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Hi Guys,

I am trying to do the following and here is the issue:

> System*Transfer*Functions;
Power Stage Transfer Function:
> He := s^2/`ωn`^2+s/(`ωn`*Qn)+1;
Compensation Netwrok Transfer Function:
> Av := gm*(1+s/`ωcz1`)(1+s/`ωcz2`)/((Cc+Rc)*s*(1+s/`ωcp`));

Loop Transfer Function:
> Loop := Vref*RL*(1+s/`ωesr`)*Av/(Vout*Ri*(1+s/`ωp1`)*He);

> sys3 := TransferFunction(Loop);

Warning, transfer-function(s) are not rational-polynomial(s) in s


I want to do the TF and Bode Plot for this complex system... 


I use the module DynamicSystem to transform a state system in transfer functions. Next, i can plot Bode diagram with this module.

However, i have a little problem. I don't manage to extract only one transfer function from a dynamic system when i have several transfer functions (see example below)

I'd like to plot the first transfer function alone in fact. How can i extract y1(s) ?

Hi all,

There is a state space system as follows:

X_dot = A.X + B.U

Y = C. X

The transfer function of this system is

H(s) = C. (sI-A)-1.B                 (1)

H(s), that is calculated in Maple by using the formula (1), is very complex (please see the attached file).

Would you please show me how to find the transfer function of the system? 

In addition, how to plot its bode plot?

Hi all,

I am trying to plot multiple ODE plots in Maple 16. I can do them all separately, but cannot figure out how to make to solutions appear in the same plot. I have numeric solutions for sol1 and sol2, and I want to plot A(t), t for each one (together).

Thanks for the help!

Bode plot colors?...

November 18 2011 Alaza 5

Hi there,

I am using the bodeplot function to plot three transfer functions, and for this I need to specify each one with a different color set. I can use the color="blue", but that assigns all the transfer functions to blue. How can I differiante between them?





> restart:
> sys := TransferFunction(1/((1+0.1*s)(1+0.002*s+0.0001*s^2)));
> BodePlot(sys,range=10^(-1)..10^(3));

I get the following warning:
             Warning, transfer-function(s) are not rational-polynomial(s) in s

Why?.. How can I make it work without any warning?

Thanks everybody for help!
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