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I  often find mself in the following quandry: I am investigating a problem, I do a few examples, run a do loop for j from1 to 5 to see if that works and then enter

for j from 1 to 200 do  a[j]:=blah, blah,...  end do:

and 15 minutes later nothing has happened. Is the loop finishing up with j = 198 or so or is it stuck at j = 23 and it will take forever to finish? Or perhaps there is an error that turns up for j > 23?

When I think about it I can insert a print(j) command to keep track of this but there are other situations where that doesn't work. For example,

Order := 35; mtaylor(....

When nothing happens is that because the calculation is almost done? or stuck? etc.

Is it possible to take a quick peek at the state of Maple and the decide whtether to continue the computation or abort? If the calculation of mtaylor(... is particularly long I might settle for the 15 coeficients computed so far rather than abort. Can I get at those?

Any advice?



Hi Everybody.


Doing some calculation in quantum mechanics, I stuble on that integral:

I see immediately that the answer is 1/2.  But Maple 18 cannot give an answer other than a limit that he cannot evaluate.  I even try assumption that p and hbar are realcons.  I get infinity.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Mario Lemelin
Maple 18 Ubuntu 13.10 - 64 bits
Maple 18 Win 7 - 64 bits messagerie : téléphone :  (819) 376-0987

Hi everybody,

I have never done statistics in Maple.  In a simple calculation, I need to calculate the RMS of 55 numbers.  The average of those numbers is 100484.3 and it is given that the RMS is 1.28 counts.  I have the a list of the 55 numbers.  Since I don't need a demonstration, it would help me a lot if you could tell me how to load the data from a *.txt file (one number per line), and use the appropriate commands to obtaine the result that is only given.

For the moment, I only need the steps to proceed with the calculations and how to do it in Maple.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Mario Lemelin
Maple 18 Ubuntu 13.10 - 64 bits
Maple 18 Win 7 - 64 bits messagerie : téléphone :  (819) 376-0987

Hi all


Please, I'd like to clarify some basic points about performing computations in Maple 18. Up to now I have been doing some numeric calcs using matrices normally composed of 10 to 15 columns and 200 to 600 rows.


When doing the calcs with a matrix of ~200 rows, it is just ok but as the number of rows increase the calculation speed reduces significantly.


The data contained in each row is calculated within a loop cycle (i.e.: for i from 1 to 200 do ......).


The number of rows is controlled by a slider so when I drag the slider the calcs are automatically updated and the results shown graphically.


As I said it is too slow so I don't know if I should be looking into the option of doing calcs symbolically first? However you can't use symbolic notation when working with matrices. I still got a lot of calcs to do but prefer not to continue as it will only get slower so better to see if I can optimise speed.


Any comment is trully appreciated.




how maple calculate exp(x) with e.g. 100000 decimal numbers

a divsion of the series x^k/k! with e.g. 1/25000!/25001 lasts longer than the exp(1.xx) calculation


is there a faster way to calculate exp(x) than with the x^k/k! series











Hi everyone,


At some point in my calculations, I want to do some simple manipulations wiht the use of the «clickable» features in M17.  For the moment, I can see directy how to do it by hand and I do it by copy-paste and use the mous to change it a little bit.  But I just cannot find a simple way to do it by simple click.


You will find in this attach question, the maipulations I want to do.  It is starting from equaiton (7).  Am I at the edge where it is simple by hand than with the features?


Thank you in advance.

Mario Lemelin
Maple 17.02 Ubuntu 13.10 - 64 bits
Maple 17 Win 7 - 64 bits messagerie : téléphone :  (819) 376-0987

Hi everybody,

When doing calculations, I often run in the following problem.  I have the final solution wich I simplify symbolically so many terms are cancelling.  But I get this:


While I would like to regroup all the terms into the square root.  But look, even in this forum, Maple get sqrt(2) automatically out of the square root.


I know that it is the simple form.  But in some instances, I need the square root to stay together so I can show a property.  But is there a way to be able, sometimes, to tell Maple to leave all the terms under the square root?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Mario Lemelin
Maple 17.01 Ubuntu 13.10 - 64 bits
Maple 17 Win 7 - 64 bits messagerie : téléphone :  (819) 376-0987

Hi everyone

I'm currently working on some mandate distribution using "Jefforson's Method" but I have run into some problems.

The general form of the calculations I do is as follows:

d:=fsolve(m = floor(v1/x)+floor(v2/x), x)

But in the case of m=5, v1=4969 and v2=208 it does not work. If I change v1 a bit it works as a charm but when 
4960=<v1=<4969 it does not.

Can any of you figure out why?


The equation surely has a solution (well, a lot of solutions). I can figure some out just by estimating and trying. Furthermore, wolfram alpha easily gives me several solutions:

So how come I cannot get Maple to solve it?


Thanks in advance!

q[1] = sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*q[1]*q[3]-p[2])*(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*q[1]*q[2]-p[3])-p[1]

I am looking for q[1] solution. When I solve for q[1], maple gives me following answer:

q[1] = RootOf(-_Z+sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*_Z*q[3]-p[2])*sqrt(x)*alpha+lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*_Z*q[3]-p[2])*lambda*_Z*q[2]+lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*_Z*q[3]-p[2])*p[3]-p[1])

Is it possible to obtain a classical solution for the calculations above. (can not understand the meaning of: RootOf and _Z. I need q[1] in order to solve further in my system of eqautions for  q[2],  q[3]


could you help me please to find a solution for this issue...
I would like to thank you in advance 
Best regards,



I am doing calculation with binomial numbers with some parameters. Usually the result is correct, but this time a strange notation "table" appears. I do not know how does this happen?

Thank you!



By a straight forward calculation, one can check that the expressions







are same and equal. 

How to get the 2nd expression from the 1st expression by simplification by using MAPLE. 

Here is my sheet.

In this problem I have achieved every thing what I aimed, thnaks to the wonderful people here!!!

I am looking for a way to do it in a more structured way meaning the calculation of Jacobian in the attached sheet is somewhat manuel, though I wonder does maple has some other way?


I'm having a little trouble displaying the desired solution when using what might otherwise be refered to as the 'symbolic toolbox' - I'm a matlab user..

The output from maple is great! so much cleaner than matlab in this instance. The problem I'm having however is displaying the solution of simple algebra pproblems

ex: I would like to verify my handcalculation of cramers rule.


I am trying to write a script that will read in vector files using ImportMatrix, perform a simple calculation then output a matrix file using ExportMatrix.


The difficulty I am having is that I would like to do this on a number of files,


for i from 1 to 600 do


do calc....


end do:

The variable i is in italics...

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