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I have a fraction where I would like to isolate a certain term by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same term.

My fraction is:

outOverin := R[2]*s^2*L[2]*C[2]/(s^4*C[2]*C[3]*L[2]*L[3]*R[2]+s^3*C[2]*L[2]*L[3]+s^2*C[2]*L[2]*R[2]+s^2*C[3]*L[2]*R[2]+s^2*C[3]*L[3]*R[2]+s*L[2]+s*L[3]+R[2])


I would like to take out a term so that I have s4 on its own in the denominator, so I try the following:


But Maple does not take out the term like I would like it to, and I get the same fraction as before


How can I isolate s4 in the denominator?

Dear all,

I have the following problem: Maple does not simplify the denominator in the following example:

which gives


However, the result should be B. If only the denomiator is expanded it works: 



which equals the nominator except for the B...

How can I use simplify in order to yield the desired result? 

Thanks a lot!




I have a Maple result presented in the first (top) formula which I would like to format as in the second (bottom) formula:

Can this be done? This is Maple 2016.1

Are comma's ever used in denominators?

Just curious, since when say transcribing code from a book and you're in the denominator pushing the comma should automatically move you over and up to where one should be placed.  Not that it really matters but if it's easy to implement that would be a luxury (unless of course commas are used in denominators).


I seem to run into problems with (quantum) perturbation theory. In the following minimal working example, an energy denominator, as occuring in perturbation theory is not evaluated if I previously assume that the quantum number is a positive integer. It's supposed to return an error, as the energy denominator is 0.

restart; with(Physics)

a := Annihilation(N, 1, notation = explicit):

psi := Ket(N, m);

Physics:-Ket(N, m)


E := proc (g) options operator, arrow; (1/2)*g*(g-1)-mu*g end proc:

simplify(value(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Dagger(psi), 1/(E(m)-H)), psi)))



assume(`in`(m, nonnegint), m > 0);

simplify(value(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Dagger(psi), 1/(E(m)-H)), psi)))

-2*Physics:-Bracket(Physics:-Bra(N, m), 1/(-2*mu*Physics:-`*`(`a-`[N[1]], `a+`[N[1]])+2*mu*m-m^2+Physics:-`*`(Physics:-`^`(`a-`[N[1]], 2), Physics:-`^`(`a+`[N[1]], 2))-4*Physics:-`*`(`a-`[N[1]], `a+`[N[1]])+2*mu+m+2), Physics:-Ket(N, m))


Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "invalid input %1", `.`(Dagger(psi), 1/(E-H), psi)






Best regards,



I would like to know if it is possible to make Maple do the following:

Suppose you have a function dx:=1/((x1-x3)^2+(x2-x4)^2) and we want  diff(dx,x1), is there a way to obtain: *-(2*x1-2*x3)/((x1-x3)^2+(x2-x4)^2)^2 instead of -1/(x1^2-2*x1*x3+x3^2+x2^2-2*x2*x4+x4^2)^2*(2*x1-2*x3)?

Basically how to keep the denominator in a fatorized form and not expanded?



This is a simple question,


How do I tell maple to give only one fraction instead of a sum of several with different denominators.



if i sum 1/3 + x/5 maple simply gives me: 1/3 + x/5


I want maple to give me (5+3x)/15



I am trying to get the real and imaginary part of a complex expression but it appears that the evalc(Im(F)) does not work. My guess is that i have to manipulate the expression before i use the evalc, but the simplify command for example did not give a result either. My funstion is F:=1+2*zs*I-w^2/ws^2-w^2/ws^2*ks*(1+2*zs*I)*(K3*(1+2*z3*I)-H*K2(1+2*z2*I)+H*(H*K1*(1+2*z1*I)-K2*(1+2*z2*I)))/(K1*(1+2*z1*I)*K3*(1+2*z3*I)-K2^2*(1+2*z2*I)^2);

As you see I have imaginary I...

Something simple enough, I want show (g^n) / (g^n -1) = 1 / 1 - g^(-n) step by step in maple. 

The problem I'm having is getting maple to freeze the terms.  Maple likes to simplify before I can have it do what I want.  I suppose I could make everything a name and show it manually but I would like to force maple to do it. 

first setting


so first multiply the numerator and denominator by g^(-n)

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