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I am trying to force the conversion of



to its cleaner looking



Anybody know how to do this in a straight-forward way? I've tried convert...

Dear All,


I am not an expert in Mapple, also my calculus courses were quite long ago. I would like to compare different decision methods. The simpler ones worked with the code below (even if it was slow). but I have problems with the differentiation and the integration of two complex methods (i.e., dia and topsis).

All these methods can be described in general with the  following function:

f:= (X::Matrix,C::Vector)-> TerminalScores::Vector

How do I convert an expression like 22=K/.9 to latex.

If I right click 22=K/.9 or write latex(22=K/.9) I get  22= 1.111111111\,K - in other words it decided to evaluate 1/.9 before converting it.  To me this 1.11111 is wrong - it's an ugly approximation of 1/.9 - why can't it just leave the equation alone?

So again, is there a way to convert an expression to latex without this evaluation happening? 

(I'm using maple13)




I would like to differentiate a sinlge-variable function containing abs(), min(), and max() calls. For smaller functions it seems to work, however for my procedure, it does not seem to work. What can be the problem? I would appreciate any comment. 


It seems to work for the followings:

> diff(min(5*x,3),x);
                     /        ...

Hi all.

I was trying to perform a simple integration and convert the answer to a inverse hyperbolic function as follows:




But the command convert fails to do the conversion. I should obtain arcosh(9/2*x)+c.   But the answer is in terms of the natural logarithm: ln(9*x+sqrt(81*x^2-4))

How do I manipulate the answer so that I can get the inverse hyperbolic answer?

 rtoc(x,y,z):= < sqrt(x^(2)+y^(2)) | if 0<x then (arctan(y/(x)))else (Pi+arctan((y)/(x)) )end if  ; | z     >

I am a new user migrating my calculus labs from Derive to Maple.

One exercise asks the student to "write a program" to convert coordinates of a point between 3-D coordinate systems. 

I have tried the function definition given above and the error message is "unable...

Hi, can someone tell me how to approach converting an expression is z to one in powers of z^-1?

For example, express f(z) = z/(z-1) as 1/(1-z^-1) ?



Dear Maple users

I use Maple in my physics class in high school. In connection to that I have stumbled on a couple of oddities with the new version 14:

It looks like a bug, that Maple...

I have a list of single digit integers


and it is easy to use

for x in mylist do convert(mylist[x],binary) end do;

to obtain 1, 10, 11 as the result.

However if


two values are converted sucessfully but the third produces "Error, invalid subscript selector"

whattype(mylist) gives "list"

whattype(mylist[3]); gives "integer"




Hello all,

I'm a new user, hopefully you can assist me as I have work on this problem for quite sometime, I keep getting error of Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system

I copy my work here. If anyone need the original worksheet I can send this immadiately. Please help and I would like to say Thank you.

R:= 8.31434;             ...

Is there a way to import Latex into Maple? Actually, my immediate goal is to convert mathtype expressions into Maple.  I can convert Mathtype into latex. If I could convert latex into Maple, I would be done.

Incidentally, exporting Maple into mathtype is easy.

I have Maple 12.



Please take a look on this problem I have about converting a Vector to a List. At the end if the program, the list F contains the elements of the Vector Y, but not in the good order.
It gives a result which is correct for a small size of Vector, but not for h = 1000 !


#differents values of h are tried h := 100 and h:=1000

E := Vector[1..h];
for u from 1 to h do
Y[u] := u;
end do;
for z from 1 to h do

Hello everybody,


Consider I have a plane equation: x^2+y^2 + z^2=8

Or every formula of hyperboloid, or another similar equation.

I want you to explain me how to convert from plugged form to the interpreted form and to parametric form such equations.

Please show me an example, as you know every plane equation can be parametric, interpreted and plugged.

Hope you understand what do I mean, 3 types of presentations of the plane equation.

Hi. I have to solve the following differential equation numerically

f := [(diff(y(x), x))*(diff(y(x), x, x))/sqrt(y(x)^2+diff(y(x), x))+diff(y(x), x, x)] = x^6

dsolve({f, y(0) = 2, (D(y))(0) = 1.5, (D(D(y)))(0) = 1}, y(x), numeric, range = 0 .. 10)

Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system

I don't know what to do, I've read help and work on this for 3 days now.

Hi friends,

is there a way to convert a Maple 13 worksheet into a Mathematica 7 Notebook automatically?

Thanks for help


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