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Hi I have three differential equations: 

u := diff(P(t), t) = -7*10^(-8)*P(t)*t/(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2),

diff(R(t), t) = 7*10^(-8)*t^2*P(t)/(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2)+600*(Z(t)^2-10^5*t^3*(1/(1.15*10^12))^(2/3)*e^(-1.15*10^12))/(t*(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2)),

diff(Z(t), t) = -4*10^5*(Z(t)^2-10^5*t^3*(1/(1.15*10^12))^(2/3)*e^(-1.15*10^12))/(t^2*(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2))


and i want to solve them with initial conditions:

initial := R(0) = 0, Z(0) = 0, P(0) = P;

I have been told that dsolve solves a second order differential equation by making two coupled first order equations.

Could someone please explain to me the reason that this is done?



I am working on a Maple project and it require me to pass a differential equation in a specific order like

x'=y & y'=x^2.(It is differentaiting w.r.t 't'(say))

However when I convert the equation into string it converts something as

diff(x(t),t)=y(t) & diff(y(t),t)=x(t)^2


Is there any way to stop maple from evaluating into maple/math format?

Is there any way to pass an equation without changing it's existing form?...


I am trying to solve the differential equation:

diff(x(t),t$2) + 3*diff(x(t),t) + 11*x(t) = g(t)

for g(t) = (t^2)*sin(t)

Some calculus problems are worked out with the differential formatted as a function prime (f', G', etc.). How do I enter a function with the prime symbol so that Maple will treat it consistently? I recall entering f'(x) once in the legend of a Plot. The legend, as output, was in 2D format d/dx(f(x).

Another variation on my question is this: If I enter diff(x^2,x), or d/dx x^2 in 2D Maple, and calculate, I get 2x. If there a way to enter f'(x^2) to get the derivative?

How to extract affine terms from a differential equation after linearization?

Vanderpol Eqn:




To be precise, I linearized...

I have a differential equation having a parameter say 'a'.

If I increase 'a' by 10%, got change in the solution as well.

How to calculate change in percentage in the solution?.


How can I see the steps of solving a PDE ( partial differential equation ) in maple .
for example see the sepration variables and other equations that lead to final Eq .

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve the following nonlinear differential equation with the given boundary conditions.

Dear Maple Users

I wonder how I can use Maple to solve the problem:


for the potential \phi(r). The problem is from the artikle:

I'm particularly puzzled how to implement this differential operator and how to enter the Dirac delta function.


Thanks for any hints.



I am quite new to Maple and require some help on vector calculus. I have a differential operator in matrix form C that has to be applied to a column vector B.

C = [d/dx   0    d/dy]

      [0     d/dy  d/dx]  


B = [


I'm trying to use powsolve to give me the power series of a differential equation. It's been working wonderfully, afaik, but once I put in exp(x) it refuses to run. Here's my code:


>a := powsolve(diff(y(x), x, x)+y*exp(x) = 0, y(0) = 1, (D(y))(0) = 2); tpsform(a, x)


and the error I'm getting:

Error, (in powseries:-powsolve) final value in for loop must be numeric or character

A := diff(Y,y$2)-(y11)^2*diff(Y,y) = 0
B := diff(diff(Y,x),y) - y11*diff(Y,x$2) = 0

do maple have tool to get differential identity, or simple algebra identity?
that identity is an equation in terms of A and B and y11, not Y

today, i stuty a differential equation,  firsy, i conver the equation from cartesian to polar as  follow:


sys := diff(x(t), t) = -y(t)+x(t)*(1-2*x(t)^2-3*y(t)^2), diff(y(t), t) = x(t)+y(t)*(1-2*x(t)^2-3*y(t)^2):

then  using transformation x=r*cos(theta),y=r*sin(theta) convert it to polar coordinate,and get:

sys1:=diff(r(t), t) = r(t)*(1-2*r(t)^2-r(t)^2*sin(theta(t))^2), diff(theta(t), t) = 1

then  plot...

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