Question: I'm a noob, please help me!

May 07 2014 MuriloLobo 10

Hello guys,


I'm starting to learn MAPLE this week, so first of all I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge about the software. 

I got a worksheet with a ready code, and i'm trying to run it, but I'm receiving an error message that I don't know how to solve, by the fact that I don't know very well yet. But I need to run this URGENTLY, so my hope is that you guys could help me.


The line of code is the following: 


S1:-Results(solutionpoint);for cont2 from 1 to 2 do VNUM[jj,cont2]:=(rhs(S1:-Results(solutionpoint)[de+s+m+cont2]))end do;seq(-add(v[k]*x[jj,k],[r]*y[jj,r],r=1..s)<=0,j=1..n);seq(add(u[r]*y[jj,r],r=1..s)-add(v[k]*x[jj,k],<=0,j=1..n),


And the error message is the following: "Error, invalid sequence". I think that maybe is something really simple like a comma or something like that. Can you please help me? Thank you very much

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