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Dear friends

I solve a rectangular system of equations AX=B   where A from order 3m+1x2m      X from order 2mx1       B from order (3m+1)x1   where  m=400, by LeastSquare or by multiply by A^T  


let M=A^T*A

then     M*X=A^T*X                 finally               X=M^-1 * A^T*X

I use the eqn feature from Maple to generate troff output.

Each equation is longer than one line. How does one get the eqn/troff
combination to automatically break the equation into multiple lines.

(I tried finding the division point myself and could not do it. I am
generating the output and I have a perl script that puts together the indivdual
equations into the document to be printed. Thus, I need something automatic)

I tried Google and...

Hi all.. Just purchased the maple 16 today. When i tried to enter a few equations, i relised that equals sign does not work for the equations. I tried '' ctrl+= '' but the letters on the screen get minimized that time. I just can't do the thning. My OS is win7. It does the job when it comes to calculate 2+3 or something like that. You get the answer when you press enter. But when it comes to variable eq.s like x+3=2 or 2x+3y=4 when you press enter, nothing happens. ıt just...


I'd like to solve  a system of 3 équations and 3 unknows. The system is composed with 3 trigonometric equations and the unknows are the angles gamma_e[1], psi_e[1],phi_e[1] which belongs between 0 and PI.
I have tried this with SOLVE function and i didn't have any results


I was trying to solve a VERY simple system of 2 equations,{ eq1,eq2}, for the variable d which appears only once to the first degree with coefficient 1. That is grade school algebra. Maple 15 refused; it needed help.

                    eq1 := s = a + b + c + d


I would like to know if the maple student version can give the analytic solutions of a system of non linear and/or linear equations. 



I have the following set of equations and boundary conditions. The problem is I cannot be able to make accurate guesses with the shooting method. I request your assistance. 

> k1 := diff(X[1](t), t) = X[2](t);
> k2 := diff(X[2](t), t) = M*(X[1](t)-1)-(2*(eta+b))*X[2](t);
> k3 := diff(X[3](t), t) = X[4](t);
> k4 := diff(X[4](t), t) = (2*Sc*Du*(eta+b)*X[6](t)-Du*lambda*X[5](t)-2*Pr*(eta+b)*X[4](t)-Pr*Ec*X[2](t)^2-Pr*Ec*M*(X[1](t)-1)^2)/(1-Du*Sr);

Hi all,

Is it possible to get convergent solution in the coupled equations, here i have attached my file , i want to solve equations to get a value for f ' and theta , i am solving these two equations using pade approximant with limit tends to infinity, in my worksheet im trying to  solve coupled equations, is that coding is correct or still there is any possiblity...


Hey guys..

I need some help on determining the correlation coefficient between my data points for an Influenza epidemic and the SIR model, with my estimated parameters Beta and Alpha. The initial conditions for the equations are defined at the beginning of my worksheet:

Hope someone can help me ;)





I'm trying to solve system of linear and nonlinear equations with inequalities and it looks like this:


    SX := solve(
                       seq(diff(EX,WX[k+1])=0, k = 0..m), # these are linear



I have started using Maple and I was computing some algebraic  system of equations and when Maple solves it it returns nothing. I do not understand what is happening. Does it solve it but for some reason does present the result or it does not solve it. Because simple systems it solves and shows the result but for my system it does not show anything...


My equations are:

eq5:= (((Nd)^((epsilon-1)/epsilon)+Fu^((epsilon-1...


I browsed the forums but could not find a solution to my problem. Ii have a system of differential equations; however, I have the solution to one of the functions as an integral of another function in the system, but since the solutions are all numerical I don't know how to implement this. Here's the system and what I tried at first


eq1 := diff(W(r), r) = -(1-beta*(W(r)-W0))*(M(r)+4*Pi*r^3*p(r))/(beta*r*(r-2*M(r)));


I was wondering if there is any function to represent matrices into linear equations. For an example,

if A=Matrix([[1,2],[2,3]]) , B=Matrix([[x[1]], [x[2]]]) and C=

Hello, I have a set of equations, and I want to solve it over the integers (mod 13). But msolve command fails. Here is my code:

eq:={a4*a1-11, a4*a2-12, a4*a3-6, a5*a1-3, a5*a2-8, a5*a3-4, a6*a1-2, a6*a2-1, a6*a3-7};

It fails, but I can solve it manually. Here is a solution:

a4*a1 = 11 => a4:=1 and a1:=11

a4*a2 = 12 => a2:=12

a4*a3 = 6 => a3:=6

a5*a1 = 3 => a5:=3/11 mod 13 = 5

a5*a2 = 8 => a2:=8/5 mod 13 = 12

Hello all,

I have the following generalised algebraic Riccati Equations of type:


ETY - YTE = 0;

where A is 12x12 matrix, C is a 16x12 matrix, B is a 12x2 matrix.

However, the "CARE" function solves the different Riccati equation (

Would you please...

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