Question: Change of variables in differential equation

December 03 2013 bails123 10
Maple 17


Consider the differential equation zZ'' + Z' + a2Z = 0,  where Z = Z(z).  Using the change of variables x = \sqrt{z/b}with b a constant,  obtain the differential equation Z'' + (1/x)Z' + c2Z = 0, where Z = Z(x) and c = 2a \sqrt{b}.

I tried Maple help and it offers the dchange command, and what I have tried is shown below;


DE:= ...

tr:= {z = x2b}

dchange(tr, DE)

This did not return anything however.  I am thinking I need to specify that b is a constant, however, I am a little unsure on how to do this. Is the above the correct way to proceed?  I don't see how I have specified anywhere that in the final PDE, I require Z=Z(x).

Thanks for any help.  This is my first post here, so apologies for the typesetting. If there is inbuilt latex, I will use it next time.

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