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Maplesoft regularly hosts live webinars on a variety of topics. Below you will find details on an upcoming webinar we think may be of interest to the MaplePrimes community.  For the complete list of upcoming webinars, visit our website.

Hollywood Math 2

In this second installment of the Hollywood Math webinar series, we will present some more examples of mathematics being used in Hollywood films and popular hit TV series. For instance, have you wondered how Ben Campbell solved his professor’s challenge so easily in the movie “21”? Or about the details of the Nash equilibrium that John Nash first developed in a “A Beautiful Mind”? We’ve got the answers! These relevant, and exciting examples can be used as material to engage your students with examples familiar to them, or you can just attend the webinar for its entertainment value.

Anyone with an interest in mathematics, especially high school and early college math educators, will be both entertained and informed by attending this webinar. At the end of the webinar you’ll be given an opportunity to download an application containing all of the examples that we demonstrate.

To join us for the live presentation, please click here to register.

If you missed the first webinar in this two part series, you can view the 'Hollywood Math' recording on our website.

Maple WWW - Maple Worksheets in the World Wide Web

DigiArea Team is proud to present new modern web technology for Maple Worksheets - Maple WWW. 

Maple WWW is a technology that brings Maple Worksheets to the World Wide Web. The technology provides a web application to view and share interactive scientific documents across the web. Maple WWW allows to open Maple worksheets in your browser without any additional plugins or extensions.

You can read more about the technology here:

You can see the technology in action right here using the following embedded Maple Worksheet!



I'd like to pay attention to an application "Periodicity of Sunspots " by Samir Khan, where a real data is analysed. That application can be used in teaching statistics.

PS. The code by Samir Khan works well for me.

Drawing circles...

August 31 2013 Yankel 15

Hello all,


I was wondering if the following thing is possible and how to do it:


I have an assignment, to teach about circles and its equations. What I want to do, is to create some sort of application, that get as input the radius and and the other two parameters of the general equation of a circle, and plots it.

Now, to plot a circle using Maple 17, is fairly easy. But how do I create a graphical bar or other alternative...

The Maple IDE project team is pleased to announce the release of the standalone version of the Maple programming toolkit. Now Maple IDE is available for Windows, Unix and Mac OS as standalone tool.

For the information about new versions, please see Maple IDE page.

For the complete installation instructions see the following video:

After making a search for applications in the applications center, they are ordered in some crazy unknown way. 

They do not appear to be ordered alphabetically by author, nor by title and also they have no date published attached to the searched list. 

Searching for all titles by product Maple 16, we find that TEST APPLICATION created July 31 is actually listed behind Robert Lopez's Classroom Tips and Techniques: Slider-Control of Parameters in Numeric...

I have contributed another application to the Application Center: "Street-fighting Math".
This interactive Maple document contains a simple street-fighting game and performs a
mathematical analysis of it, involving probability and game theory. 

I've submitted an application to the Application Center: An Epidemic Model (for Influenza or Zombies).  This is an interactive Maple document, suitable for instructional use in an undergraduate course in mathematical biology or differential equations, or a calculus course that include differential equations. ...

I've submitted an application to the Application Center: Great Expectations.  This is an interactive Maple document, suitable for instructional use in an undergraduate course in Probability.  The mathematical content is related to the Laws of Large Numbers and Central
Limit Theorem.  It requires no knowledge of Maple to use.

I have uploaded to the Maplesoft Application Center a worksheet exploring the orbital dynamics of the recently discovered Kepler 16 system, where a planet orbits a double star. 

Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

This is somewhat related to the interactive stock quote importer. 

The TSX, DOW jones industrial average, FTSE 100, Heing Seng indexes are all a collection of stocks and their index reflects the movement of those stocks. 

The Dow Jones Industrial average is designated ^DJI in but that symbol is not available in the from the interactive stock quoted importer.  Is there perhaps a way I missed...

Does anyone know of a working link to the worksheet for this Application Center item?

This is entitled, "Comparison of Multivariate Optimization Methods" and according to the html version it was authored by Sergey Moiseev (who I believe uses the handle mois here on Mapleprimes).

The link to the .mw is broken at that App Center page. And...

Greetings Everyone,

I was looking at the the BlackScholes application worksheet (just search for "black" in the help file), and it has a neat little Monte Carlo simulation block.  I was just wondering if there is anyway to view the underlying code that it's using so I could study it.  Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank for your help anyone.


P.S.  I'm using Maple 14.

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