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Is this deliberate or a bug?  If deliberate, what is the reason?

> Algebraic[GetAlgebraics]( 1*I );



> Algebraic[GetAlgebraics]( 1.0*I );



Hello people in mapleprimes,

I hope you will give an answer to my following question.

This is a question of nonunit(algebraic) in patmatch.

In help page of maple this examples are on.


Case i)

>patmatch(a, A::(nonunit(algebraic))+B::(nonunit(algebraic)), 'la');



Case ii)

>patmatch(a,A::(nonunit(algebraic))+B::algebraic,'la'); la



Is unit in the case of sum zero, so that in Case i) false is shown, though in Case ii) B=0 is returned?


Best wishes.






How would one in Maple solve this, which is an inequality equation in some variables, which can be nonlinear, with constraints on range of each variable. I.e. I want to find conditions on the variables to make the inequality satisfied.

In Mathematica, I use the Reduce command

Clear[x, y];
eq = 1/2 - x + x^2 - y + y^2;
Reduce[{eq > 0, 0 < x < 1 && 0 < y < 1}, {x, y}, Reals]

How would one do the same in Maple? I tried solve, but can't give constraints.

eq:=1/2 -x+x^2-y+y^2:
solve(eq>0 , {x1, x2});

So I need to do the same as in the Mathematica command, but in Maple. I do not want numerical solution, but algebraic as shown above.

Using Maple 18.2 on windows.

I have a large system of linear algebraic equations that I want to solve (2005 Unknowns, 2005 Equations). I was wondering that what are the proper commands to use in maple for solving the system as fast as possible. Take a look at the files in the download link if you want to see the system of linear algebraic equations.

Please provide me any suggesitons that you may think will be helpful like using other sofwares that are good in doing this work such as MATLAB or something else.

Thanks in Advance

I have a big expression with multiple terms. The expression is kind of :

expr = a*ln(u) + b*ln(u) + a*ln(v)+b*ln(v)

I want to factor ln(u) and ln(v) to get (a+b)*ln(u) + (a+b)*ln(v)

I tried factor(expr,ln(u)) but I get the error :
Error, (in factor) 2nd argument, ln(2*da+(4*da^2+4*d^2-4*da*Sigma[a]+Sigma[a]^2+Delta[b]^2)^(1/2)-Sigma[a]), is not a valid algebraic extension.

I tried without Delta[b] and Sigma[a] : deltab and sigmaa but it didn't work either.

Do you have an idea how to factor the many ln ?


Hi Everybody,

I'm having some problems simulating an algebraic system in Maple.  I want to do this for a larger system of equation (~20 equations/20 variables, with 3 inputs), but I'd like to get an idea of the form this should be in.

So, using an example out of Maple help:



inp1:=Vector[column]([1,2,3,4,5,6,7]) * 0.1;


Error, (in DynamicSystems:-Simulate) should never be here


I don't understand what this error means.  Reading the example in the help files, says the second argument should be a vector of input values.  What I would assume this would do is plugin x = 0.1, then solve y=sin(0.1), and output y.

Am I missing some syntax, or is my inputs wrong?  There are examples of how to set up an algebraic system in the help files, but no examples of how to simulate them.


Thanks in advance for any help!





why are the results of gcd(x^2+1,x+1) mod 2 and Gcd(x^2+1,x+1) mod 2 in maple  different ? 

I know the  `mod`(gcd(x^2+1, x+1), 2);
`mod`(Gcd(x^2+1, x+1), 2);
                             x + 1

but how do you explains this question? give me reason?

> find*a*polynomial*f;

 in F[7][x] ofdegree less than 4 solving the congruence(x^(2)-1)∗f≡x^(3)+2*x+5 mod x^(4)+2*x+1 inF[7][x] .;

show that the residue class ring F[343]=F[7][x]/is a field,and computer the inverse of x^(2) mod x^(3)+x+1in F[343].

Hi all,

I've just started learning Maple. I can't figure it out how to transform my problem into maple syntax.

My problem includes solving a simple algebraic equation, that is,

Y[k+1] = -10*Y[k]

I would like to solve this equation for different values of k, for example, k = 0,1,2,3.

and express my results in terms of Y[0], i.e,.

Y[1] = -10*Y[0];

Y[2] = -10*Y[1] = 100*Y[0]

Y[3] = -1000*Y[0]

I don't know...


for my mechanical engineering studies we have to optimize an engine during a workshop. Therefore we have to use a numerical dsolve to solve the equation of motion. I have to get the maximum bearing reaction for a constant rpm. In order to get this I can't think of anything else but use the dsolve solution and use it in maximize.


ysk_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp*cos(alpha(t))-lkb-y(t);
ysp_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp2*cos(alpha(t))-y(t);

Does anyone here uses SemiAlgebraic or CylindricalAlgebraicDecompose commands often?

The following error (see file below) was not caused by a typo (with smaller polynomials, I do not get them). The system of polynomial inequalities is generated by a code so again there are no typos. Would any one know what this error means? Maple website has no information on it.


I am trying to make a custom on maple but when i get an error on dynamicSystems saying:

> sys := DynamicSystems[AlgEquation](eq, inputvariable = [Altura(t)], outputvariable = [Teste(t)]);
Error, (in DynamicSystems:-AlgEquation) algebraic equations cannot depend on past/future values of the input/output

But if i change AlgEquation to diffEquation i get no error. I dont have any diff equation on the system. This is happening with one of the "equations":

Hello all,

I have the following generalised algebraic Riccati Equations of type:


ETY - YTE = 0;

where A is 12x12 matrix, C is a 16x12 matrix, B is a 12x2 matrix.

However, the "CARE" function solves the different Riccati equation (

Would you please...

Hi, I got a problem that "Warning, solutions may have been lost" when I solve 

eqns := {a+r*t*ln(l)+(1-l)^2*m-b-r*t*ln(s)-(1-s)^2*n = 0, a+r*t*ln(1-l)+l^2*m-b-r*t*ln(1-s)-s^2*n = 0}
vars := {l, s}
solve(eqns, vars)

Dear Maple Users

I wonder if and how I can use Maple to calculate the difference of two sums algebraically, meaning if I dont have an explicit expression for the range of the sum. Rather, I want to calculate

Sum(i, i=0..N) - Sum(i, i=0..N, i!=k);

which should, obviously return k.

Is it possible to evaluate such an expression, and more advanced cases, using Maple?
Thanks for hints.


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