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for my mechanical engineering studies we have to optimize an engine during a workshop. Therefore we have to use a numerical dsolve to solve the equation of motion. I have to get the maximum bearing reaction for a constant rpm. In order to get this I can't think of anything else but use the dsolve solution and use it in maximize.


ysk_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp*cos(alpha(t))-lkb-y(t);
ysp_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp2*cos(alpha(t))-y(t);


I just started using Maple for my engineering study some weeks ago, i have had luck finding help by google and forums so far. But now i ran into the first problem i can't find any answers for.

I want to add some values in a table like you can in excel. The values have to change like everything else in the document when then references changes and

Starting from Maple 15, the useful ?plottools/getdata command is added. It tansforms a Maple plot to a Matrix. Unfortunately, the getdata command deals only with Maple plots. The question arises: "How to get a data from bmp, jpg, tiff, pcx, gif, png and wmf formats?" This is used in medicine and engineering. Such question was asked here

I have been using Maple in Document mode to provide documentation of engineering calculations according to various design standards.

I have been asked to provide more detail about certain critical calculations.

Ideally, I would want to enter the formula as a symbolic espression, then the output would begin with and echo of the expression with numberic values substituted for the variable names (ie without performing any mathematical operations), and then give the evaluated answer.

We are looking for someone that can develop some maple scripts for us. Must have some chemical engineering knowledge.

contact us:



It would be good I hope to present symbolic-numeric CAE system for framed structures analysis.

It will be available soon as Preview version for enthusiasts

The main features are:

  • One calculation act - all analytical dependencies.
  • Fast designing process for structural systems in industry, consulting and design companies;
  • Fastest parametric analysis of construction. New quality of designing in optimization tasks,...

What is a pulse height analyzer?
What math behind the PHA? DFT FFT?


On Tuesday August 10, 2010, the first meeting of an ad hoc group focused on exploring the use of MapleSim in the engineering curriculum met at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Faculty from McMaster University, Kettering University, Lawrence Technical University, University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, University of Ontario Inst. of Technology, and the State University of New York (Buffalo and Binghamton).

The full-day workshop provided an ideal...

Hi friends,

I am using contourplot / contourplot3d for a function f(x,y). But the coloring accepts only two colors whereas I want to get a contour like the one which is shown here  and is more common in most engineering applications.

My second question is how I can change the size of the plotted graph, because I am using the results in a report, so I need to have a better resolution.

Thank you!

Current I need model a mechanical system with kinematic loop. In Maplesim4 the calculation speed is too slow. I need to use this model in HILS. How to solve this problem? I check the 'four bar' example, It's too slow(simulation 1 second, 40second is needed, Intel xeon 3GHz,2cpu) Anyone who can help me? Thanks! Wander

I have two IVP ODE's that i can find the approximate solutions of but I cant figure out how to plot them correctly

for the first one i have tried this..

it needs to be plotted on the interval [1,4]

> with(plots);
> plot((-1)-1+x+(1/2)*(-1+x)^2+(-1+x)^3+(2/3)*(-1+x)^4+(37/60)*(-1+x)^5+(127/360)*(-1+x)^6+(31/140)*(-1+x)^7+(185/2016)*(-1+x)^8+(53/1620)*(-1+x)^9-(391/151200)*(-1+x)^10-(1097/90720)*(-1+x)^11-(160903/11975040)*(-1+x)^12-(969289/97297200)*(-1+x)^13-(4366883/681080400)*(-1+x)^14-(5242229/1513512000)*(-1+x)^15+O((-1+x)^16), x = 1 .. 4);

I am happy to let you know that we have just released Maple 14 and MapleSim 4.

Maple 14 provides access to the new MapleCloud Document Exchange, which gives you an easy way to share your work with your colleagues, your students, and the entire Maple community. Other new features include more mathematics for engineering applications; performance improvements; the Maple Toolbox for MATLAB®, which is now included with Maple 14; a new numerical differential equations solver, the Cash-Karp pair; an enhanced point probe for 2-D plots; more task templates; and the ability to execute Maple documents programmatically. To name a few. See What’s New in Maple 14 for more information, and to watch a movie about the MapleCloud.

MapleSim 4 comes with a new 3-D construction environment for multibody modeling, which lets you build, visualization, and interact with a 3-D representation of your model. It also provides flexible probe management tools, a new semi-stiff solver, new components, and an enhanced Project Manager feature which organizes subsystems, probes, and attachments. For the full list, and to see a movie showing the new 3-D construction environment, see What’s New in MapleSim 4.

Objective: plot a graph from data drawn from two arrays. I would like to have the data points marked with a symbol (point, circle, or diamond, etc.) on the graph. How do I do that? Following is the code: -- two arrays of data point: engineeringStress and epsilon(engineering strain) -- Zip is used to put two arrays into data points (x,y) to create stressStrainData -- plot is used to graph The plot shows a line; I would like to have the data points marked (visibly seen) on the graph. Thanks. --mdc > restart; > with(plots); with(plottools);
I would like to calculate engineering stress using array; but the following piece of codes do not seem to work. *EngineeringStress = force / area *Define force is an array of measurements of force. crossArea:= 3.2 * 19.1 (not the "*" is really a "." in Maple editor; it is multiplication) force := array ([0., 1380.0, 2780.0, 5630.0]) engineeringStress := force/crossArea; engineeringStress[1] ({0., 1380.0, 2780.0, 5630.0}/crossArea)[1] it suppose to be 0!!!

i have two quotes :


You confuse science with engineering, publication with patents. Intellectual property law does not recognize ownership of scientific truth. Your theory is true, or it isn't. You don't 'own' it. An apple does not need Isaac Newton's permission to fall to the ground. The primary protections for inventions are trade secret and patents. The primary protection for other intellectual property is copyright, and wise choices in how you use it and publish it.

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