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How to do composition for finite group?

is the composition like permutation group ?

if express finite group like permutation group,

if so, can elements in first row duplicate? can the second row duplicate?

however, do not know how to map when there are more than or equal two choices

my guess is that

if finite group can be expressed into permutation group

for example 3*3 matrx, each column is a permutation group

then there will be 3 permutation groups, when do composition , first column's permutation group composite with first column's permutation group , second composite with second etc

is it right?

can it be said colimit...

February 13 2014 rit 200

(A o C) o Colimit = (B o C) o Colimit

if known A, B, C and framework of Colimit

can it be said colimit?


Bonus, what are A,B,C? <- this can be not answered

i have a sense that substitution represent associative x*y and x+y

is my understanding correct?

if i change associative property to gcd and lcd,

how to do composition?

if associative is a pair of function, x+y, x*y

does it mean that non associative should also a pair


is it possible replace substitution with two operation x+y and x*y?

Good time friends,

Recently, I saw this link There we asked to find the functions f(x) ang g(x) by having both composition functions fog(x) and gof(x). I know what to do to find any of f(x) (or g(x)) if I am given fog(x) (or gof(x)) respectively, but I confess I don't know what to do with this one. Can Maple overcome this knid of problem? Thanks for your time.


if I have two partition Pi and Pi 'I want to know the decomposition of Pi' 

How can i specify the ground field C= complex numbers and calculate a primary decomposition for an ideal defined over C? For example

J:= <x^2 +1 >;

should return x+I, x-I, but instead returns x^2+1

Forgive me for not using the "Maple Math" and "Maple Plot" commands.  I tried, but it says everything that I enter is an invalid expression so I'm just entering it as text...

I define two functions, they plot as expected:


f(x) := sin(x);

g(x) := 2*x;

plot( f(x) );

plot( g(x) );


Now I want to plot the composition:


plot( f(g(x)) ); 


Doesn't work!



be a generating function with 1-p=q in (0,1). Then the repeated function composition


gives me some concrete expression. What is the simplest way to get the general expression for 3 replaced by n?   

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