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I have seven curves (expressions) R:=f(x) for different value A.

1. How to Plot all curves on one 3D spece plot?
2. Hot to get (fit) surface equation R:=f(x,A) from all 2D curve? 



Hey there, this is my first post here, so hello to everyone.


I have (so far) one question. I have a circle equation like


I know, that on a paper, I can convert it to the "normal" circle equation, from which I can read the middle point and radius of the circle. And now my question is, how to convert in in maple? I am using the 11th version.


I have tried solving this equation and (x-a)

When I use the solve command in Maple15 nothing happens. I just want to solve for V and Cf.

Does maple not like implicit equations? The file is attached

 It is the mathematica code for bifurcation diagram of the model that i am working with now. is there anybody who can translate it into maple code? or does anyone can help me with making a bifurcation diagram for such a ODE system in maple??


Thanks in advance


Let's say if given a expression y(x)=1/x+sinx, how to find the equation which y(x) satisfies by using Maple?

How can i trunc (find closest integer) each element in a matrix ? 

This is my matrix equation:

for n to 20 do 'CD'^n, 'F' = evalf(C[1].D[1]^n.F[1]) end do

And i want to show  "trunced" results


I have this spring setup:

spring setup


Now I wan't to analyse the motion of the springs, so i create this equations:



Can anyone help me to write code that validates an answer to a equation of the sort a*x^2=cx.

There will be two solutions to the given equation and I don't know how to write it so it takes in and separates the two answers from the student and validates them.







Could you pleasу tell me, is it possible to make MapleSim not to simplify equation set of my model and solve equations without simplification? I want to do this because simplification process (reduction of equations number) takes too much time in comparison with integration process.

Thank you!


I'm trying to solve this trigonometric equation:

e := 4·cos(t)+2·cos(2·t)=0. In the interval 0..2·Pi

However when i try: 

solve([e, 0 <= t <= 2 Pi], t, AllSolutions, explicit)

I won't give my a straight answer.

I have also given Student:-Calculus1:-Roots a try:

Student:-Calculus1:-Roots(e, t=0..2·Pi)

But it will only give me an answer when i use the numeric...


Hi all,

 i have a problem with the equation generation in MapleSim, when using spring/damper elements in a Multibody-System. As an example, I've created a model of a mass-spring-damper system:





I want to evaluate an approximation of the solution of the equation eq1 in [0,1] using 4 digits.

In first try, when I first write Digits:=4,  this seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In second try, when I write evalf(fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1),4),  evalf seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In the final try, when I write  
> fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1):
> evalf(%,4);
I have...

I put Celsius in my equation and I get the wrong answer even though I've loaded the Units Package:


I have to put in the conversion to Kelvin by myself to get the right answer:



What am I doing wrong?

Thanks ahead of time!


Algsubs question...

September 18 2011 treaders 5


With reference to the attached screen grab, the Maple command "algsubs" seems unable to substitute equation (6) into equation (3). I was expecting a result where Iani was expressed in terms of kH and k. What am I doing wrong?




Dear Kamel Boughrara


I am grateful for your attention to my problem.

I have not the special boundary condition for phi[2](r,theta) and phi[4](r,theta) at this stage of process of solution. In fact, these functions are auxiliary functions to decouple high-coupled another PDEs.

 You tried to explain the stages of solution.  I ask for you to perform (write all requisite commands...

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