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  Is there any benchmark of the performance of maple on windows 7 64 bit vs linux, especially in solving generalized eigenvalue problem?


Thank you very much

I calculate eigenvalues and  eigenvectors of a floating-point square matrix M with the command Eigenvectors(M, output = 'list').  How can I estimate errors of my results?

So, newb question here. I've done my best to debug this line of code, but to no avail. For some reason this function is NOT getting solved correcting for the zeros:

cos(L*x) - x*sin(L*x)


This is not an extremely complex equation either, so I'm at a loss for why my while loop continues to sit there forever. I've got it set to find N number of zeros, but it'll just keep going forever never finding any zeros. I've tried mixing up the start point, and even changed the range which it's searching for them, but nothing seems to get me any closer. Please help!


> restart; with(plots);
> a := 0; b := 1/2; N := 5; w := 1; L := b-a;

Eigenvalue equation
> w := cos(L*x)-sin(L*x)*x;
> plot(w, x = 0 .. 50);

> lam := array(0 .. N+1);

> nn := 0; kk := 5; while nn < N do zz := fsolve(w(x) = 0, x = kk .. kk+1); if type(zz, float) then printf("lam(%d)=%f\n", nn, zz); lam[nn] := zz; nn := nn+1 end if; kk := kk+1 end do



i want to find the eigenvalues of this system of two equations with two unknowns:

2.097*k = .9525000000*k^.35-2.2225*b/k^.65+.2 and

(2.097-2.0955/k^.67)*b = -.2

How i can do this in Maple?

Any help will be appreciated

Eigenvectors(A, C) can be used to solve the eigenvalue problem:
A . x = lambda . C . x

if a new term " lambda^2 . D . x " is added to the right hand side, where D is a new matrix, is there a simple way to solve the new eigenvalue problem:

A . x = lambda . C . x + lambda^2 . D . x

Thank you!


I solve a mechanical exercise but i had a problem.

I know M (mass) and S (stifness) matrices (6x6).

I want to solve the (λ2M+S)v=0  eigenvalue problem, where λ are the eigenvalues and

Hello every one,

I want to plot two parameters against each other from a system of ode.

The system is





N:=10: M:=0.1:



I was trying to find the generalized eigenvalues for the (3x3) matrix pair (P,G) defined below. (I have left everything in symbols with beta and kappa both of which are strictly positive real numbers). For some reason the command Eigenvalues(P,G) is only returning 2 generalized eigenvalues. Any ideas why it doesn't return 3?




I am looking for a numerical scheme which can easly handle such type of problem.

I already had the analytical results of this problem, now I want to know how to treat this problem numerically.

Any idea, then please let me know.



in matlab POLYNOMIAL EIGENVALUE PROBLEM solve whit polyeig code 

why maple can't solve  ?!?

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