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I'm running simulations in which I produce many plots at once, the purpose being to compare differences as parameters are changed. I'd also like to use some of these plots for publication. I've had problems getting good-looking 3d plots. Here's a strange thing I noticed.

Export the graph by mouse-clicking, export to bitmap:


Export the garph by executing a plotsetup('bmp') command.


This is a continuation branch of the thread "cut/paste" won't work..." See point #1 below.

1. Why won't #$%^ Mapleprimes editor let me reply to the original post? I press "add comment" and I get pointed back to the branch two steps back. Anything I write comes out blank when I submit, so now there are two blank replies credited to me! Does that give me points I don't deserve?

2. Classic worksheet isn't "still there". It says so in the readme that classic worksheet...

The order of 1 in any finite field (that I tried) created by GF is NULL. For example,

use F in order(one) end;

It should be 1.


It looks like for me using shift+tab does not work in linux when one selects 1D as the default input notation and is typing in a worksheet. 

Does anyone know where we should submit bug reports for things like this?


Patch request - Patch work on bugs for Maple ceases when a new version of Maple nears release, possibly months before the actual release.  I think it's safe to say no work will ever be done to patch up older versions.  But how can we, the user, introduce our own fix code into maple?  Because we can't fix the built in code how can we temporarily or permanantly make our own patches?

For example prior to Maple 14 a bug exists in a ' for - in ' loop. ...

Earlier this week a colleagues approached me with a problem he was trying to solve with Maple.

The basic problem is to compute the asymptotic expansion of an expression. It's not difficult to see the leading term of this expansion, but Maple's result does not match this expectation. Let me demonstrate:

B := (n,h) -> (n+h)!/r^(n+h) * (1+(P0+h*P1)*r/n);
                           /    (P0 + h P1) r\
          factorial(n + h) |1 + -------------|
                           \          n      /
(n, h) -> ------------------------------------
                         (n + h)             

simplify( asympt( B(n,1)/B(n,0)-1, n, 3 ) );
                            n + O(1)
asympt( simplify( B(n,1)/B(n,0)-1 ), n, 3 );
 n   1 + r P1 - r   P0 r + r P1 - r  P0 + (-1 - r P1 + r) P0 r
 - + ------------ + ------------------------------------------
 r        r                            r n                   

      /            2   \          
      \-r P1 + P0 r  P1/ P0    /1 \
    + --------------------- + O|--|
                2              | 3|
               n               \n /


The real issue is the drastically different results from the previous two commands.  The only difference in the commands is the explicit simplify before or after the call to asympt.

It would be best if this last expression could be seen in the form:

(n+1)/r + (P1-1) + (1-r*P0)*P1/n - r*(1-r*P0)*P0*P1/n^2 + O(1/n^3);
  n + 1            (1 - P0 r) P1   r (1 - P0 r) P0 P1    /1 \
  ----- + P1 - 1 + ------------- - ------------------ + O|--|
    r                    n                  2            | 3|
                                           n             \n /

What's the difference in the two uses of asympt? This simpler example appears to show the essence of what is going on. On one hand,

B := (n,h) -> 1/r^(n+h);
(n, h) -> --------
           (n + h)

simplify( asympt( B(n,1)/B(n,0)-1, n, 3 ) );
Error, (in asympt) unable to compute series

while on the other hand

asympt( simplify( B(n,1)/B(n,0)-1 ), n, 3 );
                              r - 1
                            - -----

The AddVertex command (in GraphTheory) does not seem to copy any attributes that were set in the original graph.

G := CompleteGraph(5):
SetGraphAttribute(G,"graphAtt" = 1);
SetVertexAttribute(G,1,"vertexAtt" = 1);
SetEdgeAttribute(G,{1,2},"edgeAtt" = 1);
H := AddVertex(G,6):

I recently upgraded to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 x64. I was unable to get the "Insert Link" or "Insert Content" buttons of the "File Uploader" to work. I found that enabling "Compatibility View" seems to resolve the problems with those buttons in the "File Uploader."

Unfortunately, even with "Compatibility View" enabled I seem to be unable to comment on posts. When I hit the Submit button I am taken to the post view however my Comment does not appear.

I guess someone is kidding with me...

I want unsubscribing of this s... place!

Introduction to this blog

From time to time, I find some problem with Maple. It is not always Maple's bug, sometimes it is just my mistake.

I am used to use "Submit Software Change Request " form, but I dont know how to trace my requests (and I even dont exactly remember which bugs I posted). Thus, I decided to publish my troubles in this blog.

Unless stated otherwise, all the troubles I specify bellow are obtained on the Mac OS X 10.5 PPC platform using Maple 14.01 ...


I don't understand what's going on with Maple. Here is a simple code to test a difference between 2 values from an imported file (Array).

If the number of loops (for n to 6, line 7) is set over 8, I get EACH TIME a "Kernel Connection Lost". I don't understand why Maple fails on this simple code.

Is it a bug or something is wrong with this code ?

I attached also the matrix dataset (Import Data -> Excel file -> variable name "data")

Why is this not giving any results at all?

solve({r*rr=0, a*p*d=rr},d)

Aren't the acceptance numbers for various badges just way too high? Mapleprimes has only had 2 (one each) Good Posts at this date. And no Good Answers or Great ones of either type. But that's clearly not right, as the new site has had lots of great posts and answers. This same issue was raised long ago, and the admin response of long ago was that it would be revisited.

And there...

For educational purposes, I was experimenting with the Fourier series expansion of periodic functions. Following the definition for 2pi-periodic functions on Wikipedia, given by





Hello all,

I have encountered a curious bug in the EigenConditionNumbers
procedure. In particular for a pencil pencil (A,B) with B singular,
and precision higher than hardware precision.

The following code for Digits=40 produces a Float(undefined) rather
than a Float(infinity) for the infinite eigenvalue, but an alpha and
beta that will produce an infinite eigenvalue.


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