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 Have to solve and ODE in the domain of [-infnity +infinity ] via specific analytical method but due to some restrictions it could not be solved. In order to solve it, I have separated the domain into [-infinity 0 ] and [0 infinity]. So, I have to add some boundary values at x=0 to the problem. Assuming the solution of the mentioned ODE in  [-infinity 0 ] is g(x) and in [0 infinity]  is f(x), I added the boundary values of f(0)=g(0)=a and f ' (0)=b and obtained f(x...

I am trying to extract the underlying equation for a simple operational amplifier circuit in MapleSim 5.  The same process that I had used earlier for a simple resistor circuit (without opamp) worked fine and yielded equations.  However, when I try to do the same thing with an opamp (configured to do a simple amplification of an input voltage) I get a blank "View Core Equations" box in the Equation Extraction attachment. 




I am working with equations on Maple which depends on a parameter (epsilon), which can assume only the values +1 and -1 (I intent to replace this value only in the end of calculation). When, however, Maple computes the expressions, the result contains severals powers of epsilon, for instance epsilon^7 or epsilon^4. Since actually we have that epsilon^7=epsilon and epsilon^4=1, respectively, it would be very usefull to me if Maple 

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to solve a system of 5 linear equations to get 5 unknowns:

I can not solve the system of equations


eq1:= x^4+2*(3*y+1)*x^2+(5*y^2+4*y+11)*x -y^2+10*y +2=0;



Please help me. Thank you.

Hi every one, plz can anyone solve these equations numericallly by maple:

I have a set of test equations. I am substituting the coefficients of the variables A1 ..A4 and the constants in the equations. Most of this I have made work fine. There are 2 coefficients I cand make be substituted. In eq1 k*d the coefficient of A3 and eq5 3.1d2 also the coeff of A3 .Have tried subs and algsubs but can't make it work. The reason I want to do this is in reality I have 15 equations...

aim: To solve the van der pool DE deqn := diff(x(t), t, t)+x(t)+epsilon*(x(t)^2-1) assuming pertubation expansion

I need to determine the general solution of the system of differential equations.

System of equations:

dx/dt = 2x-2z

dy/dt = 2y+2z

dz/dt = -2x+2y+4z


Thanks for the help!

Hey there i try to solve this system of equations. It is required that the left side of the equation only take positive values. Has someone an idea to fix this solution or has maybe another idea to help me.

> m[1] := 30; c[1] := 48000; c[0] := 20000; d[1] := 21; d[0] := 70;

> DGL1 := m[1]*(D(D(x)))(t)+d[0]*(D(x))(t)+d[1]*(D(x))(t)+c[0]*x(t)+c[1]*x(t)+50000 = -(1/1000)*c[1]*S-(1/1000)*d[1]*DS*((1/60)*(2*Pi*250))-(1/1000)*m[1]*DDS*((1/60)*(2*Pi*250))^2;


I'm new to Maple and am using it to solve linear and non-linear differential equations.

I can solve and plot linear DEs using a couple of methods. Im trying to solve a non-linear DE and i could find the series solution using dsolve. But given certain initial conditions, is there any way to plot or see the nature of the behaviour of the DE? I just want to see how the DE will look like maybe for certain points up to a certain level of accuracy. Is there any way to do that?

I have a set of multi variate polynomial  equations. I need to setup a matrix [G][x]=[Θ]  Θ is a function of c1 and c2 up to 4th order terms

 My problem x=[c15, c14c2 , c13c22 , c12c23 , c1c24 , c25 ] these 6 5th order terms...


Could you please help me with the following system of equations:

> restart; with(student);
> Z[0] = 377;
> solve({Z = 1/(j*w*C[1]+1/(j*w*L[1])+1/R)+1/(j*w*C[2]+1/(j*w*L[2])), C[1] = w[c]*(w[0]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[1]^2)/(2*Z[0]*(w[1]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[0]^2-w[1]^2)), C[2] = w[c]*(w[0]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[1]^2)/(2*Z[0]*(w[1]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[0]^2)), L[1] = 1/(w[1]^2*C[1]), L[2] = 1/(w[2]^2*C[2]), R[1] = subs(w = w[1], 2*Z[0]*(1-S[21...

I have 2 equations for example

A xyz+B xy^2z^2 +C x^2yz^2+D xyz^2 +E z+ F   =   G xy+H xy^2+M x^2y+P

I need to equate the coefficients..  Now by inspection equating like powers of x and y





How can I get  Maple to do this?


I want to solve equations,program in maple as follows:

solve({n = b+2*c+q+2*r, (a+b+c)/(p+q+r) = 9, n*b-3.32*a*(a+p+2*n)*10^(-7)*t^(5/2)*exp(-18.27*10^4/t) = 0, n*c-3.32*a*(a+p+2*n)*10^(-7)*t^(5/2)*exp(-32.035*10^4/t) = 0, n*q-3.32*p*(a+p+2*n)*10^(-7)*t^(5/2)*exp(-9.16*10^4/t) = 0, n*r-3.32*p*(a+p+2*n)*10^(-7)*t^(5/2)*exp(-18.77*10^4/t) = 0, a+b+c+p+q+r+n-.73*10^28/t = 0}, {a, b, c, n, p, q, r})

I can't get the results but  "Warning, solutions may have been lost"

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