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While substituting expressions for θ(t),θ'(t),θ''(t) with some rather simple polynoms (see attached demonstration), the result icludes terms such as "·2" or "θ1·" (see terms multiplying ε8 and ε7in result for C1). It seems MAPLE treates the "·" sign as a variable/constant instead of as an operator. What am I doing wrong?


I installed M16 32 Bit on my new machine with Win7 64 Bit.

But the following results in crushing mserver.exe:

  tmp := proc( x :: float ) :: float; 2.3 * x end proc:

with system info below.

Do I have to set certain rights for the compiler or define a specific working directory?

The FAQ does not help me.

Dito http://www.maplesoft...

The plot is fine until specifying the upper limit too high at which point the lower limit on the x axis is ignored from view. Works on Maple 12, does not in Maple 16.


I have trouble with Maple's add-function. It is usually very good at manipulating my sums using Binomial coefficients, but Maple calculates outright wrong in this example, when using the sum-function:

I would like to use Maple's features for reasoning about expressions (solve etc.), so the numerical add is not desirable. What to do?


It is the first time  I post a Maple bug in MaplePrimes because I use to submit an SCR.
There is a serious reason to do so. Let us look at the output of
> with(plots):
> implicitplot(sqrt(x^2+y^2)-sqrt((x-4)^2+(y-3)^2) = 5, x = -20 .. 20, y = -20 .. 20,
numpoints = 10^6, thickness = 5, scaling = constrained);
(both in Maple 13 and in Maple 16)

There is a flaw (bug) in the DEplot routine.  If you load the plottools package before using DEplot with the arrows=line option, the DEplot routine tries to use the line definition from the plottools package.  A worksheet illustrating this problem is below.

I tried to use multiple light sources with transparency for 3D plots and could not get it to work.  There are indications in the plot,structure help that this is supposed to be possible.  I have attached a worksheet that demonstrates some of the problems with the "light" and "LIGHT" options for 3D plotting.  Much of the output has been removed since the graphics take so much space.  The same plots are generated in both Windows and Linux.

Does anyone...

When using "plotsetup(png,...)" the third rotational angle is ignored.  Attached are a worksheet and the corresponding three plots that demonstrate this bug.


I am experiencing wrong results using the PolynomialIdeals package in Maple 16 (see Creating the same ideal with different generators, the radicals computed differ which of course is wrong:

J := <t*(a+A), A*(b+B+t), b*(a+A), B*a-A*(b+t), (variables = {A, B, a, b, t})>:
J2 := <t*(a+A), A*(b+B+t), b*(a+A), B*(a+A...

good say !

I want for my work to calculate the International Equation of State of Seawater

but when i enter my fonction in mapple: it is like mapple don't recognise the second variable s:

>t:= -> t;
s:= -> s;

> g :=(t, s)-> 999,842594+6,793952*10^(-2)*t-9, 95290*10^(-3)*t^2+1, 1685*10^(-4)*t^3-1, 120083*10^(-6...

I noticed the following behaviour in Maple 16:

x1 := (a)^(b):


Dear Maple Users

I have been testing Maple 16 for some time now, and I am overall very pleased with it. There is however one issue, which is really annoying. In previous version of Maple, images inserted into Maple and plots were printed much bigger than they looked like in the Worksheet. Then me and other users have requested to have the printed output look more like it does in the Worksheet on the computerscreen. Maple has adressed those user complaints in the new...

Maple 16 introduced dramatic changes to the postscript export facility of 3d plots. This is great news, but some bugs remain. Let me report here about my experience. (Note: Maple 15's 3d ps export was something like an encapsulated bmp, while Maple 16 is a genuine level3 postscript export tool)

The initial release in Maple 16.00 was buggy. In my experience, the export would hang most of the time. An improved release came with Maple 16.01. I have not experienced any...

Which library is this hflogb implemented in? I could not find it in either libc or libm.

What is the exact name of the function that has been changed in 64bit distributions?

(Knowing this, there would be an easy fix. Even now, one can run older maple on newer linuxen: simply copy the old system libs (from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu to a library under the maple install dir and tweak LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the maple wrapper script), but identifying...


the command above makes a figure which has a hole(means discontinuity) at the (0,0).

is it a bug?

athlon 4400+,2GB RAM,win xp 32.

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