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I need to determine the general solution of the system of differential equations.

System of equations:

dx/dt = 2x-2z

dy/dt = 2y+2z

dz/dt = -2x+2y+4z


Thanks for the help!

Maple 13

hmm... I don't really understand the diference between a question and a post, but here goes.

I homeschool my two grandchildren in the 8th and 10th grades. they are not taking calculus or precalc yet. Lately we have been studing systems of equations. what I used to call simultaneous equations. We find the x-y intercepts and plot them. We also work backward and find the equation from the intercepts.

My question is this: Is there a built-in function such as Built-in-Function([0, 4...

how can I solve this equation

Dear All,


I have an equation to solve. 

1= sum_{i=1}^n 1/(x+a_i) where a_i is given. I want to solve this equation for unknown x. I know there is a value between 0 and 1. Although I can find the solution by numerical method, I am interested in close form to solve this equation.

Help please.


Best Regards,


Rational equation...

March 06 2012 toandhsp 215














This equation lost a root x = -88?

How do i solve a simple trigonometric equation? For example sin(2*x) = -sqrt(3)/2.

Please write a code for the prolem:

Find the all values of paramater m for which the equation

(x-2)*(x^2 - 2*m*x + 5*m - 6) = 0 (x is unknown)

has three diffenrent real solutions.

Please write for me another code for the following problem:
Write the equation of the plane (P) passing through the line (d): x = -t -1, y = t + 3, z = 2*t + 2, (P) cuts the axis Ox at A and the axis Oy at B (A, B different form origin O) so that OA = 2OB.

This is my code






I have four equations:

eqs:={8x-5z=0, -5y-2x=0, 2z-8y=0} and 13x-4y+9z=1

I've been trying for the past hour to solve both equations for x, y, and z and have not been successful.

What commands do I use to solve this problem?

Integral solutions...

February 16 2012 toandhsp 215
I want to find all integral solution of the equation x =
Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3, where k is integral numbeer and 1 <= x <=2^Pi. 
This is my code. 
restart; solve([Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3 >=1,Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3 <=2^Pi],k);

> evalf(%);

> f:=k->Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3;

> seq(f(k),k = 1..4);

Please help me another way. Thank you.

Please write for me a code this problem.

Write the equation of the plane passing through the two points A(1,-2,4), B(3,5,-1) and make a least angle with the plane x + y + z + 1 = 0.

Thank you very much.

Let A(2;-2;3), B(4;-5;6) and (M(1;2;3) be three points. Write the equation of the plane (P) passing through two points A and B 

Equation of a plane...

January 20 2012 toandhsp 215

Write the equation of a pane (P) which passes through the point E(2,1,0) and F(1,2,1) such that distance from the point A(1,-2,-1) to the plane (P) twice distance from the point B(2,4,3) to the plane (P).

My main idea is based on, if the line (d) passes through...

Fit of an equation...

January 18 2012 Marcelo 0

I am learning about programming; I have this equation:


The values of t, E are a list of values.

and K2 alpha and beta are unknown but i dont know how to do for graph the part of ln vs time and fit it to a line.


I'm trying to solve the following system in Maple but it doesn't show me any solution:

2*(1-a1^2)*x(t)*y2(t) - 2*k*(1-a1*a2)*(x(t)^2)=m


where x(0)=0 and y2(0)=0 , k>0,...

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