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How I can simulate control speed of car with sensor of speed, noise, feedback on maplesim?thanks

Hello guys, i have some problems.


i have system

\dot{x} = Ax + Bu

s=b*u = 

now, we have X' = (A+S)X,  i need numeric/analytical solution and found Vector(X)

I have some problems with syntax maple.

Sorry for my bad english.


I want to know the mistakes i have made in the documents attached to get the expected results every time.


Case 1: control = works fine now.

M1 := K__1*A*(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = -1, (2, 1) = -1, (2, 2) = 1}))/l__1 = Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0.30e-2, (1, 2) = -0.30e-2, (2, 1) = -0.30e-2, (2, 2) = 0.30e-2})



Case 2: control = prints answer in next line.M1 := K__1*A*(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = -1, (2, 1) = -1, (2, 2) = 1}))/l__1 = Matrix([[K__1*A/l__1, -K__1*A/l__1], [-K__1*A/l__1, K__1*A/l__1]]) = Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0.300000000000000e-2, (1, 2) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 1) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 2) = 0.300000000000000e-2})


control = prints expression and answer in the next line.

case 3

M1 := K__1*A*(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = -1, (2, 1) = -1, (2, 2) = 1}))/l__1 = Matrix([[K__1*A/l__1, -K__1*A/l__1], [-K__1*A/l__1, K__1*A/l__1]]) = Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0.300000000000000e-2, (1, 2) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 1) = -0.300000000000000e-2, (2, 2) = 0.300000000000000e-2})


Numeric formating does not function in case2 and cae 3. I dont know shat hv i done for these things to occur. But what should i do?




Ramakrishnan V

Please I need someone to help out with how to solve the below ODE numerically using finite difference method with the necessary maple code:


█( S〗_h〗^' (t)=Λ_h-αβ_m I_v S_h-μ_h S_h+πI_m,  

〖I_m〗^' (t)=αβ_m I_v S_h-(σ_m+π+μ_h ) I_m

〖 S〗_v〗^' (t)=Λ_v-αβ_v I_m S_v-μ_v S_v

〖I_v〗^' (t)=αβ_v I_m S_v-μ_v I_v )

The initial conditions can be assumed. Suppose i want to include controls, how do I solve the problem and equally plot the graph.


Thank you.



Maple WWW Net - Maple WWW integration with MapleNet

DigiArea Team is proud to present Maple WWW Net. 

Maple WWW Net is a part of Maple WWW technology that brings integration with MapleNet. Now you can access the power of Maple core directly from your worksheets in the internet. Maple WWW Net allows you to develop Maple worksheets enriched by live computations and interactive controls.

You can read more about the technology here:



Hey Guys

I'm designing some stuff for controll theory

There I met following problem:

I want calculate the matrix A which is the product of X and G.

A is 6x6 matrix and all values in the diagonal  are ones, the rest is undefined and should be calculated

X is 6x6 diagonal matrix with the values X1...X6

and G is also 6x6 and have all these values.


now I'm stuck 'cause I haven't used Maple frequently (only some simple stuff up to now, nothing with matrices)

I'd really appreciate it, if someone can tell how to tackle this problem


Recently I started to learn to use maplesim. I wanted to set up a feedback system which is used to control the speed of DC motor. I don't know how to build it. Please give me some advice. I really appreciate your help.

im interested to know if there are developed MapleSim examples of water level control in a tank

Further tags : implicit form, Matlab codegen for GPOPS purposes

Hi there,

I would like to introduce my self and ask you for an advice. 

I have a four linked robot that i would really like to control by the meaning of the optimal control theory. The arm has 4 actuators (giving torques U) in corrispondence of 4 rotational joints. P parameters describe the system.

I got ht edynamic system with the Lagrangian method and now I have 4 2nd order...

Hello all,

I'll be straight-forward.

I have Maple 15+MapleSim 5. I don't have Control Design Toolbox. I want to embed a linearized system object as an msys file into MapleSim.

The Linearization template failed to create the file. I tried to use the codes in the template directly as code in Maple, but also failed. Seemingly because I don't have Control Design Toolbox in which the code need to load.

I have been googling around with no avail. I...

We have just released a free collection of Maple and MapleSim classroom materials that helps bring modern technology to any introductory course in control design. This collection includes interactive classroom demonstrations that illustrate key concepts; lab projects and assignment questions; and example models ready to be explored.  It’s been designed primarily for instructors, but students should find much of it useful, too.

Typically, plots on a Maple worksheet fill substantial portions of the printed page when they're printed out.  What I'd like to do is resize plots, prior to printing, such that they're smaller when printed.  I'd also like all plots on a worksheet to print out at the same size.  Note that simply highlighting a plot on the Maple worksheet and then pulling the corner to resize it, is not what I want to do:  I find it very difficult to anticipate the...


I am trying to implement some numerical algorithm for an optimal control problem (still).

It involves double cycle. In the inner one two DE systems are solved sequentially and the result is used to update values of some objective function.

This part uses remeber option thanks to pagan  and is ok.

However, in the outer cycle I use the values of this objective function to obtain solution for yet another DE and update ICs for the inner cycle.


Basically I know that.

I just hoped there is some walkaround this problem.

It seems now there is not.

The problem I am trying to solve is how I can construct an iterative procedure where function is computed from numerical solution of the ODE system (done) and then this very function is used to recalculate the solution of this ODE system.

This is my attempt to impement some sort of  gradient projection method to the optimal...

Hi everyone.

I am currently trying to write the gradient projection algorythm for an optimal control problem with Maple.

This involves calculation of the gradient of the objective function at every new iteration, which would be not a problem per se. However, in optimal control problem this last depends on state and costate variables which, in turn, are given by the system of ODEs. This system is solved numerically only. As far as I understood Maple is recalculating...

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