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Some Maple 18 short (and I believe elegant) code for doing gravitational simulations with N bodies in space:


Initial velocities have been tweaked to keep the system stable for the duration of the animation.


Please feel free to fiddle with its parameters, velocities and positions and/or N itself, to produce more interesting animations or re-use the code therein (You can safely ignore the (c), it's there just for archiving purposes).


The following are animations from three runs with N=4, N=3 and N=2, no other parameters changed.


Has anyone solved this problem from an older Putnam paper?

An ellipse sitting in the first quadrant with its major axis parallel to the x axis is tangent to the positive x and y axes.

It slides clockwise within the first quadrant while maintaining tangency to both positive axes until its major axis is parallel to the y axis.

Prove that the locus of its centre is the arc of a circle.

I have crudely animated this motion by sliding the axes around the stationary ellipse. Is there a more elegant animation which slides the ellipse against stationary axes?

Running Maple15 on a five year old lap top, complicated animations are taking up to 30 seconds as shown by debugopt(traceproc) followed by showstat.

Would a discrete video card e.g. Nvidia as opposed to an integrated video card significantly reduce these times or are such times primarily dependent on processor speed?

Hello everyone, I'm a new one to Maple, I've just learnt some basic tools.

I want to creat a command that can animate the graph of line y=ax+b by the parameter a, and b will be subscribe later. For example, I can plot y=x+b by:



It did work.

However, applying this with animation didn't seem to work. 



It did not create an animation, instead 5 frames of this graph for a=0, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10

Please show me a solution for this problem, thank you







compared with the range option in animate




My guess is there something happening with the default animation that causes the anomaly.

Hi everyone,

Consider this Maple 18 doc:


I am having the same problem as in:

Namely, the produced animated .gif contains only one frame. Animation doesn't work, even though the button of the animation is active after I click on frame #1.

I have acer's solution at the end, but it doesn't work in this case either.

Breaks in both Maple 13 and 18.




Philip Yasskin, a long-time Maple user and professor at Texas A&M University is passionate about getting young people engaged in mathematics. One of his programs is SEE-Math: a two-week summer day camp for gifted middle school children interested in math. Maplesoft has been a long-standing supporter of SEE-Math, providing software and prizes for the campers.

A major project in SEE-Math is developing computer animations using Maple. Students spend their time creating various animations, in hopes of taking the top prize at the end of the workshop. A slew of animations are submitted, some with pop-culture references, elaborate plot lines, and incredible detail. The top animations take home prizes, while all animations from that year are featured on the SEE-Math website.

Maplesoft proudly sponsors this event, and many like it, to promote interest in STEM education. To see all of the animations from this year’s SEE-Math camp, please visit: You can find the animations listed under “Euler,” “Godel,” “Noether,” and “Ramanujan,” found halfway down the page.


took this problem from a uk tv program.

4 dancers are initially at the 4 corners of a square, edge length 4 meters. every dancer moves towards the person on their left.

i want to know the equations of the spiral. the arc length of each path should be 4m.  also an animation of the 4 spirals would be great.

under the heading "more spirals" the closest one is r(t)=1/t (decreasing modulus)


       Calculation of RSCR mechanism as a  solution to underdetermined system of nonlinear equations.

RCCC mechanism

A duck, pursued by a fox, escapes to the center of a perfectly circular pond. The fox cannot swim, and the duck cannot take flight from the water. The fox is four times faster than the duck. Assuming the fox and duck pursue optimum strategies, is it possible for the duck to reach the edge of the pond and fly away without being eaten? If so, how?

there is an animation here

wonder if the equations of motion can be derived usingg maple and an animaton...?

Hi, is it possible to instantly start the display of plot animations after they are generated in maple? I searched for answers in the documentation and on the internet but couldn't find a solution. I would like to skip the step of manually clicking the plot and the "play animation" button.

What do I have to change to get this animation?

L:=[seq([i,i^2], i=1..4)]:

plots:-animate(plot, [ L[m], m=1..k,

                                style=point, view=[0..4,0..16]




Thank you for your help.


Is it possible to create animation of convolution of two functions?

For example f(t)=u(t)-u(t-2) and g(t) = tu(t)-(t-4)u(t-4), where u(t) is a step function.

I would like to generate animation for this convolution.

Any help would be appreciated.



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