Question: End of lines still not accessible

December 14 2013 John Fredsted 1259
Maple 17


Some three and a half years ago, after having upgraded from Maple 9.5 to Maple 11, I had to abandon the latter and return to the former, the problem being that the GUI did not allow me something as completely trivial as to go to the very end of a line by pressing END on my keyboard, see I declare defeat: rolling back to Maple 9.5.

With Microsoft phasing out updates for Windows XP as of April 2014, I decided to run Windows 7 instead of XP. According to MapleSoft, Maple 9.5 does not run under either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7, and thus I was forced to upgrade Maple.

Having installed Maple 17 an hour or so ago, I decided to open a Maple 9.5 document to see how it was rendered. To my complete surprise I found again that I was not able to move to the very end of a line using END on my keyboard. Can that really be true? This seems completely mad to me.

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