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How to label in inline math mode. I tried labels = ['theta', Typesetting:-Typeset(cos(1/theta)/sqrt(1-theta^2))] which gives a big expression on Y axis spreaded in two lines. But i want to label one line as in latex $\cos(1/\theta)/sqrt(1-\theta^2))$ . Is there a way to do it ?


I am working with the Maple 18.02 version. I just want want to perform a basic polynomial expansion using the command "expand" and it does not respond as it should according to what Maple Programming Help says it would. For example:

Maple Programming Help says:

I get:


Also, one sees that this isn't even true, as x(x+2) + 1 = x^2 +2x +1, which is not equal to x^2 + 3x +2.

Moreover, maple tells me it is equal..:

What is going on here? I woul like to get the full expanded form (without factors). Also, this is obviously not true, or maybe Maple means something else by x(x+2) +1...

Thank you!

Hi there,

I'm new here. My first question:

Is there a way to make Maple output display explicit multiplcations signs in 2D-math?

When you enter 5*2^x Maple will output 5*2^x. Is there a way to make Maple display the multiplications signs in output in stead just implicit multiplication signs (i.e. whitepaces)? (I would settle for Maple display all multiplication signs in output - not just the ones which are made explicit in the input.)

I searched this site. No luck. I looked into "Typesetting Rule Assistant", but I couldn't find a way to alter the output of multiplication sign (*).

Can you guys help me?

Kind Regards,



P.S.: I'm a teacher from Denmark. We use Maple before college/university for a lot of pupils. Some less competent pupils have a tendency to overlook the whitespace.

A bit of an annoyance. 

typing 'numerator' / 'denominator' generates an error.  The first quote never gets automatically grouped as it should.

Two workarounds.  The first is to move to, and delete the first quote and re-enter it again in front of numerator.
The second is to use brackets, although one shouldn't have to.

I'm looking over a file someone else made (I jusut have the image of it not the .mw), and there's a line that looks like this:

    | t=0.45.

H1 is an equation is set from an interpolation expansion line, and I believe this input solves the equation when the variable t is equal to 0.45. But how do I enter this into Maple? Thanks.

Hey, I recently switched to Maple 2016, but now whenever I write equations in the text field it calculates it like if it was a math problem it had to solve, but I just want it to be text, nothing else.

Do you know of any way to turn this off? As in Maple 2015 I could write equations in the text field, and when I ran the worksheet through it wouldn't try to calculate text fields, but 2016 calculates the text fields and shows the solution as a blue text... So annoying.

Previous year I was using Maple 2015 and I had a procedure in which I had used

A := Array((1 .. 3)$3);

And similar use of $. This year I'm using Maple 2016. Now I came back to my old procedure but Maple doesn't compile the procedure anymore and instead shows

Error, `$` unexpected
What is the problem? Is something changed in new version of Maple?

Why I use Array and $ is my old question here which was fine before.

Hi @ all,

I was wondering if there is a way to display every character that i type in maple math input without any kind of automatic text editing (neither adding nor removing characters).

I find it very cumbersome to read and edit the modified input (afaik just from looking at a simple piece of printed (black and white on pamper) code it is impossible to destinguish atomic variables and indexed variables due to automatic text edit of the input to lower script in both cases).


Example 1: "True" Low Script (Not indexed variable!)
> a__1 :=3:

When I type this in 2-D Math Input (or Maple Input) the cursor jumps to lower script (atomic variable) after the second underscore which is not what i want to happen. After evaluating the expression it is very neat to see the "1" as lower sript but not during typing. Any mode or something to achieve this?

2. Example: Use a loop for dynamic variable creation (not because it is smart to do so but to illustrate my problem with maple input and automated text edit)

> for i from 1 to 4 do:
> x__||i:=1:
> end do:

I can not type this directly in any kind of maple input I have found. The concatenate symbol will be interpreted as subscript without escaping the automatically entered "atomic variable" mode which causes an error. After I use the arrow key to type "||i" outside "atomic variable mode" the loop variable i is not used as index anymore but instead appended to x as a number. But what i want is a dynamic variable creation with "true" numbered subscripts. I could use a longer version with cat() but this sucks (or I simply do not know how to type it properly).

