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diff(F(x,F(x)), x);


how to differentiate this?


(D[1](F))(x, F(x))+(D[2](F))(x, F(x))*(diff(F(x), x))


how to find (D[1](F))(x, F(x)) and (D[2](F))(x, F(x)) ?


i guess need define new calculus for two variables

Limit((F(x+h,F(x+h)) - F(x,F(x)))/h, h = 0);

Limit((F(x+h,F(x)) - F(x,F(x)))/h, h = 0);
Limit((F(x,F(x+h)) - F(x,F(x)))/h, h = 0);

Limit((F(x+h,F(x,y)) - F(x,F(x,y)))/h, h = 0);
Limit((F(x,F(x+h,y)) - F(x,F(x,y)))/h, h = 0);


if inside F(x) is F(x,y)

it seems need to find the basic definition of F(x,y) first

if i define F(x,y) as

F := (x,y) -> min(x,y)/max(x,y);


i may be wrong, how to differentiate correctly?

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and why are there decimal points after certain numbers?

I'm taking 2nd semester calculus and in this maple lab, I can't seem to get Maple to evaluate this correctly. Any help is appreciated.

My friend did this and got the first constant, 392..., and just a2, so it was 392.07a2

I am doing a Calculus assignment and I can't find the commands for certain things.

1.Given the function f(x) = ((x+1)^2) / (1+x^2)

i) The domain of continuity of f(x)

ii) The intervals of increase and decrease of f(x) by using test points.


2. Use the IVT to prove existence of a root to the equation x^3 +10x^2 -100x +50=0 in the interval [-20,10]. Use again the IVT to show that there is a 1st root in [-17,-15], a 2nd toot in [0,1] and a 3rd root in [ 5,6]. Find or approximate those roots with Maple. (the bolded is what I need help).

So I am using the with(Student[MultivariateCalculus]); package to find the maximum and minimum of the fumction xyz to the given constraint: LagrangeMultipliers(x*y*z, [x^2+4*y^2+4*z^2-4], [x, y, z]) and I got 14 points. But to find the global maximum/minimum I need to evaluate all these points in the main function xyz. I tried converting it to a list and doing something and checked out this thread but it's only for single variable stuff so I am not sure how to extrappolate it to my case.

These were my points by the way, Yeah lots.

[0, 0, 1], [0, 0, -1], [0, 1, 0], [0, -1, 0], [2, 0, 0], [-2, 0, 0], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [(2/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3), -(1/3)*sqrt(3)], [-(2/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3), (1/3)*sqrt(3)]

How would I find inflection points? I believe it would the same as if I was finding critical points for f '.

Function is:(7-x)*sin(x^2-7)

So would it be:

e:=fsolve(f2,-3 ..-1.52);


Plz and thanks!


Ive been trying to solve critical points for maple but i keep getting this werid equation:



What I have typed



When I try putting:


I get that werid equation



i have been looking to see if i could get the source code for some of the calculus functions in maple. So far, i have tried this

kernelopts(opaquemodules = false)

interface(verboseproc = 3)


which shows the result

module() ... end module

does anybody have any idea how i would:

1) get the full list of sub-procedures in the module

2) get the source code of any of the sub-procedures in the module?

Thanks in advance!!

Here we see the projection of a vector onto another using different concepts ranging from linear algebra to vector calculus. Implemented components thus seen in three-dimensional space.

(in spanish)

L.Araujo C.

I am planning on getting Maple 18 Student Editon and I am wondering if the calculus palette is in Maple 18 student edition.



We're starting on indefinite integrals in my 1st year calculus class.


A quick example would be int(sin(x), x);=-cos(x)+C


Maple doesn't add the +C on the end of it's solution. Can someone explain or point me to a resource? I've tried searching but I can't find an answer. 

hello everyone..


I need help to write a code to calculate the riemann sum approximation of the curve cos(sqrt(x^2+y^2)+1 

calculate the actual volume using integration

use the ranges x=[-2pi to 2pi]=y, and 20 subdivisions.

also display the curve and the parallelepiped approximations on the same plot.


Thank you for your help!

hi everyone,

i need help to write a maple code to generate an animation sequence showing the taylor series approximation of tan(x) from 


plot the animation from x=-2pi to 2pi and y=-5 to 5.


thank you for your help..

hi everyone,

I need help writing a maple code to calculate the normal to the curve X^2-2X at x=1

and also display the curve, the tangent, and the normal on the same plot in the range x=[-2,2].


thank you for your help!

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