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I wanted to answer a question and show an animation contained in an animated gif file. The file is small gif file and is on my local drive on my PC.

I am not able to find a way to include it here as I can easily do on stackexchange so it plays on the screen when someone sees the post.

Does this forum support such a feature? I tried the image->include, and in the URL I typed  C:\foo.gif, but nothing showed up on the post. So it did not work that way.

I've been instructed to create an animation showing the changing plots of a single square waveform using 5,10,20,40,80,160,320, and 640 terms in my Fourier series. This is my code right now: 


with (plots):
L := [seq(2^i, i = 0 .. 6)];

[1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64]

animate( plot, [2/((2*n-1)*Pi))*sin((2*n-1)*Pi*x], n=L);
Error, `)` unexpected


It doesn't work. Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong, or how to solve my question?

How to create animation f(x)=x^2, g(x)=sqrt(x), x=0, and x=1 if rotation about line y=-1 and x=-1?

Thank for your attention and helping.


I have a finite difference method used to solve my problem.  My unknown function u(x,y,t) is found using the finite difference method, i would like to plot the solution for different time, and I can do this...



Only I want to make an animation in time if it's possible, and someone can help me.


Thnaks for helping me.



thank for any  help.

I need you help to make a movies ( animation)  according to the index k=1..10.  k is used in Vect_T[k], vector of time to make an animation of the true solution, and it's also used in Matrix(M[..,..,k]), h

True solution:ow can I make a seq of plots for different value of k. 


plot3d(True_solution(x,y,Vect_T[k]),x=0..a,y=0..b,axes=boxed,grid= [11,11]);

Analytic solution

plots:-matrixplot(Matrix(M[..,..,k]),axes=boxed,tickmarks= [[1="0", 2=" ", 3=" ", 4=" ", 5=".4", 6=" ", 7=" 0.6", 8=" ", 9=".8", 10=" ", 11="1"],[1="0", 2=" ", 3=" ", 4=" ", 5=".4", 6=" ", 7=" 0.6", 8=" ", 9=".8", 10=" ", 11="1"],default],labels=[x,y,u],axes = boxed);

I tried, this:

S:=seq(plots:-matrixplot(Matrix(M[..,..,i]),labels=[x,y,u],axes = boxed),i=1..10):
 But I get only one figure.


I tried

for k from 1 to 10 do
BoxTrue:=BoxTrue, plot3d(True_solution(x,y,Vector_time[k]),x=0..a,y=0..b,axes=boxed,grid= [11,11]): od:
display(BoxTrue, insequence=true);
also, no display


I am trying to produce an animation. Everything seems correct, but the evaluation is taking a very long time. Even after an hour, it still tries to crank out a graph for me. I even tried to truncate the integral!

Here is my code.


z:= x -> 2*(int((sin(2*y)-sin(y))*cos(y*x)*exp(-y^2*t)/y, y = 0 .. 200))/Pi;

animate(plot, [z(x), x = 0 .. 10, y = -.1 .. 2], t = 0 .. 1, frames = 100);


Would could be the problem? 



I don't seem to be able to create an array of plot with two rows, where the first one is a sigle animation and the second rwo is two animations in the same plot. For example I would the first row of the array to display

H := animate(plot3d, [x-k*y+1, x=-10..10, y=-10..10], k=-10..0, frames=4):


end the second row to display

P := animate(plot, [sin(x+t), x=-Pi..Pi], t=-Pi..Pi, frames=8):
Q := animate(plot, [cos(x+t), x=-Pi..Pi], t=-Pi..Pi, frames=8):

display([P, Q]);

Any ideas?


Code of the animation:


N := 192:

A := seq(plot([[.85*sin(t)^3-2+1.25*i/N, .85*(13*cos(t)*(1/15)-(1/3)*cos(2*t)-2*cos(3*t)*(1/15)-(1/15)*cos(4*t)), t = 0 .. Pi*i/N], [-.85*sin(t)^3-2+1.25*i/N, .85*(13*cos(t)*(1/15)-(1/3)*cos(2*t)-2*cos(3*t)*(1/15)-(1/15)*cos(4*t)), t = 0 .. Pi*i/N], [sin(t)^3+2-1.25*i/N, 13*cos(t)*(1/15)-(1/3)*cos(2*t)-2*cos(3*t)*(1/15)-(1/15)*cos(4*t), t = 0 .. Pi*i/N], [-sin(t)^3+2-1.25*i/N, 13*cos(t)*(1/15)-(1/3)*cos(2*t)-2*cos(3*t)*(1/15)-(1/15)*cos(4*t), t = 0 .. Pi*i/N]], color = red, thickness = 5, view = [-3 .. 3, -1.2 .. .9]), i = 1 .. N):

plots[display](A, insequence = true, scaling = constrained, axes = none);

I'm trying to model a simple pendulum. I have arrived at this code which gives me an animation of a point swinging.



To analyse the pendulum I want to plot a graph of phi against time, but do not know how to take readings from my animation to plot a graph with.


Is there a way to play animations in maplets?

I can send an animation to a plotter, but don't know how to play it.  

Thanks, Rollie


I am novice here and I have an question about export animations frames into sequence of postscript files. I don't googled nothing about this theme.
Here is my question:

Is there an option to convert the animated picture into  sequence of separate images and then (eg using the program cycle) save this images as separate PostScript images? I know the possibility of exporting to GIF file and then converting them into PS file. But I do not have a PS file with a sequence of bitmap images. I would sufficed for me to be able to see a separate frame of animation (through any index).

Thanx Jaroslav Hajtmar


I am having some difficulty animating the function shown in the attached file.  I am going to create an animation which will show the curve as a function of t.  My first question is that there is no way to compute K_n because the initial conditions I have are only given as arbritary functions F(z),G(z).  So I am not really sure how to proceed here.

My second question is that I also want to plot the Z dependent part of y as a function of z/b.  I have tried to incorporate this into Maple, however, all I get back is that there are 'unexpected variables present'


Hi, I have the feeling I ran into this before, but can't find the answer, so here goes:

I want to create an animated plot of a histogram, changing the range of data to be histogrammed. So I type:

plots:-animate(Statistics:-Histogram,[dR*~WindowN(RP0,Ci,CangleWidth+Ci),ignore=true],Ci=-0.5 .. 0.2);

The error I am getting is

Error, (in MathPad:-WindowN) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: Ci < HFloat(0.39995) and HFloat(0.0) <= -HFloat(0.34995000000000004)+Ci

What happens here is that dR is a Vector of data with RP0 being another Vector equally long. I have a library function called WindowN that returns a Vector of the same length as its argument, with 1. for the elements within the window, undefined for the elements outside. The windowing algorithm is just a straightforward if, in a loop over the elements. This all works and I get a correct Histogram plot if I set the window numerically and call Histogram. CangleWidth is preset to 0.05.

Here the window to use is supposed to be set by the animate command. I expect Ci to be set to numbers in the range given (25 points default) and prepare the plots. But it looks like the WindowN routine gets an unevaluated Ci. I tried evalf(Ci) or eval(Ci) in the arglist, to no avail. Ci is not used or set before this call to animate.

I can see how I can workaround this but I think this should work as is. plots:-animate works for me in other contexts.

Any ideas?

Mac Dude

How we export the Maple Animation in Microsoft Power Point. Please help as early as possible    PPT.pptx

I'm using Maple 16 on Mac mountain lion.

Trying to export a densityplot animation with 150 frames, but when I export as a gif the file it creates is empty.

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


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