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Maple and Solidworks...

March 20 2009 Oliver K 1116
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Hi, what are possible ways to exchange data between Maple and solidworks ? Assume i have a Matrix -created in Maple- that contains 3d data for a CAD model. Is it possible to pass this data to solidworks ?



Help me !...

February 28 2009 kebitmat_f 20

when i run a program that returns a expression, example :

f=3%1 + 2 cos(phi2 + phi3)
%1 := sin(phi3 + phi4 + phi2)

How to return f =3sin(phi3 + phi4 + phi2)+2 cos(phi2 + phi3)

I'm using MAPLE TOOLBOX FOR MATLAB, run in Matlab windown.

i'm using Maple Toolbox For Matlab. How to do this : sin(x)*cos(y)+sin(y)*cos(x) = sin(x+y) ?.

i used " simple" command but not done.

An optimal day...

February 09 2009 Tom 4 724 Global Optimization
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Yesterday was one of those remarkable days when everything seems just about right. The highlight was an email message I received from a Prof. Fang from Ryerson University notifying us that we had been both nominated and awarded the Omond Solandt Award by the Canadian Operational Research Society for ongoing and outstanding contribution to the field of Operations Research (OR). No, it’s not a Nobel Prize or an Oscar, but whenever a group of smart people publically recognize our work, the honor and pride are genuine.

pls solve this


I'm trying to work out how the Global Optimization Toolbox works and I thought I got it working. However, when I increase the ranges of the parameters over which the Toolbox should look for the solution (but still including the previous range), the outcome of the optimization changes, i.e. the toolbox finds different optimal parameter values and a different, and often higher, Sum of Squares (which is my evaluation criterium). I don't understand what I'm doing wrong!

An example:


Just started using the global optimization toolbox. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is genuinely awful. After about 20mins it produces a fit that is dreadful,an alternative cheaper package (scop) produces a great fit in about 2 mins. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


Hallo dear proffesionals of Maple

I use Debian 4.0 r3 version with gcc compiler v 4.xx

I have installed properly in my computer the Maple 11 version.

the problem is :

I want to have a solved example of linear programming model in maple software or any other software that has linear programming model

Hi, I have a trouble in handling MathML in worksheet published by MapleNet. A simple worksheet published on the following page works fine. However, same worksheet published on my own MapleNet server does not work nicely.


Je voudrais savoir s'il était possible de faire fonctionner un maplet sans la visionseuse mapletviewer. Et dans le cas contraire la faire fonctionner à travers un serveur maplenet, Mais je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre. Quel est la démarche à suivre ?

Merci de votre aide.

    It’s a pity that Maple does not offer easy ways to plot the region between two curves in the xy-plane. The option “filled=true” can only plot the region between the curve y=f(x) and the x-axis.

I am using the ODE analyzer to look at the numerical solution to a second order ODE of the form 0=-uc'-kc+Ec" with u=.3, k=.0001 and E=10, and with conditions, c(0)=2 and c'(20,000)=0. When I try the solve numerically, I get an error message saying "unable to convert input to a first order system. Recieved error: too few boundary conditions, expected 5 got 2." What am I missing?
Hello, I am trying to draw a static plot in JSP (without java needed on client ). I am sure that the command is OK, I wrote it according the example in manual.
<maple:statement type="plot" height="200" width="400">plot(x*x,x=-1..1,y=0..1)</maple:statement>
But this error appears in browser:
MapleNet JSP Error Error in maple:statement (Reference # 1196078978052) cannot_convert_results Please try again.
I looked into logs and there is an error:
... 2007-11-26 13:09:37 StandardContext[/maplenet][org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl@6e82254d] maple: statement: to Maple -plot(x*x,x=-1..1,
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