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I need to use subscripts to define a system of equation and its respective variables. I do not encounter any problem when I use solve or Basis (with Groebner package) but when I tried to use RealRootCounting (with RegularChains and SemiAlgebraicSetTools packages), I got the following error message:

Error, (in RegularChains:-SemiAlgebraicSetTools:-RealRootCounting) invalid input: TRDnearsolve expects its 5th argument, vlist, to be of type list(symbol), but received [p[1], x[1], q[1], u[1]]...

Hi, I use Maple 13 and have this issue to solve.

In an archive.txt there is the following Vector:


Dear Users,


I would like to know how to convert the following bessel product into a polynomial form.


I have an experession as follows:

BesselI(1,p*x)*BesselK(0,p*x)+BesselI(0,p*x)*BesselK(1,p*x)    #where p is arbitrary real positive constant and x is a variable


How to get the result in maple by simplify, convert or any other functoins.


Thanks for your attention.

Hi all,

A := [[1,2],[3,4]];

A1:=convert(A, Matrix);


I am very happy with conversion between Matrices and Vectors.

However, I does not seem to be able to do this backwards to [row] or [column] Vectors???

Say how do I get back to A from A1???


I tried to use





And many others...



I am working on a project where Maple's output is fed to another software which requires all it's input in specific format. So, I want to print this expression,say

y=+2.*x+.2, in this software, but it takes input as

y=2*x+0.2, So now I have to change

+2. to 2.0 or 2 (if it's starting of the equation)

-2. to -2.0

.2 to 0.2


Is there any way to convert all the numbers in the equation to...



I am working on a Maple project and it require me to pass a differential equation in a specific order like

x'=y & y'=x^2.(It is differentaiting w.r.t 't'(say))

However when I convert the equation into string it converts something as

diff(x(t),t)=y(t) & diff(y(t),t)=x(t)^2


Is there any way to stop maple from evaluating into maple/math format?

Is there any way to pass an equation without changing it's existing form?...

i got two density, the part of it is similar the pattern of gamma, how to convert it into an expression of gamma times something?

test2 := x*Diff(P,x$2)+(a+1-x)*Diff(P,x)+mu*P=0;
Density := int(exp(-X*(I*u-a*i))*(-i*X)^(-a), X = -infinity .. infinity);

test2 := x*Diff(P,x$2)+(a+b-x)*Diff(P,x)+mu*P=0;
Density := int(-exp(-X*(I*u-a*i-b*i+i))*(-i*X)^(-a-b)*i*X, X = -infinity .. infinity);

x = a*(3*cos(t) - cos(3*t))
y = a*(3*sin(t) - sin(3*t))

is there a library or function to convert above parametric equations into one equation in terms of x and y?

sys := x = a*(3*cos(t) - cos(3*t));
k := solve(sys, t);
simplify(subs(t=k[1], y = a*(3*sin(t) - sin(3*t))));

any simpler form?


is there a procedure to convert a number (or list of numbers) into its english equivalent?


 1 = "one", 2= "two", ......, 100 = "one hundred"

Dear Maple users

This may be an easy task, but I cannot seem to find out how to do it: How do I get the solutions of an equation on a list form? Let's say the output of the solve command has the reference number (1), then I tried using the convert command and a label to refer to the Maple output, but it didn't work:


I hope someone can help me do it.



I have a vector containing data which is m*n long (ie from 1...(m*n)) and I want to convert it to a matrix of m columns and n rows.

What's the quickest and most efficient way in Maple to do this?

I wrote the following code but am stuck on how to Update prcLeastSquareLA, so it does what prcLeastSquare does.

I believe you have to add error estimate information in prcLeastSquareLA but I have tried to no avail.


prcLeastSquareLA:= proc(data,degree)
local vars,y,A,V,k,e,i,j,v,c,1stVars;

vars:= seq(ci,;
for k


My result is complicated, ant it was very large, when I simplified the question, it just as this program.


The main problem is that result in YY is not in order, so the converted result is also disorder, please help me to store the result in order. Thank you!

I need to write a recursive method to reverse a string.

The hint given is to convert the string inputed to a character sequence, then apply recursive method, then reverse character sequence, then convert back to  string and output it.

So "abcd" gives output "dcba"


I came up with what is below, but I don't know if that's a recursive method.





Sorry, this seems like a silly question. But is there an easy way to convert trig funcitons, or even non trig functions to orthogonal (in this case Legendre) polynomials? 

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