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I have a rational function


I want to cancell the roots which are equal up to 7 digits?

How to write a maple code for this problem?

Hi Mapleprimes community,


I am a maple novice and was trying to write a procedure but cannot tell what my syntax error is.  I would greatly appreciate if anyone can point out what I did wrong or any improvement in the code that I can make.  Thanks



¿Does Maple 17 in that way has helped in the development of complex geometric problems?

Has anyone else seen the following behavior in Maple 16 and/or 17? In worksheet mode, with 2-D math notation, after hitting <enter> to execute a line several times, the software switches, without warning and unrepeatably, to a mode where only the arrows work -and that is to scroll the sheet. This means the <enter> command is no longer recognized.

My only solution has been to click on the line with the mouse, for which it returns to input mode. This behavior started in version 16 and I switched back to 15. However, I prefer features of 17 such as the different subscript options, that I would like to stay in 17.

I note this behavior occurs on both my Windows based machines and have seen it on students' Mac based machines. We use a common site licence at our institution and I wonder if that might be the problem.

In short - it is a pain.

(Yes, I did try to look for other posters with a similar problem, but failed. )

Hello dear friends

I have a difficult issue about the new maple 17, since I installed the new update i can't use my shortcut to Evalulate and Display Inline. Before i could use the Cmd + alt + =  or Cmd + = 

Now it just zooming in about 10% zoom size when i type this. I use this command alot, i hope you guys can help me with this.

I don't use worksheet, it's just maple math-mode 2d and I use macbook pro 10.6

I upgraded to Maple 17 from Maple 16 today and I noticed that all of the sudden I can not enter the } symbol anymore although the { symbol works just fine. (I have an azerty keyboard so those keys are AltGr+0/ctrl+shift+0 and AltGr+9/ctrl+shift+0 respectively). My solution right now is to enter the symbol each time via the fences panel, but  since it's a commonly used key this isn't really optimal. 
Does anybody know what causes this and how I can fix this? 

There seems to exist no such facility with Maple 17, although that was present for Maple 16, 15, ...  and it seemed to be useful. Please explain its absence.

Can somebody explain me this:

Can you confirm that Maple 17 was announced.  I'm thinking that I saw a notice on this.  If so what is the release date?


Mary-Lou Mowat

Based on past releases, after Dec 31 any hope of a 16.03 update becomes very very slim. 

You see, any last issued updates (back to Maple 11) have all happened before the turn of the new year.  And should we make it into the new year without one last update then we can almost be certain that Maplesofts focus is all on the next major release, Maple 17.

There is always hope, that a few more loose ends can be tied up before the next major release, however...

Maple 17 wish list...

October 08 2011 PatrickT 1933 Maple

Rereading this old thread, it's nice to see that some of the wishes for Maple 15 were indeed implemented. I suppose it's a little too late to wish for Maple 16 if it is indeed scheduled for release this coming Spring, but how about our wishes for Maple 17?

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