I do not want to use or see atomic variables during input (or any kind of automatic text editing during input for that matter) !

So what I do Instead is I use a texteditor to type away, paste the code to maple and execute it. Works like a charm and my fingers do not have to leave their designated spots on the keyboard and i can type way faster. Furthermore I can always copy the code back to notepad++ and use regex to make a lot of simultaneous replacements at once whereas this is quite difficult with code that i typed in maple.


So how do I turn off automated text edit of the input? Or should I use anything else then a worksheet?


i would like to plot a cube with the color given by a 3 variables functions (a way to plot in R^4)

in this way the cube is the domain of the functions, its color is the value of the function, i would like to put in evidence the max min of such function

but the command that i tried to use does not work:

plots[display](plotools([cuboid]([0,0,0],[1,1,1]),trasparency=.7,colorscheme["xyzcoloring",proc(x,y,z) option operator , arrow; x^2 + y^2 - z^2 end(proc)])

thanks for your help, anna rita


I have been attempting to plot a couple of functions and I keep getting the same error.  I will copying and paste what I have entered and the error messages



sphereplot*(rho = theta, theta = 0 .. 4*Pi, phi = 0 .. (1/2)*Pi);

Error, (in simpl/reloprod) invalid terms in product: (rho = theta)*(theta = 0 .. 4*Pi)


fieldplot*(<-x, y, cos z>, x = 0 .. 5, y = 0 .. 5, z = 0 .. 2*Pi);
Error, (in simpl/reloprod) invalid terms in product: (x = 0 .. 5)*(y = 0 .. 5)


Any assistance would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



i have problem with this eq.

i need your help.

I wondering if it is able to create a new symbol in maple, like it is possible to create a custom snippet in the pallets. Speceficly I am asking how to create a new symbol/charachter for 2D math. So if anyone knows please tell me :)



I just went from maple 18 to maple 2016. I use maple as a writing program aswell for notes and school.


I realized that maple 2016 does output lines when writing math in a textbox. This is kind of annoying since notes in chemistry is not allways a true mathematical expression. Therefore maple complains. Is there anyway to change this? 


Two weeks ago i didn`t have problem with calculate and plot this pareto`s frontier. I got plot it, but if i try it now, i can´t . Why?.


f1 := (1+x1^2+4/3*(x2^2+1))/(x1+x2); f2 := (1+x1^2+3/4*(x2^2+1))/(x1+x2);

with(plots); with(Optimization); ind := 1; ans := Array(); for i from 1.73205080756887853 by 0.1e-4 while i < 2.87500000000000000 do roll := i; f1max := NLPSolve(f1, {f2 = i}, x1 = 0 .. 2, x2 = 0 .. 3, method = sqp, maximize = false); ans := proc (ind) options operator, arrow; [op([1], f1max), roll] end proc; ind := ind+1 end do; ans;


st := time[real]();


               Array(%id = 18446746983952876598)

pointplot(convert(ans, list));


with(plots); with(Optimization); ind := 1; ans := Array(); for i from 1.73205080756887853 by 0.1e-4 while i < 2.87500000000000000 do roll := i; f1max := NLPSolve(f1, {f2 = i}, x1 = 0 .. 2, x2 = 0 .. 3, method = sqp, maximize = false); ans := proc (ind) options operator, arrow; [op([1], f1max), roll] end proc; ind := ind+1 end do; ans;

st := time[real]();

pointplot(convert(ans, list));
Error, (in plots:-pointplot) number of elements in list must be a multiple of 2  (????)


I'm sorry for asking too many similar technical questions, but I just can't help this.

I'm solving a system of differential equations with dsolve and getting this type of error:

Error, (in f) unable to store 'HFloat(0.10664489706950975)+HFloat(1.1891638418458722e-5)*sin^2-HFloat(1.6095871822513048e-6)*sin' when datatype=float[8]

I checked the dsolve syntax, checked that all the constants are defined, checked that the number of equations matches the number of unknown functions (and there is no misprints of them in the code). In brief, I checked all the stuff that I usually have mistakes in, and yet the error stands. 

Here's the file:

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