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How can I link the axes in two or more separate plots so that when I zoom in one, the others are also zoomed. Also when I want to link the 'x' or the 'y' axis only.

Thank you

Consider a plot generaged by:

export_plot_options:=font=[TIMES, roman, 30], axis=[thickness=4, location=low], size=[850,850]:
points := [seq([seq(exp(-(x^2+y^2)*(1/100)), x = -10.0 .. 10.0)], y = -10.0 .. 10.0)]:
plots:-listdensityplot(points, export_plot_options);

How can one get rid of white space between the axes and the actual data??


Hi,I'm using Maple 15. When I plot with the command

Aplot:= Plot2D(Q[2 .. 26, 13], Q[2 .. 26, 14], style = point, color = blue, symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 16, font = [Arial, Bold, 13], axes = box, axis = [thickness = 1, tickmarks = [5, subticks = 5]]);

There is the report of problem

Error, (in plot/options2d) unexpected axis suboption: thickness = 1

Thank you for helping me.


I have a Matrix of data points I am plotting using plots:-listdensityplot. That works fine.

However, the axes are labeled by row and column number of the Matrix (e.g. 1..20 or whatever). In reality, these are of course some parameters the range of which has been mapped onto the rows and columns of the Matrix.

How can I display the axes using the values of the original parameters? I know the transformation from Matrix row or column to the actual parameters (and in this case it is linear).


Mac Dude


Hello everyone!

I used Maple 17 to fit an ellipse to a set of points using the following guide:

My rotated ellipse was calculated to be:


0.3939708949 x^2 - 0.005975799853 + 0.6345432059 y^2

But everytime I try to graph it in Maple 17, it only shows the axes and nothing else. Any help would be extremely appreciated.


I tried to create a graph with two different x-axes and y-axes, for example:

It's no doubt that we can use the "dualaxisplot" to generated a plot with two different y-axes as follows:



It's seem that Maple can realize plots with two different x-axes , because some of cases present functions through upper x-axis, such as:


How should I create a graph to display functions using the bottom and left sides as the x- and y-axis for one, and the top and right sides as the x- and y-axis for the other?

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.



I am trying to make a three dimensional cube in maple by using matrices. I also have to make it rotate about the x,y,z axes, project it with three different origins, and translate it (I'm assuming this means translate it across an axis?). I have already made the cube, but when I try to rotate it across one of the axes by multiplying my matrix by one of the rotation matrices (this is what I put un maple: P1:= matrix([[1,0,0,0],[0,cos(theta),-sin(theta),0],[0,sin(theta),cos(theta),0...

I'm using Latex to write sketching questions. Although it works well for me, and it is quite easy, there are a couple of things I want to do and couldn't:

1 - having the axes with different lenghts: the sketch area is always shown as a square, even when the axes have different lengths. I want to have a longer x axis, keeping the units proportional in both axes.

2 - having an image in the background of the skecth area.


Just a small digression.  It would be nice if the numbers on the x-axis could be rotated or angled so it does not look like they collide with each other.  When the numbers reach the 100's or 1000's there will be congestion. 

This is perhaps a suggestion for a future Maple version as the current versions do not support number rotations on the axis.

It is possible to thicken the axes of 2D plots by adjusting the underlying data structure, since the appropriately placed THICKNESS() call within the PLOT() data structure is recognized by the Standard GUI. This does not seem to be recognized for PLOT3D structures, however.

The issue of obtaining thicker axes for 2D plots can then be resolved by first creating a plot, and then subsequently modifying the PLOT structure.

The same techniques could be used to thin...

How to solve this problem in maple?
Decide which of three lines given are tangent to the graph of f(x) at given points.
The function to define is f(x)=2x^3-4x^2+3x-5
The possible tangent lines are:
y = x - 5
y = 2x - 5
y = 3x - 5

1. What is/are the zero(es) for this function? In other words, what is the solution for f(x)= 0

2.  What axes values (x- and y- ranges) are appropriate for this graph?

3. When plotting each linear function with f(x...


I would like to set the range for a 3d plot.  For a 2d plot, I understand I can do it at the command line or by setting the axes properties after the plot's been drawn.

If I use plot3d(x*y, x=-10..10, y=-10..10) for example, how can I look at those parts of the surface for which -2 < xy < 2 for example?  I'd be happier with a command line option than a gui option but really anything would do.


many thanks!


Is there a way to make the x, y and z axes thicker in 3d plots?


I am missing two options in the "fieldplot3d" command, which I am using in cylindrical coordinates: one is "style=contour" and the other is "axes=cylindrical" where apparently only the "axes=boxed" option as available.
Any ideas how I can get this?

Or can I show a polar plane at one end of the cylinder? like in the post:

this is my plot:


I am getting bcak into MAPLE after being away for a while, so this might be a trivial question, but...

I am using plots[pointplot] to plot a series of points.  The default min and max values on the x and y axes of the plot are the corresponding min and max values of the x(first) coordinates and y(second) coordinates of the points.  I can change this by left-clicking on the plot and adjusting the axes properties, but I am wondering if it would be possible...

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