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Can someone please solve only #19 and #25 using Nwton's method in Maple. I really appreciate it.


The questions are attached. Thank you

You have been asked to design a one-liter can shaped like a right circular cylinder. What dimensions will use the least material?

-I really need help on how to correctly plug this into my computer. Thank you in advance.


The command

f := -.1*(x+3)*(x-1)*(x-3.5):


produces different results in Maple 13 and Maple 16.02.

In particular, the concavity=[] option seems to be ignored in 16.

Also, it may be my imagination, but execution seems slower in 16, but I didn't try timing it.

My apologies, if this has already been noted.


So far, my math group has the entire roller coaster plotted using spacecurves on a 3D plot on Maple. The only issues is now we need to take the derivative between the different sections we created in order for there to be no corners or spaces; basically to make sure the "coaster" runs smoothly.

We get how to do it on paper but we're running into some difficulty doing it on Maple. My question is, how the heck do we do what I just said we wanted to do.

I'm looking for several challenging projects for a Calculus II course using Maple which I'll be teaching in Spring 2013.  By challenging I mean that the project will have several steps including both conceptual and computational aspects.  I'd also like them to be suitable for group work if possible.  I'd be willing to devote from 3-5 class periods for each of three or four different projects.  Our Calc I and Calc II are five hour...

Can somebody, please, try this command in Maple 16 (or at best Maple 16.02)?


In Maple 15 I get the graph in about 1s, however in Maple 16.02 it loads about 20s and it is even not as perfect as is in Maple 15. Furthermore, when I try to evaluate


it says that it lasted only 1-2s. There is some problem...







Hi all,


After I loaded the package with(VectorCalculus), the output of vectors changed to a different one.

Is there any real "difference" when...

We have just released Teaching Calculus with Maple: A Complete Kit.  Leveraging both Maple and Maple T.A., Teaching Calculus with Maple includes lecture notes, student worksheets, Maple demonstrations, Maple T.A. homework, and more – everything you need to teach Calculus 1 and Calculus 2.  Teaching Calculus with Maple  was developed at the University of Guelph under the leadership of an award-winning teacher and field-tested in classes with hundreds of students.

Hi, My name is Remon. I am first year student in calculus 1, I want to be a financial engineer, I will study finance and I will do my best to study mathematics as well. I need to learn Calculus with Maple. but I do not really from where should I start? Is there any video training for Calc 1,2, 3 that I can buy to learn ?? If there is any advice to help me out to reach my goals I will be very thanksfull.

Is it possible to change the caption of RiemannSum command in Student[Calculus1] package with animation output option, keeping approximate value and number of partitions outputs?  I tried to use typeset command, but I haven’t succeeded.

Best regards,



Find the derivative of f(x)=|(x^3)-8*(x^2)+5*x+4|-0.5*x;x in [-1,7]

Find critical points of f(x) and dertimine the local maxima and local minima.

Output: Two lists of points (x,y), a list of local minima and a list of local maxima.

Hint: you may use Maple package Student[Calculus1]]

     use first derivative test to avoid 'kink' point i.e. undifferentiable point

     set delta=0.0001, test derivative around critical point x+delta and x-delta...



I am quite new to Maple and require some help on vector calculus. I have a differential operator in matrix form C that has to be applied to a column vector B.

C = [d/dx   0    d/dy]

      [0     d/dy  d/dx]  


B = [

I have been unable to get Maple Player to perform as I thought it would.  Actually I can only get it to work with the default functions.  Anytime I type in a function I get the following error message: "There was an error trying to generate the plot." or "There was an error during the differentiation of the input function." or "The input value "x


+4x+2" should be an algebraic expression." or "There was an error during the execution of finding the root."

I have a curve Tractrix: x(t)=1/cosht,y(t)=t-tanht

how I do?

  • Find the length of the tangent line from the tangent point to the asymptote
  • find the area between the curve and its asymptote
  • find the length of the curve from x-axis to a point on the curve
  • find the slope of the tangent line at any point along the curve

I hope you can help , its very important to me


I've submitted an application to the Application Center: An Epidemic Model (for Influenza or Zombies).  This is an interactive Maple document, suitable for instructional use in an undergraduate course in mathematical biology or differential equations, or a calculus course that include differential equations. ...

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