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Can anybody where I can find collection of third party Maple packages?

One site that I know is


We have just released a free collection of Maple and MapleSim classroom materials that helps bring modern technology to any introductory course in control design. This collection includes interactive classroom demonstrations that illustrate key concepts; lab projects and assignment questions; and example models ready to be explored.  It’s been designed primarily for instructors, but students should find much of it useful, too.

Any word on an applications collection DVD(s) from maplesofts applications center for offline browsing?
I had made the suggestion a while ago.  What is the status of that project?  Is it still under consideration?

I thought it could be purchased seperately, or included in new releases of Maple.

  * All the applications in the application center in a similar browsable format
  * Update button that updates a folder on your...

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