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How can I Solve this using maple?

Differential equation:
y(n+2) + 7/10 y(n+1) + 1/10 y(n) = x(n)

x(n) = 1
y(0) = 0
y (1) = 1

Use Z-transformer to define y(n).

Solve y(0), y(1), y(2), y(3) y(4) and y(5) 

Any one?


I have a program with system of equations in wich my equations are in 8 matrices (4x4) with 64unknown parameters

i have run it but after 10 minitutes maple gives this massage:

"length of output exceeds limit of 1000000"

is there any way to solve this problem?


I am trying to solve an equation for optimization purpose, However I always recieve the message below:

Warning, solutions may have been lost

The Maple code is as follow:


I would be thankful if anyone can help me to solve this problem.



I want to find all values of m such that the equation (x-m)*(x-2*m-1)*(x+3*m-2)*(x+m+3)=0 has two positive solutions and two negative solutions. How to solve this problem with Maple?

Hi every body

I want to solve a differential equation y'(t) = sqrt((f-1)/(t^f-t)) and get an answer in terms of ordinary it possible. thanks 


I need to find a sollution for equation in maple 14

a*s = b mod c, where a, b, c are know integers, for example

Dear members,

I am trying to solve a maximalization problem, but in stead of solving my problem Maple only displays the equation that I am trying to solve.


>  Sigma_max:= maximize(-N/(b*h)+(-EI*(diff(u(x),x,x)))*0.5*h/I, x=0..l = sigma_t;

sigma_max:=maximize(-0.400000cos(0.25pi)N+564e*N*x .....etc...., x = 0..250)=1.43 106

It's interesting that every continuous piecewise linear function can be specified by one explicit equation with absolute values​​. The procedure JoggedLine carries out such conversion.

Formal arguments of the procedure: 

A - a list of the coordinates of the vertices of the polyline or the continuous piecewise linear expression defined on the entire real axis.

B (optional) - a point on the left "tail"...

I have a problem to make a figure, commands are below:

S1 = sqrt(beta^2-e1), S2 = sqrt(beta^2-e2);
e1 = 4, e2 = -19-.53*I;
subs(`%%`, %, k = 2*Pi/(0.633e-6), `%%%`);

I want to plot the relation between d and beta(real part named betar and imaginary part betai),but meet some trouble.
I got some points from the article is when d=400e-10, betar in the range (2.1,2.2...


First of all I just want to say that your forum is great and it helped me to find a lot of new stuff for Maple. I am yet still a beginner but …we all need to learn. So let’s get to my question. I have an equation with 2 variables - x and y. This is the equation

x = y*(25+2*x)^(2/3)/(25*(.566*(25*x)^(2/3)))

So… I know I can solve the equation for x and y and I can give it specific values for y and it solve it every time. When,...


I want to solve two varibles from a vector crossproduct equation, but receives a failure massage no matter what i do.
The equation is the one below and i want to solve for Gx and Gy.

Really hope you can help.. THANKS!

Sug :=<0,0,-Duzg>;

U:=(Su1 &x F1) + (Sug &x G) - Mmotor = OO;...

Hi all,

I am new to Maple and I have (possibly a simple) question. I'm solving 2 coupled differential equation, it all goes well, until I want to plot them.

I have the output in the following form:

sol = {w1(x) = [ -a*x^4+b*x^3-c*x]}, {w2(x) = [-d*x^4+e*x^3-f*x^2+gx-h]}

My goal is now to plot the solution in 1 figure with w1(x) between x=0..100000 and w2(x) between x=100000..150000

I have searched on the web for a way to get the formula's of w1(x...


I am trying to find the maximum of values in dsolve. In part 1 we solve the equation. In part 2 we do a doolop to know the values for specific time such as t=2. In part 3 we try to give this values names such as y[i] then to find the maximum of these values but it did not work for the maximum it gave y6 instead of the value.


Also, is it possible to save all values from dsolve  to a file the call it to find the maximum at each t?


I need to assign a name to a result calculated from a system of equations. In this case, i've got 2 equations and 2 solutions. I want to assign a name to the each of the solutions.

solve({-a+4*b = 0, 2*a+7*b = 2}, {a, b})

{a = 8/15, b = 2/15}

How do i assign a name for a and another for b?

Hi I know this is a simple question but i have completely forgotten how to do it: I have the following equation, 

h := ((A-B)^2*(A-4-B^2+4*B)*(A-4-B^2-4*B)-Q^2*(A-4-B^2+4*B))/(Q^2*(A-4-B^2-4*B))-1

how can I find what B is equal to?

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