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i make two component that the left named MathContainer0 and right named MathContainer1

which can enter any numers on it

and i want to solve the eqution such as  

x*%MathContainer0+y*%MathContainer1=0 ,and y*%MathContainer0+x*%MathContainer1=0

but it still not shows the answers i want

anyone can help thx


How to present two indexed values a[n] and b[n] in form

a0 = ...,

a1 = ...,    b1 = ...;

a2 = ...,   b2 = ...;

in MathContainer component?


Thank you.

I have a TextArea component on the worksheet. Is it possible to create on the worksheet some number of Sliders, where the number of sliders is defined by the number entered in the TextArea?


I have a simple Maple application with two TextArea components (TextArea0 and TextArea1) inside.

The start up code is following:

Actions := module()
export DoNothing;
    DoNothing := proc()
    end proc;
end module; #Actions

the action when cotents change for both TextArea components is

use Actions in
end use;

The problem:
When I change the focus from one TextArea component to another and press Restart maple server then an error appears:

Error in Component TextArea1 with caption "TextArea": `Actions` is not a module or member.
Haw can it be fixed? Thank you.


Button component...

November 23 2013 Andriy 165


Is there any way to program a button component to stop current calculations and restart maple server?
Thank you.


I have two problems:

1) Start code SetProperty(Button0, enabled, true); doesn't switch the property 'Enabled' of Button0 to 'true', as I'd like it to. How to correct the code to switch?

2) I'd like the property 'Enabled' of button 'Button1' switch to 'false' immediately after it is pressed. (I put SetProperty(Button1, enabled, false); at the beginning of Action When Clicked) However Maple waits untill all code within Action When Clicked is calculated. How to correct it?


I want to show an animation in Plot component on Button press.

Action when clicked for the button :

use DocumentTools in

Do(%Plot0 = dis);
SetProperty(Plot0, play, true, refresh=true);

end use;

Variable dis was calculated earlier:

B := animate(plot, [u(t, x), x = xmin .. xmax], t = tmin .. tmax, frames = n):
dis:=display(B, insequence = true):

However, the first press on the button gives static first frame. Only second press starts the animation.
What's the problem with my code?

Is it possible to programmatically insert an embedded component, say for example a TextArea0?


I am aplying a simple energie balance with some simplification, and i am implementing it on maplesim.

The component has the following equations:

Am i missing something? Do i need any aditional equation to maplesim know to where should the fluid be moving when Qjacto is positive or negative? Why do i have...


I am trying to perform a simple model of the entrainment of air in a jet by aplying energy emand momentum balances to the injector and flute. But i am having doubts on how to prescribe pressure on a point. This is the equations of the component Injector:

In the component porti...

Hi, I use Maple 13 and have this issue to solve.

In an archive.txt there is the following Vector:



i am trying to simulate a costum component, but i get this error when starting to compile initial values i get this error:

(in dsolve/numeric/RunSimulation) keyword event_blindeye not recognized
Simulation failed.

Why? This costum component was tested on another PC and worked.



I made a model with mapleSim, run simulation and the following figure was got

simulation result

Here I have a question. I want to know the max value of this curve that will be used in other component as input in mapleSim. Is here a component in mapleSim or other mothed such as maple?

please help me. think you

How would I create an interactive component similar to the Locator functionality provided in Mathematica? For example, the command in Mathematica

  Graphics[Polygon[pt], PlotRange -> 2],
  {{pt, {{0, 0}, {1, 0}, {1, 1}, {0, 1}, {1, -1}}}, Locator}

creates five Locator objects stored in the variable pt. This example can be found in the

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