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The MaplePrimes file manager is a feature that makes it easy for people to share their files with each other. With just a few clicks, you can post an attractive image, an HTML version of a Maple worksheet or even a fully interactive worksheet on MapleNet. Read on for the details on how to use this tool:

fsolve fails when eqs are 2D integrations

> restart;

> infolevel[all]:=0;

> infolevel[evalf]:=0;

thank you georgios kokovidis for acknowledging my question.thank you so much!however i still have questions.can anybody here please help me with this type of questions,im not an engineering or math major,so you can guys say im so bad with math.please help me.this are the questions. sketch the following and convert to rectangular: > 1.)x=t^(3), y=t^(2); 2.)x = (sec t)+2, y = (tan t)-1 3.) r = 2+2sin4thetha 4.) r = 4cos2theta find the dy/dx of the following: > 1.)x=t^(3), y=t^(2); 2.)x = (sec t)+2, y = (tan t)-1 3.) r = 2+2sin4thetha 4.) r = 4cos2theta find the equation of the tangent line to the function with the indicated information:
I am a newcomer to Maple, so I am going to assume that my problems are generally simple, and that I should be posting in this Newbie forum. My apologies in advance if I assumed wrong. My problem is that I take an equation that contains a radical as a common factor for several terms, rearrange it so the radical is on one side, square the equation to remove the radical, and then do a change of variables to convert the equation to a quadratic and solve it. All of that goes well, but when I convert back to the original variable and attempt to verify the solution it becomes very complicated, and I can't seem to simplify it enough to verify the solution.
This is a portion of my first Maple program. I included the part that had the relevant code and output of what is going wrong. The problem I am having is in the PlotTable I create. It is a table with specifically defined indices, which gets added to each time through a loop. What each indices refers to is a table of lists, representing an x,y coord pair. The first time an index is added is corrects puts the data. The second time you can see that it added the second data correctly, but it also overwrote the data for the previous index. for k from 1 to nops([indices(thicknesstable)]) do #loop for each structure
This book page describes and compares several methods for sorting lists of names. It revisits using attributes for rapid sorting, with attention to their global effect on strings. It demonstrates the use of the lexorder[n] option to sort and it illustrates the use of convert/local.
can anybody help me in converting *.jpg to *.mws? i need to change this format as an input to an analysis software named imageMaster Viewer thank you
Hi, all. I want to write viewer/converter for mw/mws, so mw/mws format description needed. Google say nothing about mw/mws format. likewise. Can somebody help me with mw/mws format description? Is it possible to obtain such info from Maple developers? Is reverse engineering of mw/mws prohibited?

Recently I met problems like these (shown  here in  minimal, stripped down examples no longer doing

anything useful except illustrating the problem). Any suggestions about what is going on here would be appreciated. Thanks.

> interface(version);restart;

Maple 10.03 gets stuck on my machine (Mac OS X, version 10.6.4) evaluating  the  first execution group below,t hough in Maple 6 on Mac OS 9.1 one gets only some strange output  (?s, similar to those in output below). In the procedure f, the parameter W is intended to be a module exporting  a procedure  W:-m; the behaviour is not improved  by careful type declarations, so for simplicity I've left them out.

With this Generation of MapleStudio you can also plot complex functions in 2D and also 3D. For doing this, MapleStudio uses the conformal and the conformal3d comands of Maple 10. The following example will show you, how it works.

I used to be able to do this copy/paste ... Here, I got an integral, then copied the output and pasted onto the next line. I wanted Maple input format, of course. Is it a change for Maple 10.03? for Mac? Or what? Have I got some setting wrong?
Finding the period is simple enough, but gets really irritating once the number of terms in the continued fraction expansion gets large. I've scoured the help files and cannot find anything on it. All I have managed to do is right click on the output and convert it to a list. But then I don't know what the command is to find the number of elements in that list.

Here's a frustrating problem I've been having with "assume".
You'll see below that I assume that v'(m) >0 and v''(m) <>
Maple clearly remembers that v'(m) > 0 (as seen in the assumptions list and by looking at the first "is" in (4)), however, it now can't figure out that v'(m) > 0 implies !(v'(m) <>
Strangely, this worked perfectly fine before the additional assumption was added, and looking up the property (6) reveals the correct answer.
Moreover, maple seems to have two sets of assumptions on v'(m) (for six total assumptions, when I would expect four).

Any maple geniuses have an idea as to why Maple's "is" function is confused?

I am brand new to MAPLE. I have a large file full of equations which I want to put into a paper. Is there software, or a facility within MAPLE, to convert all these equations into WORD, or at least to TECH, without typing everything in again? Please respond with any help to Jerry Epstein
Is this a way to convert a routine in Maple internal format back to the human-readable format?

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