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Hi There,


Wondering if anyone was able to assist...


I'm trying to differentiate the following equation with respect to Qin:




I have tried using the diff command but with no luck, Maple is returning D(T)(Qin-Qp1)*(Qp2-Qin)/(Qp2-Qp1)-T(Qin-Qp1)/(Qp2-Qp1) which is not complete. 


Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Hi, I got a problem that "Warning, solutions may have been lost" when I solve 

eqns := {a+r*t*ln(l)+(1-l)^2*m-b-r*t*ln(s)-(1-s)^2*n = 0, a+r*t*ln(1-l)+l^2*m-b-r*t*ln(1-s)-s^2*n = 0}
vars := {l, s}
solve(eqns, vars)


I'm wondering how to substitute eval(diff(P(x, tau, p), p), p = 0) in the equation below with v[1](x, tau)



I'm writting because I don't know how to solve this problem. I look for it in the web, but I don't

find the solution.


I have a vector with 4 variables, for example:

[54*a +3*b -c +d, 32*a -c +d, 96*b -69*c +85*d, 6*a + 9*b+3*c+9*d]

In really there is 4 equations. And I need to solve with other vector like:



I don't know the commands for do this... I search it in internet but I don't find anything.


I have 10 equations and the summation of them will give me the answer but each of them have small numeric noises and the sumation of them makes the final result inaccurate.  For example the first equation is 

Hi I have a problem with the resolution of an equation. When I tried to solve it it returns "solutions may have been lost"... Here is the problem:

> x:=rand()/10^12;

x := ------------

> X:=RandomVariable(Gamma(2,4));

X := _R

> XL:=RandomVariable(ChiSquare(3));

I've the equation


The answer is 0

But I can't get the answer by simplify and expand

Then which .Thanks

I've written 2 long nonlinear symbolic equations with 2 unknowns in Maple, but it doesn't solve it and says:"Kernel connection has been lost".

I have attached my worksheet to this message; what should I do?

Hi, all of you.
I'm an engineering college student. And this is my first time to check the roots using the Maple.
But I tired to solve simultaneous equations and got  into some difficulties.

Acutually I'd like to get 6 roots[ A[i], t[i], i=(1,2,3).
Initial values are A[1]+A[2]+A[3]=1 and t[1]=0.

So I've simplified for 4 equations to get 4 root and to ask you.
Below, there is my code to get A[2], A[3], t[2] and t[3]. But it doesn't work well.

I need to determine the general solution of the system of differential equations.

System of equations:

dx/dt = 2x-2z

dy/dt = 2y+2z

dz/dt = -2x+2y+4z


Thanks for the help!

Maple 13

hmm... I don't really understand the diference between a question and a post, but here goes.

I homeschool my two grandchildren in the 8th and 10th grades. they are not taking calculus or precalc yet. Lately we have been studing systems of equations. what I used to call simultaneous equations. We find the x-y intercepts and plot them. We also work backward and find the equation from the intercepts.

My question is this: Is there a built-in function such as Built-in-Function([0, 4...

how can I solve this equation

Dear All,


I have an equation to solve. 

1= sum_{i=1}^n 1/(x+a_i) where a_i is given. I want to solve this equation for unknown x. I know there is a value between 0 and 1. Although I can find the solution by numerical method, I am interested in close form to solve this equation.

Help please.


Best Regards,















This equation lost a root x = -88?

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