in IntegerSub) too many levels of recursion" cannot be caught.


A user community of Maple I leave one of my contributions to the advancement of science. Here you see the true use of Mathematics in its real dimension Geometric. Just need to improve it with Components someone can help?

I would like to Maple develop mathematical exercises as do Bagatrix and Algebrator packages as examples. What think you?. The primary and secondary students learn better if they observe the procedure for each year of calculus. I'm sure Maple care enough about the issue and expect changes in future versions.

Could you please fix it...

September 03 2013 Andriy 160


Sorry for posting my appeal here but it is the only guarantee that it will be read by the Developer. I'd like to pay your attention that there is no possibility to copy and paste a piece of code directly from the Maple worksheet to the body of message in Mapleprimes. The copied piece of code from Maple is pasted into message box in Mapleprimes as an image! So every...

Today maple is being used as a helpful tool, but teachers should learn mathematics in depth, and in this way use the primitive concepts of mathematics. This very well use the algorithms that reduce the lines of code in the resolution of a problem, but it is very necessary to use command to demonstrate theorems, since inico to completion, and then be tested with new commands that meet on a line of estio the problem code. What do you think about the development of mathematical procedure, using native commands?

Aquí le dejo otro de mis trabajos hechos con puro matemáticas, creo que me parecio por demás plotear las alturas y medianas ya que eso se realizo en la recta de Euler.

Physics update (Aug/30)...

August 30 2013 ecterrab 1674 Maple

A new Physics:-Library:-SortProducts command got added to the Library, addressing the need for reordering operands in noncommutative products (Physics:-`*` and Physics:-`.`) in different ways (optional arguments of SortProducts). Note: SortProducts returns an expression mathematically...

Why did you choose Maple?...

August 28 2013 eithne 850 Maple

We’re conducting some market research, and we’re hoping some of you can help.  We’re interested in learning more about why people choose Maple over other systems, in particular Mathematica.  We know why we like Maple, but we’re interested in knowing why you do.

We’d love to hear from anyone who either compared both systems before choosing Maple or who used to be a Mathematica user and has now switched to Maple.  What led you to make your decision?

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