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I've written 2 long nonlinear symbolic equations with 2 unknowns in Maple, but it doesn't solve it and says:"Kernel connection has been lost".

I have attached my worksheet to this message; what should I do?

Hi, all of you.
I'm an engineering college student. And this is my first time to check the roots using the Maple.
But I tired to solve simultaneous equations and got  into some difficulties.

Acutually I'd like to get 6 roots[ A[i], t[i], i=(1,2,3).
Initial values are A[1]+A[2]+A[3]=1 and t[1]=0.

So I've simplified for 4 equations to get 4 root and to ask you.
Below, there is my code to get A[2], A[3], t[2] and t[3]. But it doesn't work well.

I need to determine the general solution of the system of differential equations.

System of equations:

dx/dt = 2x-2z

dy/dt = 2y+2z

dz/dt = -2x+2y+4z


Thanks for the help!

Maple 13

hmm... I don't really understand the diference between a question and a post, but here goes.

I homeschool my two grandchildren in the 8th and 10th grades. they are not taking calculus or precalc yet. Lately we have been studing systems of equations. what I used to call simultaneous equations. We find the x-y intercepts and plot them. We also work backward and find the equation from the intercepts.

My question is this: Is there a built-in function such as Built-in-Function([0, 4...

how can I solve this equation

Dear All,


I have an equation to solve. 

1= sum_{i=1}^n 1/(x+a_i) where a_i is given. I want to solve this equation for unknown x. I know there is a value between 0 and 1. Although I can find the solution by numerical method, I am interested in close form to solve this equation.

Help please.


Best Regards,















This equation lost a root x = -88?

How do i solve a simple trigonometric equation? For example sin(2*x) = -sqrt(3)/2.

Please write a code for the prolem:

Find the all values of paramater m for which the equation

(x-2)*(x^2 - 2*m*x + 5*m - 6) = 0 (x is unknown)

has three diffenrent real solutions.

Please write for me another code for the following problem:
Write the equation of the plane (P) passing through the line (d): x = -t -1, y = t + 3, z = 2*t + 2, (P) cuts the axis Ox at A and the axis Oy at B (A, B different form origin O) so that OA = 2OB.

This is my code






I have four equations:

eqs:={8x-5z=0, -5y-2x=0, 2z-8y=0} and 13x-4y+9z=1

I've been trying for the past hour to solve both equations for x, y, and z and have not been successful.

What commands do I use to solve this problem?

I want to find all integral solution of the equation x =
Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3, where k is integral numbeer and 1 <= x <=2^Pi. 
This is my code. 
restart; solve([Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3 >=1,Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3 <=2^Pi],k);

> evalf(%);

> f:=k->Pi/9+2*k*Pi/3;

> seq(f(k),k = 1..4);

Please help me another way. Thank you.

Please write for me a code this problem.

Write the equation of the plane passing through the two points A(1,-2,4), B(3,5,-1) and make a least angle with the plane x + y + z + 1 = 0.

Thank you very much.

Let A(2;-2;3), B(4;-5;6) and (M(1;2;3) be three points. Write the equation of the plane (P) passing through two points A and B 

Write the equation of a pane (P) which passes through the point E(2,1,0) and F(1,2,1) such that distance from the point A(1,-2,-1) to the plane (P) twice distance from the point B(2,4,3) to the plane (P).

My main idea is based on, if the line (d) passes through...

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