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how to convert decimal to binary??
for example [10, 3,90,6]..
how to convert this number into binary??

i interpolate a function in some knots by BSplineCurve, the resulting function is parametric.

how i can convert this parametric function to a function?


How can I copy and paste equations from Maple to Microsoft Word not in picture form so that I can edit.

I have some large equations derived in maple but want to paste them on Microsoft Word, where I am writing my paper.


Hello all,


I have a question about converting a continuous piecewise function to Heaviside function, which the function includes trunc() in its conditions.

(I found differentiating piecewise function gives me "undefined" at boundary)


When I do that operation (convert(piecewisefunc, Heaviside)) I get the error below.

"Error, (in piecewise/simprootsstep) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < 183.3333333*Pi"

I want to use for do loop and the print statement. print(h, AA) gives two columns left for h and right for AA separeted by comma. How to change this two column presentation so that I can get the sequence of h and sequence of AA. Note that print(h) and print(AA) gives two separate columns. But I want to convert print(h, AA).


for h from 0.01 by .1 to 5 do
AA := (1+h)/h^2;
print(h, AA) end do:

One of those vexing things that should be easy:

I am reading in a data file using ImportMatrix. Since the file has one column with texual data I cannot use datatype=float since that bombs. I >can< ImportMatrix with datatype=string or anything.

I then extract columns using the appropriate command and want to do something numeric with them (only with those columns that have correct floating point numbers). That fails since my data are now not floats (even when using anything...


An intersection in my neighbourhood, currently controlled by a 2-way stop, is under consideration to become a 4-way stop.  This means the traffic that currently has the right-of-way will be required to come to a complete stop, wheras previously they could have coasted down the hill, and accelerated up the other side.   Politics aside, I was curious to explore the following question:

Hi again! :-)

I just ran into another problem with units...

I want to remove all units from an expression like this one


I've tried with convert(V[dis],'units_free') but Maple wont let me use that command, when the expression contains units in powers (square and cubic).

I guess there is another way arround, but how?

Best regards


with great interest and surprise I read the post
"Converting Half-Angle Trig Formulas to Radicals".
Isnt it possible to evaluate cos(arccos(13/14)/3) also
to an exact expression in radicals ?
I simply do not succeed with my humble knowledge of
the Maple commands/internal workings...
Would be great if someone finds a solution ( of an 
unsolvable problem ??? ).

[Edit: Excess white space deleted.---Carl Love]

Use RSA with the modulus n=119 and the exponent e=7, with the 95-character alphabet consisting of the printable ASCII characters to encrypt the word "Yes". Recall that the alphabet is given by




so that Y=57, e=69, s=83. Give your encryption as a list of three numbers.

Is there any way to convert the output of ToInert to a graph/tree representation?
ToInert's output type is a function and I've tried converting it to an expression  first but didn’t succeed. I've also looked for functions in the GraphTheory package that could help in this process but didn’t manage to find anything useful.
Thank you.

writedata("C:\\duffy\\mapleprogramme\\relevant\\conditional optimal\\optimal3", css, float);
> convert(css, matrix);
I used the above command to save data into a file but it didn't work. I also used the comand export (which would be better) to save data in one excel column, but it didn' work either, could you please help me understandig how can I save data? The data appear in the programme with this format:
Matrix(1, 1, {(1, 1) = .73951725}), Matrix(1, 1, {(1, 1...

I need to use subscripts to define a system of equation and its respective variables. I do not encounter any problem when I use solve or Basis (with Groebner package) but when I tried to use RealRootCounting (with RegularChains and SemiAlgebraicSetTools packages), I got the following error message:

Error, (in RegularChains:-SemiAlgebraicSetTools:-RealRootCounting) invalid input: TRDnearsolve expects its 5th argument, vlist, to be of type list(symbol), but received [p[1], x[1], q[1], u[1]]...

Hi, I use Maple 13 and have this issue to solve.

In an archive.txt there is the following Vector:


Dear Users,


I would like to know how to convert the following bessel product into a polynomial form.


I have an experession as follows:

BesselI(1,p*x)*BesselK(0,p*x)+BesselI(0,p*x)*BesselK(1,p*x)    #where p is arbitrary real positive constant and x is a variable


How to get the result in maple by simplify, convert or any other functoins.


Thanks for your attention.

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