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Hi Maple friends.

As per usual, I am unable to find the solution in Maple Help. Can someone please advice me on how to shade an area under a curve, preferably using the context menu, since that is what I prefer to use at this stage.

Thanks in advance.

How can I find the surface area of a normal chicken egg? replies to the topic in Mathematics Stack Exchange:_SurfaceAreaChickenE.zipGracias to Acer and Carl Love for your answers.

Given a figure in the plane bounded by the non-selfintersecting piecewise smooth curve. Each segment in the border defined by the list in the following format (variable names  in expressions can be arbitrary):

1) If this segment is given by an explicit equation, then  [f(x), x=x1..x2)]

2) If it is given in polar coordinates, then  [f(phi), phi=phi1..phi2, polar] , phi is polar angle

I was thinking about the area problem, yet again, and found myself asking the question: why must we go through such elaborate means to get Maple to generate a plot of the region between two (or more curves)? I use the word elaborate to describe any process that would might become overwhelming, for, say a student, to go through to accomplish a task. Anyone with the most basic of backgrounds can understand the area problem, but yet, such an individual might not find it a trivial...

How to color only certain bounded/intersection area of a graph in Maple?


Can you make geometric figures that hold a particular area within a given perimeter of 12 matches

My attempt was to start at origin 0,0 and move up 1 unit (a,b) and then 1 unit up or to the right (c,d) etc ... until you enclose the required area (defined by linear spline) s.t. perimeter =12. but it doesn't really work

Segment of a circle...

November 01 2012 Aeinridi 5

Hi. I'm very new to maple, and got stuck on a task on my assignment. I'm supposed to find the area of the segment (gray area) with the diameter D as a function of h. Any help and pointers is appreciated, thanks. :)



Hi folks,

I'm trying to find the x value of my data set that corresponds to 50% of area under the curve. I've used curvefitting and splines to generate a piecewise function, and am able to find the area under the curve between my two approximated zeros (as this is the only relevant region). I would greatly appreciate any help, as I've been pulling my hair out for a couple hours now!



I'm trying to plot and fill the area between these two curves from x[0,450]




I can do it separately but when I do them together, it gives me extra area that isn't shared between the two curves.

Also, whenever I try to plot them together I get the following error message:

Error, (in plot) unexpected option: 2+0.2e-3*x^2


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I would like to draw some areas between curves. I tried to use ?plots/implicitplot but I often need to use gridrefine option which consumes so much memory. When I want to draw e.g. the area between f and g:

f := x-> piecewise(x < 5, 2, x-3):
g := x-> piecewise(x < 4, x, 4):

I can do:

p:=plot({f, g}, color...

I have the fractcal of a snowflake


I have a area described by two functions x(eta,xi) and y(eta,xi) describing the x and y coordinate, respectively. I would like to plot this area for eta = -1..1, xi=-1..1. I have tried with plot([x, y], eta = -1 .. 1, xi = -1 .. 1, axes = boxed) but is does not work. How can i do this?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Brian 

I need to cut a circle into equal pieces like a pizza, but how do I do this through code?


Also, I need to be able to find the area, angle, and arc length. Is this possible through code?



I need to create an ellipse and an ellipsoid (ellipse in 3D) through code. How would I be able to do this? Can someone please give me an example for each?


Also, I will need to create a line for an ellipse and a plane for an ellipsoid that intersect. Would I be able to find the intersecting points? Would I be able to find the function for the curve line that is created when a plane intersects an ellipsoid? Also, how would I find the surface area and volume...

The question is to find the area bounded by x = 0, x = 4, y = 0, y = 1/(1 + x6).


I am assuming I am going to use int, but I don't really know where to go from there.

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