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I am using the following commands to create an animation of a simple cardioid being traced out. I would like to add to this an animation of the filling of the region bounded by the curve and the coordinate axes as the curve is being traced out. How might one achieve this?


animatecurve([2-2*sin(theta),theta,theta=0.. 2*Pi],coords=polar,axiscoordinates=polar,frames=250, numpoints=300, scaling=constrained)


I do not have any code to produce yet.  I want to have Maple animate a bouncing ball on some 3d surface.


I want to animate this code 

plots[odeplot](Trajectoire, [[x1(t), y1(t), t], [x2(t), y2(t), t], [x3(t), y3(t), t], [x4(t), y4(t), t], [x5(t), y5(t), t], [x6(t), y6(t), t], [x7(t), y7(t),t], [x8(t), y8(t), t], [x9(t), y9(t), t], [xA(t), yA(t), t]], TempsInitial..TempsFinal, numpoints = 10000,axes=boxed, scaling = constrained);

However, Maple 16 is giving me an error message :

Error, (in plots/animate) the first argument must be a procedure

I don't know how I can do to animate this code.




TSol:= f(x,y,Q); # The actual funtion is in the attached maple sheet because of its size.

animate( plot3d, [TSol,y=-1..1,x=0..1], Q=0..2,contours=65,style=patchnogrid, grid=[80,80], orientation=[-360,-180], lightmodel=light4, shading=zhue, transparency=0.3,style=contour);



plot3d(subs(Q=2,TSol),y=-1..1,x=0..1,contours=65,style=patchnogrid, grid=[80,80], orientation=[-360,-180], lightmodel=light4, shading=zhue, transparency=0.3,style=contour);


For Q = 2, why there is a big difference between these two ouputs? (If the maple sheet is not accessible then let me know, I will copy past the function (f(x,y,Q))?)


I need a temperature distribution inside a barrier during a heating process.
I will be appreciated for any help.



How to animete BC using varying temperature in time?  How to obtain animated solution?


Diffusivity coefficent...

a := 0.1e-5:

Thickness of barrier...

L := .2:

Heating curve:
Time in heating curve (in hours form exmaple)...

Time := seq(i, i = 1 .. 10):

Varying temperature in time [K]....

Temp_in_Time := [433.15, 568.15, 703.15, 838.15, 973.15, 1108.15, 1243.15, 1378.15, 1513.15, 1616.15]:

Initial temperature [K]

Tot := 298:

PDE := diff(T(x, t), t) = a*(diff(T(x, t), x, x)):


BC1 := {T(0, t) = Temp_in_Time[2], T(L, t) = Temp_in_Time[2], T(x, 0) = Tot}:

sol := pdsolve(PDE, BC1, numeric, timestep = 50):

sol:-plot(t = 3*3600, thickness = 3, colour = red);






I would like to know whether it is possible to change the color of animations that have already been produced and assigned to a variable.


Let's take for example


P := plots:-animate(plot, [sin(x+t), x = -Pi .. Pi], t = -Pi .. Pi, frames = 8)


is there a command to change the color of the curve AFTER it has been produced?


The calculus to generate all my plots took 4 hours so I would like not to have them calculated again.





I don't seem to be able to create an array of plot with two rows, where the first one is a sigle animation and the second rwo is two animations in the same plot. For example I would the first row of the array to display

H := animate(plot3d, [x-k*y+1, x=-10..10, y=-10..10], k=-10..0, frames=4):


end the second row to display

P := animate(plot, [sin(x+t), x=-Pi..Pi], t=-Pi..Pi, frames=8):
Q := animate(plot, [cos(x+t), x=-Pi..Pi], t=-Pi..Pi, frames=8):

display([P, Q]);

Any ideas?

I'm trying to animate transparency, here's are the plots:

A :=tranz-> plot3d(-2/sqrt(x^2+y^2)+5/sqrt((x-1.6)^2+y^2), x = -5 .. 5, y = -5 .. 5, view = [-5 .. 5, -5 .. 5, -5 .. 5], transparency = tranz) end proc;
B := sphere([0, 0, 0], 2*(1/10), color = magenta, style = patchnogrid):
C := sphere([1.6, 0, 0], 5*(1/10), color = green, style = patchnogrid);
E := plot3d(0, x = -5 .. 5, y = -5 .. 5, view = [-5 .. 5, -5 .. 5, -5 .. 5], style = wireframe, shading = zgrayscale):

here I am displaying them without a problem:

display(A(.5), B, C, E, scaling = constrained, view = [-5 .. 5, -5 .. 5, -5 .. 5], axes = normal)

here I am trying to animate the transparency in plot A to no avail :( :

animate(display, [A(tranz), B, C, E, scaling = constrained, view = [-5 .. 5, -5 .. 5, -5 .. 5], axes = normal], tranz = 0.1 .. 0.9)
Error, (in plot3d) expecting option transparency to be of type {"default", realcons} but received tranz

if you guys could help me find where I'm going wrong I'd be super grateful :D

thanks everyone.



Hi all,

I designed the animation and wanted to display it automatically in the embedded component. Instead of animation toolbar, is it possible to control animation through commands? How do I do that?


Maple can plot a function that is a convolution of Dirac delta-function and some regular function.


with(plots); a := 1.0

f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; exp(-abs(x)) end proc
G := proc (x, xi, t) options operator, arrow; `if`(t = 0, Dirac(x-xi), (1/2)*exp(-(1/4)*(x-xi)^2/(a^2*t))/sqrt(Pi*a^2*t)) end proc

u := proc (t, x) options operator, arrow; int(G(x, xi, t)*f(xi), xi = -infinity .. infinity) end proc; plot(u(0., x), x = -3*Pi .. 3*Pi)



proc (x) options operator, arrow; exp(-abs(x)) end proc


proc (t, x) options operator, arrow; int(G(x, xi, t)*f(xi), xi = -infinity .. infinity) end proc



Hovewer, it is unable animate this function (the first frame is empty).

n := 10:



Is it a bug? Is there a nice workarround of this bug?


Good afternoon Professor

I would like to know the Maple approach to explain my students with regard to

animation of the solids of revolution which arise in Applications of double & triple integrals.

I request you to help me in this regard.


with thanks & regards



with insequence=true command, first, the first option is showed, then second, then third and so on.. but i want to show all options from in grpah, then animate in sequence.

Question (A)

The surface z=f(x,y)=5/(1+x^2+y^2) is a hill. A bug walks along the path with x(t)=2+3cos(t) and y(t)=-1+2sin(t)

and z(t) is on the surface (0≤t≤2pi).

Plot the surface z for -4≤x≤7, -4≤y≤4 and includethe path (in thick black) of the bug on the surface.

(this will require 2 graphing commands plus a display 3d. Think spacecurve for the bug's path.)




Animate a solid...

i interpolate data and result in 96 equations

and then solve them and saved their roots into Vector roo, each of roo has 3 roots

and would like to animate first root of 96 equations, second root of 96 equations to see how roots move 

however meet difficulty when animate, how to animate this

moreover, is it possible to slow down the anime when playing it

> roo; Vector(4, {(1) = ` 1 .. 99 `*Vector[column], (2) = `Data Type: `*anything, (3...

I am wondering if there is a way to create a pdf from a Maple worksheet that has an animation, or in the case of Maple 17, a video, that allows the viewer of the pdf to play the animation/video.


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