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restart; interface(version);
  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066
convert(B, GAMMA);
% assuming x::integer;

There is a probem in the Optimization package's (nonlinear programming problem) NLPSolve routine which affects multivariate problems given in so-called Operator form. That is, when the objective and constraints are not provided as expressions. Below is a workaround for this.

Usually, an objective (or constraint) gets processed by Optimization using automatic differentiation tools ...

If you search for a phrase which matches (fully or partially) the title of a post A, then the search results will contain every other post which the search engine recorded while post A was listed in the right panel.

In other words, the search engine recorder is picking up  the right panel (latest titles, per forum) displayed while viewing other unrelated pages. So lots of other pages get inappropriately connected to all the keywords or phrases in those latest titles.

grrrrrrrrrrrrr: int(x^x)...

June 29 2010 Axel Vogt 4275 Maple
  restart; interface(version); Digits:=14;

    Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066

  f:= x -> (x+1)^(x+1);
                                        (x + 1)
  restart; interface(version);
  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066

                             Digits := 14

  %=convert(%, Sum); # compare the FunctionAdvisor as well ...

Below is a small tidbit of code that operates on the matrix vel and updates its values.  When I check the values of the indices in the matrix, every single element, barring vel(1,1), vel(1,2), and vel(1,3), is equal to 0.

vel := Matrix(3, 241, datatype = float[8]);

step := 0.1;

vel(1, 1) := 5; vel(2, 1) := 95; vel(3, 1) := 3;

UpdateAllVelocities := proc (i, vel::Matrix, accel::Matrix, step);

#I understand these calls are quite pointless......

Are the following paragraphs from the new Mapleprimes Style Guide supposed to contain marked up 2DMath or interpreted Maple result, because right now they don't.


"For example, if you enter <maple>x^2/y^2</maple> you will get this image: x^2/y^2

Any Maple syntax will appear, so you can get complicated and enter this: <maple>sum(cos(x^2)/sin(exp(y)),x=1..infinity)</maple>
which then appears as this image: sum...

In all versions prior to and including Maple 13 the Histogram default incorrectly displays the data.  Has this been fixed in 14?




Clearly the...

I just finished submitting an SCR: the link to spec_eval_rules at the bottom of the ?procedure help page doesn't work in the Online Help (it works in Maple itself, though). And I can't get ?spec_eval_rules to work directly, either, in the Online Help.

Also I was wondering, how about a badge for a certain number of SCRs?


Originally x, renamed x~:
  Involved in the following expressions with properties
    -LambertW(_Z12,abs(x)) assumed RealRange(-infinity,Open(0))
    -LambertW(_Z18,-abs(x)) assumed RealRange(Open(0),infinity)
    -LambertW(_Z20,-abs(x)) assumed RealRange(Open(0),infinity)
    -LambertW(_Z22,abs(x)) assumed RealRange(-infinity,Open(0))
    -LambertW(_Z24,abs(x)) assumed RealRange(-infinity,Open(0...
  restart; interface(version);
    Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066

  # intended to be used for Reals
  p:= y -> PIECEWISE([-1, y < 0],[1, 0 <= y]);

                               { -1        y <...

equation label side-effect...

September 03 2009 acer 10531 Maple

The following is strange. By acting on an equation label (in the Standard GUI) a subsequent global reference gets printed as if it were a module reference.

> restart:

> x:=ScientificConstants:-Constant(c);
                              x := Constant(c)

> ScientificConstants:-GetValue(x);

> y:=:-Constant(hbar);
                             y := Constant(hbar)

> ScientificConstants:-GetValue(y...

saving localness...

September 03 2009 acer 10531 Maple

Not all objects can be saved to .m and retrieved sucessfully in a restarted or new session. This is the case not only for "escaped" locals, but also for some objects implemented as function calls of a module member.

> restart:

> t := ScientificConstants:-Constant('c'):

> type(t, specfunc(anything,ScientificConstants:-Constant));
> ScientificConstants:-GetValue(t...

I just noticed that in Maple 12 (and 13) the Layout palette's subscripted atomic identifier entry had its hover-over tooltip changed. By hover-over I mean the text based tooltip that appears after a slight delay when the mouse point is allowed to hover over the entry.

In Maple 11 it showed as subliteral which, while perhaps to entirely clear to everyone, was at least accurate. It meant: the unique subscripted name.

For example, x-subscript-y, as a subliteral...

  restart; Digits:=14;     # using Maple 12.02


  value(J); evalf(%); Re(%);

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