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Introduction to this blog

From time to time, I find some problem with Maple. It is not always Maple's bug, sometimes it is just my mistake.

I am used to use "Submit Software Change Request " form, but I dont know how to trace my requests (and I even dont exactly remember which bugs I posted). Thus, I decided to publish my troubles in this blog.

Unless stated otherwise, all the troubles I specify bellow are obtained on the Mac OS X 10.5 PPC platform using Maple 14.01 ...


I don't understand what's going on with Maple. Here is a simple code to test a difference between 2 values from an imported file (Array).

If the number of loops (for n to 6, line 7) is set over 8, I get EACH TIME a "Kernel Connection Lost". I don't understand why Maple fails on this simple code.

Is it a bug or something is wrong with this code ?

I attached also the matrix dataset (Import Data -> Excel file -> variable name "data")

Why is this not giving any results at all?

solve({r*rr=0, a*p*d=rr},d)

Aren't the acceptance numbers for various badges just way too high? Mapleprimes has only had 2 (one each) Good Posts at this date. And no Good Answers or Great ones of either type. But that's clearly not right, as the new site has had lots of great posts and answers. This same issue was raised long ago, and the admin response of long ago was that it would be revisited.

And there...

For educational purposes, I was experimenting with the Fourier series expansion of periodic functions. Following the definition for 2pi-periodic functions on Wikipedia, given by





Hello all,

I have encountered a curious bug in the EigenConditionNumbers
procedure. In particular for a pencil pencil (A,B) with B singular,
and precision higher than hardware precision.

The following code for Digits=40 produces a Float(undefined) rather
than a Float(infinity) for the infinite eigenvalue, but an alpha and
beta that will produce an infinite eigenvalue.


I tried to run a fairly simple list of commands:


weight := k -> if(k = 2, 1/2, 1)

sum(weight(m+2), m = 0 .. 0)


the expected result should be 1/2 - which is weight(2). But Maple returns 1 for some reason.

Is this a bug in Maple or did a make a mistake in my expressions?


Many thanks in advance

Okay I don't know why, but at some point my document went crazy somehow, so I closed it and when I opened it again it was like this ... the whole document, all what I had made, it was in one single line... =/


Just like this:


Can anyone help? Please... if I copy paste it to like word, I get it all shown, so it IS there..

For those users that followed my post of past August 29, I must say that I got a response by a person (by name *Lark 49*) from Maplesoft [to my suspects of a serious bug in MAPLE 13] which response contained ANOTHER way of computing the Riemann tensor, the Ricci tensor and the Riemann scalar curvature, this time using Maple-13's other Package [Differential Geometry] that this time returned a correct response to my quests and serious doubts.

The fact...

I was very comfortable using printlevel with loops, conditionals and procedures in Maple 13, but recently upgraded to Maple 14.

The problem is that, regardless of printlevel, statements nested more than 1 from the top level of maple do not show. Oddly, this doesn't affect procedures or even nested loops inside procedures. The simple code here demonstrates the problem.

>for i from 1 to 2 do
       for j from 1 to 2 do

There's a bug when using colorstyle=HUE.  Maple isn't displaying the proper number color values.





The colorstyle=HUE only shows 3 colors (value 1 = value 4) but it seems ok in the greyscale plot (4 different values, 4 different shades).  Seems to me like the HUE scale is n-1 number of values short. 

Looks like a bug? 

Here, using the toolbar, I attempt to enter x-squared, using the superscript button: x. It shows up fine when I type this, but I don't see the raised 2 in the post.

restart; interface(version);
  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066
convert(B, GAMMA);
% assuming x::integer;

There is a probem in the Optimization package's (nonlinear programming problem) NLPSolve routine which affects multivariate problems given in so-called Operator form. That is, when the objective and constraints are not provided as expressions. Below is a workaround for this.

Usually, an objective (or constraint) gets processed by Optimization using automatic differentiation tools ...

If you search for a phrase which matches (fully or partially) the title of a post A, then the search results will contain every other post which the search engine recorded while post A was listed in the right panel.

In other words, the search engine recorder is picking up  the right panel (latest titles, per forum) displayed while viewing other unrelated pages. So lots of other pages get inappropriately connected to all the keywords or phrases in those latest titles.

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