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Dear people being here,

I have a question.

When I wrote as


maple returned as 

aa := n[1]/n[f1]

How can I have maple express the original one, aa:=(delta[1]*n[1])/(n[f1]*delta[1]), not what returned to me?

I hope you will answer to my question.

And, thanks in advance.



I'm asked to solve the equations below simultaneously using fsolve.

f := x*exp((1 - x)*a);
f[2] := subs(x=f,f);
eq[1] := f[2] - x;
eq[2] := diff(f[2],x) + 1;


fsolve doesn't seem to work here for some reason.

Any help help would be great!


Hi, i was wondering how you would solve the equation


exactly in maple.

Using the command


-0.8301954535, -0.1950595709, 0.1950595709, 0.8301954535

Also, if possible how would you get maple to find the two exact positive solutions.




Differential equation solve

The differential equation I'm solving for is:

Differential Equation

I have a problem in excuting this differential equation in maple it takes a long time but yet no result.

> restart;

> Delta:= epsilon[2]-epsilon[1];

> epsilon[y] := epsilon[2]-(1/4)*Delta*(1-tanh(a*y))^2;

 > z:= tanh(a*y) ;

 > ODE[4]:= diff(Y(y),y,y)- ( a/2* Delta *(1-z)*(z^2-1))/(epsilon[2]- Delta*(1-z)/4)* diff(Y(y),y)-( beta^2+ mu[0]*epsilon[y]*omega^2)*Y(y) = 0;

> dsolve(ODE[4],Y(y));

does this always occur or i do have problem with my version of maple 15, 7 and 16.

Thank you, looking forward for your answers.


I am just getting started with Maple and would like to know the following:

When I input an equation, for example (3.4)^2x+3 = 8.5, right click and select “solve for x”, the software gives me a value x=0.6256295444, although this is the final answer I require I also want to see how we arrived at that answer, I bought the software to use as a learning tool so I really need to be guided through the whole process.

Hope you can help.

Maple syntax for solving for t:

solve(14.2857*exp(-t)-0.0045exp(-1.0175*t)-14.2857*exp(-(t-5))-0.0045exp(-1.0175*(t-5))+7.368=0, t);

Note: Equation was obtained from chemical engineering process control problem. This is the case for t > 5. For t < 5, we have:

solve(-0.2457+14.2857*exp(-t)-0.0045exp(-1.0175*t)+7.368=0, t);

I have tried multiple times for both cases, but Maple still runs forever. How can I solve this issue?

i have 3 equations which contains both numeric and symbols, how can i seprrate these to ?
for example :

> restart:
> eq1:=a[1]^3+a[2]+a[3]^2+50;

> eq2:=a[1]^2+5*a[2]+a[3]+44;

> eq3:=a[1]+a[2]+a[3]^2+74;

i want maple to seprate these three equations in two vectors,first vector including symbols and second one includes numerics , like this :



so that 


gives me the answer true.
tnx for help.

2. Give the Maple command(s) to compute \frac{\partial^8 f}{\partial^5 x \partial^3 y} for f(x, y) = e^{2x+ cos(y)}.

How do I define a function from a graph in a plot? 

Or how do I find the intersection between two lines? I have to find the intersection of 2 lines in a graph, while one of these lines consists of 2 different equations dependent from the same variable. 


Thanks in advance. 

Hi! I am a newbie in Maple. For several days trying to read help but no luck. Search here for "solve tensor equation" does not help either.

There are tensor package and physics package but in both helps i have not found how to solve simple tensor equation AijmnBmnkl=Cijkl. Let's say A and C i create as analytical arrays and then create tensors on the base of them (not Arrays - for some reason the tensor cannot be created on the base of Arrow...

Why can't Maple solve this integral equation using intsolve? May be my error entering it?

sys:= diff(y(t),t)=2-t^2/2 - 1/4 * int(y(t1),t1=0..t);

Error, (in unknown) invalid input: diff received 0, which is not valid for its 2nd argument

I solve it by hand, and wanted to verify the solution. I get y(t)=C* sin(t/2) -4*t and C can be found to be 12


Let z be a complex number and p your conjugate. how to solve the equation

(2z-3)(-3p+4)-(2p-3)(-3z+4)=0   with maple?

I'm given this equation: f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; x^5-51*x^4+939*x^3-7685*x^2+28800*x-40500 end proc and I have to find the decimall value of f(ln(3*Pi)+8*e^4+sqrt(8+sin(4))). How do you program this in Maple?

How can I Solve this using maple?

Differential equation:
y(n+2) + 7/10 y(n+1) + 1/10 y(n) = x(n)

x(n) = 1
y(0) = 0
y (1) = 1

Use Z-transformer to define y(n).

Solve y(0), y(1), y(2), y(3) y(4) and y(5) 

Any one?

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