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a curve has residual p if it is linked, in a complete intersection, to a curve with residual p-1

0 residual if is a complete intersection of two surfaces

do complete intersection means two surfaces totally overlapped?

why they are not the same one if complete intersection?

how to test whether a curve  lies in no plane in maple?

When you label a function of curve, this label is put just next to it. Is there a way to move this label to another position of the same curve?

I want to draw a contour plot like the pic below which the relating value of each curve is specified on several parts of the curve. Can anyone suggest a way? :)

As an example do it with the following function:


Hi. It is be good to be with you after 4 years.

I want to ask about Curvefitting for Data. If I have a numerical data and i want to find a function in x and y for these data.

Hi Maple friends.

As per usual, I am unable to find the solution in Maple Help. Can someone please advice me on how to shade an area under a curve, preferably using the context menu, since that is what I prefer to use at this stage.

Thanks in advance.

i have a non linear equation that depends on three variables e, theta and z.

i have done calculations to calculate e while varying theta and z. theta varied among the vector [0, Pi/4, Pi/3, Pi/2] and z was varying between 1 and 20

when plotting my data it gives the following plot where z is represented on the x-axis and each curve correspond to one theta


i am currently able of fitting one plot to one equation i would like to fit the data points using the nonlinearfit function and to only get one equation for all the plots. is that possible in maple or not


After simulate the model of MapleSim, I can only know the curve of where I need to know about. I need the specific parameter(each point value), like a piece of sheet. How I can put it of in an Excel of Word?

the point given as follows:


y=[7.42494922444550, 3.67768248674133, 2.52235142453921, 1.95610223891559, 1.61770309810016]


I have plotted the point and the output is like this:


how to smooth the curve and extend the curve longer 


please help me.....




Hello everyone, I need your help again. I've been trying recently to select different colors and other line options to different curves in the 2D plot generated by the algorithm attached to this message, but I've had no success whatsoever. I tried using the setcolors([]) option, but it didn't work.

Any help with that would be much appreciated.


I have to plot 4 vectors in one graph. I have the following structure:

plot(Vector([12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15]), Vector([1.622712644, 1.265443137, 1.028604736, .8605013333, .7352916667, .6386248233, .5618945274]), style = line, symbol = asterisk, color = blue)


plot(Vector([12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15]), Vector([5.483608580, 4.289400489, 3.496793877, 2.933480578, 2.513320599, 2.188469637, 1.930230220]), style = line, symbol = asterisk, color = blue)

Could you help me to plot these two curves in one graph.


please help me to find a solution for this issue...

I would like to thank you in advance

Best regards,


x0 := 3*u+2*v+w-10;

x1 := 4*u+3*v+w-12;

 > with(algcurves); f := y = x^3; v := parametrization(f, x, y, t);

[AbelMap, Siegel, Weierstrassform, algfun_series_sol, differentials, genus,


  homogeneous, homology, implicitize, integral_basis, is_hyperelliptic,


  j_invariant, monodromy, parametrization, periodmatrix, plot_knot,


  plot_real_curve, puiseux, singularities]


graph a red bezier curve start at the point P1(0, 0, 1) in the direction of <-2, 0, 1> and ends at P3=(0, 2, 0) from the direction of <0, 1, 0>. Use "axes=normal" and rotate the image for a good view of the curve. Also, write the coordinates of the other two control points that you used.

The sine wave in Maple 16 is shown as following

The sine wave in Mathematica is shown as following

It's obvious that the second one is smoother than the first one,I want to know how to make curves smoother in Maple 16.

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