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I have a complex function for both the electric and magnetic fields for 2 laser pluses colliding they are only 2 dimensions z,t;

E(z,t) := -I*a*exp(-(z-Z+t)^2/sigma^2)*sin(omega*(z-Z+t))+a*exp(-(z+Z-t)^2/sigma^2)*sin(omega*(z+Z-t))

B(z,t) := -a*exp(-(z-Z+t)^2/sigma^2)*sin(omega*(z-Z+t))+I*a*exp(-(z+Z-t)^2/sigma^2)*sin(omega*(z+Z-t))

Where a,omegasigma are real constants and Z is the initial offset for the pluses,

I would like to plot them together with there real and imaginary parts on two axes and then extended along the z direction, if possible I would like to animate them. To hopefully get a moving plot like this except it's a laser pluse not a continuous wave,

In plots made with 'complexplot3d', Maple uses by default a color wheel for the argument of complex numbers in which positive numbers are painted cyan and negative numbers are red. Is there a way to change this to the other common convention (i.e. cyan negative and red positive numbers)?


Any help would be really appreciated, as it's not convenient to have graphs made with different conventions in the same document and I wouldn't want to remake all the ones I already have.

I'm new here, so I'm not totally sure this is the right place to ask this. I apologize if it isn't, please let me know in that case.


My problem is that Maple won't recognize the built-in command 'complexplot3d'. For example, typing:

complexplot3d(z^2, z = -1-I .. 1+I)

doesn't do anything, and it's displayed again in blue as if it was not a command.


Any kind of help would be extremely helpful, as I have no clue of what's going on. Thanks in advance!

In an attempt to get better resolution I experience an error when I change to grid=[150,150]  Can we get better resolution? 


complexplot3d(f, z = -.7-.7*I .. .7+.7*I, style = patchnogrid, orientation = [-90, 0], grid = [100, 100])

**edit - image not uploaded properly but shown a couple posts down

** Answer to zaxis range error part - The reason I couldn't increase the grid in Maple12 here is because...

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