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First time posting here, hoping to find some help, and I may try to help others. I have a set of 8 equations. Each of the 8 equations are in terms of two variables. For example: x1 = f1(theta1, theta2) x2 = f2(theta1, theta2) x3 = f3(theta1, theta2) x4 = f4(theta1, theta2) y1 = f5(theta1, theta2) y2 = f6(theta1, theta2) y3 = f7(theta1, theta2) y4 = f8(theta1, theta2) the functions f_j are not neccesarily linear and are fairly complicated with many factors. I need to remove (eliminate) the theta1 and theta2 terms from the set and be left with a new set of equations that is in terms of x_i and y_i.
I am trying to compute some Lie brackets in Maple but am having trouble with the output. The first five few terms that I computed are small enough that they will display with pretty print. However, the sixth term gave me the error 'Large output of more than 1000000 nodes' and it couldn't display. I turned pretty print off and eventually got it to display the sixth term but now I can't get the seventh or eighth terms to display even with pretty print off. Every time I try to output the expression for the seventh or eighth Lie bracket Maple just stalls out. Since it can compute the terms that I need but not display them is there a way I can export the hidden content to a text file or some other format so I can copy and paste the equations into Matlab?
I had three questions, but two were about series solutions to linear ode's, and I just discovered the wonderful Slode package...I learn something new about Maple every single day! I still have one question though... In the help page for the laplace command in the inttrans package, it is indicated that, when transforming ordinary differential equations, initial values can be set and incorporated into the transform, but I haven't figured out exactly how to do this, and I didn't find anything else on the help page. Thanks a lot for any suggestions!
I've been trying figure out how to code up arbitrary volume and surface integrals in Maple. I know that Maple has the VectorCalculus package but there doesn't appear to be a way to specify a volume integral (where the infinitesimal is dV). Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to specify a surface integral without defining the surface in advance (i.e., integrate over S with an infinitesimal of dS). In both cases, I'd like to have general integrals where I can specify the bounds at a later time (e.g., inert integrals). I know that there is the triple integrals in the student package but they aren't the same as a volume integral.
Is there a way to create periodic piecewise functions in Maple 10 for use in solving differential equations with periodic forcing functions?
Hi people, I have two questions and help on any of them would be greatly appreciated. 1. My first question is how would i find the point(s) where the two equations intersect? eg. 4*(x-1)^2+(y-2)^2 = 5; x^2+4*y^2 = 1; 2. My second question is how do i find the turning points of a function? eg. x*cos(x^2)/(1+x^2) Again any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
3 equations are: diff(u_r(r,theta),r)+2/r*u_r(r,theta)+1/r*diff(u_theta(r,theta),theta)+cos(theta)/sin(theta)/r*u_theta(r,theta)=0; -diff(p(r,theta),r)+mu*(diff(u_r(r,theta),r,r)+2/r*diff(u_r(r,theta),r)-2/r^2*u_r(r,theta)+1/r^2*diff(u_r(r,theta),theta,theta)+cos(theta)/sin(theta)/r^2*diff(u_r(r,theta),theta)-2/r^2*diff(u_theta(r,theta),theta)-2*cos(theta)/sin(theta)/r^2*u_theta(r,theta))=0; -1/r*diff(p(r,theta),theta)+mu*(diff(u_theta(r,theta),r,r)+2/r*diff(u_theta(r,theta),r)-1/(r^2*sin(theta)^2)*u_theta(r,theta)+1/r^2*diff(u_theta(r,theta),theta,theta)+cos(theta)/sin(theta)/r^2*diff(u_theta(r,theta),theta)+2/r^2*diff(u_r(r,theta),theta))=0;
I'll start off by saying that I suck at rearranging equations and doing complex maths... which is why I use Maple :) (I've got an old copy of Maple 8, which I use rather infrequently since it's not often I need to calculate complex equations). Right now, I have the equations below: S1 := ((R+(D1*sin(90-x)))^2+(D1*cos(90-x))^2)^(1/2); S2 := ((R-(D2*cos(x)))^2+(D2*sin(x))^2)^(1/2); eqn := (L1/(k*(S1^2)) + L2/(k*(S2^2)))^(1/4) = T; I need to make R the subject of the last equation (R is contained in S1 and S2). To do this I'm assuming that I just need to type "solve (eqn, {R});" to make R the subject but if I do that, I get this:
Hello World! Please help!! Im trying to make my equation solving user friendly and im having real issues getting to grips with the Get/SetProperty commands for my embedded components. Im trying to set a text box(component_name?) so that the value (value??) within it is set as the desired parameter (attribute_name???) which is then substituted into my equations and solved for. Can you send me a simple example or have a look at mine, all the tutorials are too complex and tricky for me to figure out! I've read about DougsDocument tools but will the end user need this installed to use the utility if it's posted on maplenet?
How do I make the evaluation of this Elliptic integral faster? >c12:=2*sqrt(2)*int(sqrt(3*t^2-2*t*(sqrt(2)+2)+2*sqrt(2)+3)*sqrt(3*t^2*(17-12*sqrt(2))+2*t*(29*sqrt(2)-41)-24*sqrt(2)+34),t=0..1): > evalf(c12,32); 1.5710166980738556513064017544723 - -28 0.24579031714044391948173350026764 10 I > Maple generated 152 pages of equations to solve this integral. This is how I generated this integral: I solved the problem using symmetric Elliptic integrals. Maple does not support symmetric Elliptic integrals.
I am brand new to MAPLE. I have a large file full of equations which I want to put into a paper. Is there software, or a facility within MAPLE, to convert all these equations into WORD, or at least to TECH, without typing everything in again? Please respond with any help to Jerry Epstein
Implement a computer program which, for a given lower triangular matrix A with the diagonal entries different from zero,finds the matrix inverse to A by solving the equations Axj= ej for j=1,...,n by the " forward substitution"
The feature which allows users to copy and paste the equations from Differentiation or Integration Tutor is disabled after i install Maple 10.03 update This feature is useful for lecturers as well as students. I wonder could Maplesoft enable this feature in the coming update. Thank you.
hi, i don't know maple at all and i need to figure out how to solve this sytem of equations that model predator prey systems in maple but i get an error when i modify this code > e1 := diff(x(t),t) = k*x(t) - a*x(t)*y(t); > e2 := diff(y(t),t) = -r*y(t) + b*x(t)*y(t); to fit this equation- dx/dt = 2x(1-x/4) - xy dy/dt = -3y + xy x(0) = 1 y(0) = 1 if anyone has time to tell me what i can do to get the equilibrium points, the solution and the table of values for this system, i would be grateful
Maple 10 (patched to 10.03) is inconsistent with its font choice in Maplet MathMLViewer elements when the fontsize option is set. If you don't set fontsize, then equations are typeset as expected with variables in italic font, just like in an ordinary Maple worksheet. But if you set fontsize to say 18pt, suddenly the variables are typeset in upright font. For instance try the following:
Eq := [diff(u(x,y),x)= diff(v(x,y),y), diff(u(x,y),y)=-diff(v(x,y),x)];
maplet := Maplet([
   [BoxCell("Fontsize 18:")],
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