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I have those questions:

1) set

When I write these inputs,

x:={1,3,2}; y:={b,a,d,c}; z:={a[1],a[1,1],b[0],d[0],c[0],a[0],2};

the results are x := {1, 2, 3}, y := {a, b, c, d}, z := {2, a[0], a[1], a[1,1], b[0], c[0], d[0]}

Is there a way to get what I input

2) This problem in ordering numbers and words is verry important and hard when solving a large system of equations with:

restart:with(SolveTools): eqns:=[a[0...

Permutation testing...

December 24 2010 Deadstar 192

Hey folks and (almost) Merry Christmas!


How do I check if a number is a permutation of another number (doesn't have to be a cyclic one though)




Let x = 123456789


How would I test to see that, for example, 847591236 is a permutation of x without generating every permutation of x?

I feel there should be an obvious command for this but I can't seem to find any...


Hey folks I need some help with basic string manipulation.


Say I want to find the sum of the digits of 123


What I've been doing is the loooong way of converting 123 to a string, breaking it up into 3 seperate numbers, converting these back to their decimal value, then adding them up.


How could I make this more efficient? Is there some part of StringTools that would do this for me?



Hi all,

I have this two equations:



Where ap[k] and a[n] are the unknowns.

I want to convert the two equations in the Matrix form A*X=b to solve it numerically and where X=[ap[k, k=1..kk] and a[n, n=1..nn]] and A the matrix with a rand (nn+kk,nn+kk) the coef and b the second member and a vector (nn+kk)

Thank you for any help to do this with Maple

Though Maple provides routines to express integers or floating in different
integer bases the output looks not as nice as I want to have it.

And for example it does not work as expected using the 'simple ways' (while
for hex there is no simple way for floats):

  Digits:=16; # for all the following

  x:= x* SFloat(1,-14);


I have purchased an e-book for Maple called "Advanced Engineering Mathematics". I have found it to be full of red code text (which I understand to be 1-D Maple format, correct?).

Is there a way of converting the contents of my e-book to get rid of this red text (or at least convert it to something more meaningful) ?


Thanks and regards,
Andrew J Fortune,

hello everybody

please heeeelp



I am trying to force the conversion of



to its cleaner looking



Anybody know how to do this in a straight-forward way? I've tried convert...

Dear All,


I am not an expert in Mapple, also my calculus courses were quite long ago. I would like to compare different decision methods. The simpler ones worked with the code below (even if it was slow). but I have problems with the differentiation and the integration of two complex methods (i.e., dia and topsis).

All these methods can be described in general with the  following function:

f:= (X::Matrix,C::Vector)-> TerminalScores::Vector

How do I convert an expression like 22=K/.9 to latex.

If I right click 22=K/.9 or write latex(22=K/.9) I get  22= 1.111111111\,K - in other words it decided to evaluate 1/.9 before converting it.  To me this 1.11111 is wrong - it's an ugly approximation of 1/.9 - why can't it just leave the equation alone?

So again, is there a way to convert an expression to latex without this evaluation happening? 

(I'm using maple13)




I would like to differentiate a sinlge-variable function containing abs(), min(), and max() calls. For smaller functions it seems to work, however for my procedure, it does not seem to work. What can be the problem? I would appreciate any comment. 


It seems to work for the followings:

> diff(min(5*x,3),x);
                     /        ...

Hi all.

I was trying to perform a simple integration and convert the answer to a inverse hyperbolic function as follows:




But the command convert fails to do the conversion. I should obtain arcosh(9/2*x)+c.   But the answer is in terms of the natural logarithm: ln(9*x+sqrt(81*x^2-4))

How do I manipulate the answer so that I can get the inverse hyperbolic answer?

 rtoc(x,y,z):= < sqrt(x^(2)+y^(2)) | if 0<x then (arctan(y/(x)))else (Pi+arctan((y)/(x)) )end if  ; | z     >

I am a new user migrating my calculus labs from Derive to Maple.

One exercise asks the student to "write a program" to convert coordinates of a point between 3-D coordinate systems. 

I have tried the function definition given above and the error message is "unable...

Hi, can someone tell me how to approach converting an expression is z to one in powers of z^-1?

For example, express f(z) = z/(z-1) as 1/(1-z^-1) ?



Dear Maple users

I use Maple in my physics class in high school. In connection to that I have stumbled on a couple of oddities with the new version 14:

It looks like a bug, that Maple...

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