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I need sort data of an imported matrix to ordered pairs.

'M' is a matrix with 2 columns and unknown numbers of row.



M := RandomMatrix(12, 2);

pairs := [M[1], M[2], ... , M[numelems(DeleteColumn(M, [1]))]];


PolynomialInterpolation(pairs, x);

I am trying to write a question which asks the student to convert a random decimal number into hexadecimal. I can't get MapleTA to recognize that a correct result is input. I think the problem is that I am not correctly dealing with the hexadecimal number which is represented as a symbol from convert.  

In the algorithm section I use:


The question was:

Convert the decimal bumber $dec into Hexadecimal.   

In the text input section I use:

is(($RESPONSE)-($hhh) = 0);

in the grading section of a Maple graded part of the question. I have tried converting the $RESPONSE to decimal and comparing with $dec.

I allow the students 4 attempts at each question, so I don't want to do a multiple choice question.








I use 'alias' to define variable dependencies.
But when I want to use the result of my calculation as an expression, I bite the dust; I cannot get rid of the dependencies.
Can anyone help me here?

In the simplified example below, I use the independent variables z[3] and z[4] to define z[1](z[3],z[4]) and z[2](z[3],z[4]).
I then introduce a function f[1](z[3],z[4]) and its derivatives df_dz.
I introduce the names dz[1]/dz[3]=Dp[1,3], dz[1]/dz[4]=Dp[1,4] etc...
When I have calculated df_dz[3], however, I cannot insert values of z[2] without affecting Dp[2,3].
Actually, now I have finished my calculation and want df_dz[2,3] to be a regular expression, so that I can insert values of
z without affecting the Dp:s.
How can I convert df_dz[3] to a regular expression?

alias( seq(z[i]=z[i](seq(z[j],j=3..4)),i=1..2)):


for j from 3 to 4 do




I wish to convert:

Sum(x[k],k=1..n)*Sum(y[k],k=1..m) -> Sum(Sum(x[j]*y[k],j=1..n),k=1..m)

Can anybody show me an elegant way to do it?


I need to convert a base 10 int(defined as num) to its base 3 format using a while loop. I would like to store the remainder of the num%3 to a list/sequence/array in maple. Now, if I were to use a sequence, I would need a pre-defined range. How do I solve this issue?

Hallo. There is a package "Standard Form" (for Maple 3 & 4):

I am interesting if it can be converted for modern Maple 18?


Hello friends;

I uploaded the file. Firstly i solved the 4. order ode. I converted it to trigonometric functions from exponantial.

I have 4 equation and 4 unkowns. I thought , it is sufficient to solve this. As you see , i can not solve the system .

May you help me please where i am doing wrong. 


(PS:i downloaded the file again correctly)

Hello everyone,

I'm using Maple18, I tried to integrate the function including natural logarithm:


But we get the answer:

Is there any simple way to directly convert the answer to the kind of form we want? I cannot not finish the conversion:


So the toolbox "IntegrationTools" was used, but finally, we couldn't compute the integral:


 However, we can get the correct answer by manually inputting the formula.


Using IntegrationTools is pretty nasty and not very convenient, such as the problem I mentioned.

Does anyone have another solution?

sometimes when I download something from Maple apps centers, such as this package,  I find the example documents there are written in .mw and when I open them, there are in document mode style, the fancy word like style which I can't stand looking at.  It has all the math input in italic and maple commands look different from classic Maple text. It very confusing, since I see something as   (0<x<1) which is valid in this document mode, but in classical maple, this is not valid code.


It seems Maple has 2 different syntax. One that works in document mode and one that is classical text maple.

I like to use only input as Maple notation which these documents do not do.

Is there a way to convert such .mw file to become standard classic worksheet mode? I know I will lose the chapter/section heading and all that.  I also tried selecting all in the document, then did Tools->options->Display->Input display->Maple notation, but nothing happend to the open document. It remained document mode with 2D math input.

When I save it as .mws, and open it again, it remains on document mode.

How to convert such documents to classical Maple syntax?



I have been having trouble converting the default slew rate unit from Unit('m'^2*'kg'/('s'^4*'A'))

to V/us (Volts per microsecond)


I trying to get to a point where I can define the slew rate and the result will be in terms of V/us.


Similarly, how can I change the output result from 1/s to Hz?

I noticed this in Student:-NumericalAnalysis:-Romberg, here are the lines of interest:

The question  is: Why create rtable, apply algorithm, then convert to Matrix at end? Why not replace line 4 below with Matrix command from start? Could not the same thing be done using Matrix from the start?

proc(expr, var, a, b, n)
local f, R, j, k, i, oldDigits;
   4   R := rtable(1 .. n,1 .. n,('storage') = ('triangular')['lower']);  #Why not create Matrix here?
   6   R[1,1] := evalf(1/2*(b-a)*(f(a)+f(b)));
   7   for k from 2 to n do
   8     R[k,1] := 1/2*evalf(R[k-1,1]+(b-a)/(2^(k-2))*add(f(a+(2*i-1)*(b-a)/(2^(k-1))),i = 1 .. 2^(k-2)))
       end do;
  10   for j from 2 to n do
  11     for k from j to n do
  12       R[k,j] := evalf(4^(j-1)*R[k,j-1]-R[k-1,j-1])/(4^(j-1)-1)
         end do
       end do;
  13   R := evalf[oldDigits](R);
  14   return convert(R,Matrix,('shape') = ('triangular')['lower']) #Why not use Matrix from the start?
end proc

Maple 18.02

Dear friends:




d:=convert(n,base,10) --> returns [7,9,1]

Is there a simple way for getting back n from d, i.e., 197 from [7,9,1] , not using a for loop?

Thanks and best regards

César Lozaada








hi everyone , i need your point of view in my question,any help would be appreciated in advance .

we have a discrete function named g(t) and a continous function f(t) in in convolution integral just like this :
int(f(t-x)*g(x),x=0..t) ; 
we have just g(x) in some special points int the interval (0..t) , thus i need to convert this integral to a series.
how should i do this ? can anyone help or any idea ? i need at first a mathematical solution or idea about how to do this and then, how to do this in a software ?
tnx again.

Hi every body:

i have a second order ode and will convert to two ode of first order with maple,how do this work???

eq := diff(y(x), x, x)+2*y(x)+y(x)^2 = 0

Hi! I have a matlab worksheet that i need to convert it to Maplesoft. Is it possible?



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