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How to make a vertical axis of the plot break?


I would like to extract data from a 2D plot to compare my numerical result in Matlab. 

I used this command.

However, I need to spesify the nodes on x axis to get the error in Matlab. My matlab codes give the result as fix step size i.e [0 0.1 0.2 ... 1.0] or [0 0.01 0.02 ... 1.00] etc.

Is there any command in Maple to spesify the nodes on x axis?

Thanks you!


can I remove tick marks from axis in plots ?

Is there any simple way in maple 16 to fix the axis width and height on inline plot? The PlotSetup seems dosen't function properly in my windows7 home 64 bit! Thank you.

Hi, how would you add arrowheads to the x and y-axis to show that they continue.



I tried to create a graph with two different x-axes and y-axes, for example:

It's no doubt that we can use the "dualaxisplot" to generated a plot with two different y-axes as follows:



It's seem that Maple can realize plots with two different x-axes , because some of cases present functions through upper x-axis, such as:


How should I create a graph to display functions using the bottom and left sides as the x- and y-axis for one, and the top and right sides as the x- and y-axis for the other?

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.



Is it possible to have the labels of the x-axis and of the tickmarks above the axis?

Thank you!

I am looking to do a custom non-linear axis in Maple, and no, not a logarithmic axis, but a custom one that i can define with a function. I know i can alter my data and the alter the display of the axis tickmarks, and in this way create the illusion of a custom axis. But there must be a better approach which does not require altering the data? I can see in the plot documentation that i can specify axis[mode = linear] or [mode = log] but why not a custom one?

X-axis below graph...

August 10 2013 N00bstyle 45
Hello,I just can't find out whether it's possible to plot the x-axis 'below' the graph? Normally speaking the x-axis is plotted at y=0, but I want my x-axis to be plotted for example at y=-5 or y=-10. Can that be done?Greetings,Frank

Dear sir,

i want to change the horizontal and vertical axis in maple plot. on horizontal axis  i  want velocity  u(y) values and on vertical axis y values i am attaching the file also My codes are 







As'salam u Alaikum / Hello!!


I want to add a revolute joint but i want the axis of revolution not to be aligned with base axis system (as maplesim only allows revoution about any of the bas axis-9 possibilities). The revolution should be about an axis which is at an angle from x-axis. How do I do it??


Moreover I will be very happy if you can share video tutorials of complicated cad models.



I have a function T = x*z(x), that I want to plot.

T should be drawn at the y-axis. But at the x-axis, there should not x be used, but z(x).

It shall look like:







¦-------------------------------------- z

Any idea how to do this?

BTW: I read, that Maple 16 has enhanced plotting functions. Is it worth the upgrade or are there just minor goodies?

Is there any way to reverse an axis in the plot command? I solved the baristochrone problem as 
a school project,but I did it using an upside-down Y axis. Of course, when I try to make a graph with
my solution, I'm getting a regular cycloid instead of an inverted one, since I was using a 
reverted Y axis when solving the problem. 

Help would be very appreciated as I couldn,t find anything on the subject.

I have 2 column vectors I am trying to plot against each other. The vertical axis needs to be logarithmic.

If I say


it works and I get all 19 points.

If I say


I get the correct scales in both directions (so nothing would be cut-off) but it plots only 4 points.The same happens if I use plot(...,axis[2]=[mode=log]);

The pressure values range from 1E-7 to 1E-12....

Hi, I have a vector with 33 points ####[33x1]Matrix### for example : [43.6, 764,3.85,32.7 .........n]

Each point is at the plotted on the x axis of theha:Matrix([seq((Pi/32)*n,n=0..32)])^%T:   ####another[33x1]Matrix#####

How do I plot first point (0,43.6), second point (Pi/32,764), third point (2Pi/32,3.85) etc...

Please help. Thank you.

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