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We solve the following ode in the interval (0,Pi):


bcs=u(0)=0, u(Pi)=0;

Stating one example of many conditions for such equation to have a
valid solution

Many thanks



Dear all ;

I have a Partial differential equation

restart; with(PDEtools);

pde[2] := (diff(u(x, y), x))*(diff(u(x, y), x, x))+diff(u(x, y), y, y);
    where x and y in the square [0,1]

with boundary condition 

bc[2] := u(0, y) = 0, u(1, y) = 0, u(x, 0) = 0, u(x, 1) = 0;

Is there a simple code to compute the solution

Many thanks for any help




i have 2 PDE equations with some boundary conditions,maple get me errors, what should i do ? please help
how can i make correction in my system or boundary to have a solution ?


tnx in advance

I have the PDE u_{xx}+u_{yy} = 1 with BC: u|_{x^2+y^2=1} =0 ;


how to write down the command of the BC in solving this PDE?, btw can I make maple show me how to solve this PDE analytically?


Thanks in advance.


Here are the lines that I wrote so far:

pde := diff(u(x, y), x, x)+diff(u(x, y), y, y) = 1;

ans := pdsolve(pde)


how to add the BC correctly to pdsolve? I am not sure how to write the condition x^2+y^2=1 and that u will get a value on this boundary.




I want to solve  this ODEs using Maple...

f’’’ + f f’’ – f’2 + λ θ = 0

(1/Pr) θ’’ + f θ’ – f’ θ = 0

and boundary conditions

f(0) = s,  f’(0) = σ + a f’’(0) + b f’’’(0),  θ(0) = 1,

f’(η) = 0, θ(η) = 0  as  η → ∞.


Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thank you... =)

     It is known that ODE boundary value problem is similar to the problem of solving systems of nonlinear equations. Equations are the boundary conditions, and the variables are the values of the initial data.
For example:

y '' = f (x, y, y '), 0 <= x <= 1,

y (0) = Y0, y (1) = Y1;

Where y (1) = Y1 is the equation, and Z0 is variable, (y '(0) = Z0).

     solve () and fsolve () are not directly suitable for such tasks. Directly should work the package of optimization in relation to a system of nonlinear equations. (Perhaps it has already been implemented in Maple.)
Personally, I am very small and unprofessional know Maple and cannot do it. Maybe there is someone who would be interested, and it will try to implement this approach to solving ODE boundary value problems?  

May I know any command can help to random selected a position in a group of bit number then flip that number but with condition after convert to bytes the number cannot be more than 7?

For example,

I have integer 3, i convert to binary become 0000011

then i need a command to random select a position to flip and only one bit can be flipped.

After that the group of flipped number will convert back to decimal, but total value cannot more than 7? any command can solve?  Thank you. 


how i can select or chose proper polynomials or another functions that attached boundary conditions at points zero and one , weakly or strongly satisfy??

s(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(s))(0) = 0, g(0) = 0, ((D@@2)(s))(1) = 0, ((D@@3)(s))(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(g))(1)+(1/2)*((D@@1)(s))(1)^2 = 0

s(0) = 0, (D(s))(0) = 0, g(0) = 0, ((D@@2)(s))(1) = 0, ((D@@3)(s))(1) = 0, (D(g))(1)+(1/2)*(D(s))(1)^2 = 0






i want to solve these two coupled eqaut with finite boundary conditionsions. Can some one help me






with(PDEtools, casesplit, declare)

L := 1651.12; m := 3205.12; r1 := .1875; r2 := 2; z1 := 0; z2 := 12; ld := 4.5


declare(u(r, z), w(r, z))``

with(DEtools, gensys)

rr := (L+2*m)*(diff(u(r, z), r))+L*(diff(w(r, z), z))+L*u(r, z)/r

zz := L*(diff(u(r, z), r))+(L+2*m)*(diff(w(r, z), z))+L*u(r, z)/r

rz := m*(diff(u(r, z), z))+m*(diff(w(r, z), r))

BCS := {rr(r1, ld) = 0, rz(r1, z) = T, w(r, 0) = 0, zz(r, z2) = 0}

{3205.12*(diff(u(r, z), z))(.1875, z)+3205.12*(diff(w(r, z), r))(.1875, z) = T, 8061.36*(diff(u(r, z), r))(.1875, 4.5)+1651.12*(diff(w(r, z), z))(.1875, 4.5)+1651.12*(u(r, z))(.1875, 4.5)/r(.1875, 4.5) = 0, 1651.12*(diff(u(r, z), r))(r, 12)+8061.36*(diff(w(r, z), z))(r, 12)+1651.12*(u(r, z))(r, 12)/r(r, 12) = 0, w(r, 0) = 0}




sys3 := [(L+2*m)*(diff(u(r, z), r, r))+(L+m)*(diff(w(r, z), r, z))+(L+2*m)*(diff(u(r, z), r))/r-(L+2*m)*u(r, z)/r^2+m*(diff(u(r, z), z, z)) = 0, (L+m)*(diff(u(r, z), r, z))+m*(diff(w(r, z), r, r))+(L+2*m)*(diff(w(r, z), z, z))+(L+m)*(diff(u(r, z), z))/r+m*(diff(w(r, z), r))/r = 0]

pdsolve(sys3, BCS, numeric)






Hi all,

I have the following PDE, is it solveable by Maple or not. Do I need a boundary condition and how many or I can get a general solution? I am new to Maple. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.





I'm sorry to bother you but I have a problem with the numeric resolution of a system of 3 differential equations. The system is as follows  : sysdif :=

As you can see the system is composed of 3 differential equations, and I enter initial conditions in the object "sysd". Then I try a numeric resolution by executing the following command (I give a value to parameters before)  :

Then Maple's answer is : Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) missing differential equations and initial or boundary conditions in the first argument: sysdif.

I can't see where I'm wrong, does anyone notice something that could explain this error message ? There's no help page about this error so I ask the question here.

Thank you very much for your time if you answer this,


Can somebody help me to find the solution?

I think there is something wrong with the definition of bvw1. If I use dsolve (in soln) with only bvw as Initial Condition,

I get a solution but if I also insert bvw1 as an Initial condition soln won't appear.

Here's what's written in the image:

'Imagine the course of a planet around a star with L=0.5 and e=0.7'

Solve Keppler's differential equation with Initial Conditions:'

HI, I am trying to solve two PDEs but in boundry conditions there is arising an error plz help.

In Maple 15 it seems that plottools:-transform only accepts this form of conditional statement:  

`if`(conditional expression, true expression, false expression).

Is there any way to have plottools:-transform process more than one condition? Do later versions of Maple permit this?

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