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for engineering purposes the ability to input a multi-variable equation in one form and then apply the known variables and solve for the numeric unknown is very handy. such as an equation of horesepower,torque and rpm. is there an easy way to do this in maple 10?
MaplePrimes own Jim Herod has a wonderful set of lecture notes—accompanied by a collection of Maple worksheets—which introduce linear operators on infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces to beginning graduate students in science and engineering. Entitled Linear Algebra, Infinite Dimensions, and Maple, these notes were developed from a one quarter course which Prof. Herod taught many times at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The notes are very concise and have been refined and improved many times over the years in response to student feedback.
I'm working on some basic complex number equalities in engineering class, and was practicing converting from cartesian to polar coordinates. Maple can help by telling me if my conversions are correct by telling me whether the equality is true. For example, for the complex number: 5 + 3*I maple will verify the following: is(5+3*I = polar(sqrt(5^2+3^2), arctan(3/5))) true it will also verify: is(polar(sqrt(5^2+3^2), arctan(3/5)) = sqrt(5^2+3^2)*exp(I*arctan(3/5))) true lastly, it will of course verify transitively: is(5+3*I = sqrt(5^2+3^2)*exp(I*arctan(3/5))) true


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Maplesoft should have free recorded webinars available for customers, as The Mathworks does. The main problem people have with Maplesoft products is the lack of training. With recorded webinars you can get a general idea of how to use Maple to solve your engineering problems.
Gilberto Urroz, Utah State University is a prolific Maple user. His Web site contains a wide range of useful resources that he's developed. Of particular interest might be his material in various topics in Civil and Mechanical engineering.
Maplesoft offers a series of Web seminars on various topics relating to its products (see Current list of Web seminars ). They range from specialized technical topics to more promotion-oriented product demonstrations. There's a couple coming up shortly that I wanted to draw your attention to:
FYI: Maplesoft just released DynaflexPro , a new product that generates equations of motion for physical systems (including mechanical, mechatronic, and others). Automatic generation of model equations is one of the most powerful and popular applications of Maple in the engineering fields and Dynaflex offers a lot of tools to make this more efficient.
Hello everyone, my first post here. I'm studying mechatronic engineering at university so Maple is somewhat of a godsend. I got Maple 9.5 some years ago and it worked perfectly. But sometime last year it started going wrong. Whenever I tried to start standard maple it would give me some cryptic errors and refused to start. I had to resort to using Maple classic worksheet and it works just fine. Try as I might I could not discern the cause of my problems. I tried disabling my firewall and a number of other suggested fixes, none of which helped. Recently I was given Maple 10.0 and I thought installing it might fix my problems. I wasn't so lucky. I get essentially the exact same error when attempting to start Maple 10.0:
Hi to all. My first post. I'm new to Mapleprimes, but have been involved with Maple for a few years. I would like to have a generalized genetic algorithm optimization tool that I could use to explore various engineering system optimization problems. I'm not aware of anything "out there" in this area. Is anyone aware of such a tool (open source or commercial)? Sherrell @ Oak Ridge National Lab
FYI, Maplesoft has just released an e-book called Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple (R. Lopez author). Engineers among you will recognize the title as it is used by several popular texts. These books cover most of the primary mathematical topics encountered in engineering.
The University of Toronto is Canada's largest university and considered one of its very best. Its downtown campus (St. George) campus is the original site with all of the older buildings (circ. mid 19th century) and most of its most prestigeous faculties. Of note for the math crowd would be the Fields Institute .
Last week, Maplesoft exhibited at NI Week in Austin, Texas, the primary conference for the National Instruments (NI) user community. They are best known for their data acquisition and testing hardware. More recently, through their software product LabVIEW, they have been becoming significant in the general modeling and simulation space.
Or would engineering be under "Applied Science"?
We're now getting into the final points. One thing that I envisioned for this site is some way for individuals to showcase themselves and if they wanted to share certain identifying and possibly fun information. Currently that section looks extremely corporate and wreaks of someone wanting spam targets.

My suggestions are,

1) remove telephone numbers all together
2) keep addresses as knowing what country, city, organization etc.
3) My job is, (choose one only):
- technical professional in industry or government
- professor or university staff
- graduate student
- undergraduat student
One of the more interesting application areas of Maple is in the area of cryptography. A symbolic system's algebraic and integer facilities are great tools in exploring or developing ciphers. Today, I was chatting with a colleague of mine on the topic of ancient computers and at one point, I had expressed my desire to find a replica Enigma machine ... I was promptly introduced to ... Paper Enigma Machine
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