Question: Simplifying Complex roots of Unity.

August 13 2014 kyleevanslee 15

t := exp(2*(I*Pi*(1/11)))

u := t^10*a[10]+t^9*a[9]+t^8*a[8]+t^7*a[7]+t^6*a[6]+t^5*a[5]+t^4*a[4]+t^3*a[3]+t^2*a[2]+t*a[1]+a[0]


How can get maple to simplify expressions like u^3+u^2-1 so that the exponents are between 2*(I*Pi*(1/11)) and 1.

Essentially it keeps outputting things like exp(2*(I*Pi*(1/11)))^12 and not simplifying it as it is a root of unity

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