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Just purchased Maple 2015 and playing with it for the first time.  I'm running the 64-bit version on Win 8.1.

Anytime the program generates a pop-up dialog box, the pop-up seems to get stuck behind the main program window.  I can't alt+tab to get to the pop-up window and I can't click on anything in the main program window because it's frozen while waiting for me to aknowledge the pop-up dialog box.  So I have to kill everything from the task manager and lose anything that's unsaved.

I'm talking about pop-ups for things like "Error, (in @@) invalid arguments"... I click on the link and see a brief flash while that pop-up quickly flies behind the main window.  Same thing happens when I click on a link that asks what web browser I want to use.


I can't be the only one that has this problem, so is there a fix or workaround for this somewhere?  It's not really useable like this.  Thanks!

VIM.3.mwHi,How do I make a graph and error table for exact and by using this method i.e VIM 


plot(t+1, t); plot(t+1, t = -1 .. 1);

Error, (in plot) incorrect first argument t+1
Error, (in plot) incorrect first argument t+1

Ok so I managed to get my data into a google spreadsheet by using a google app script (JavaScript in the cloud).
The data is updated daily. I now want to access it from Maple. Axel has helped me write the following
procedure to do just that for (https websites and not just http):

X := proc (Url) local theDLL, URLDownloadToFile, myDirectory, myFile, Destination, DL;

theDLL := "C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32\\urlmon.dll";

URLDownloadToFile := define_external('URLDownloadToFileA', pCaller::(integer[4]), szURL::string, szFileName::string, dwReserved::(integer[4]), lpfnCB::(integer[4]), 'RETURN'::(integer[4]), LIB = theDLL);

myDirectory := "C:\\mydir";
myFile := "data1.csv";
Destination := cat(myDirectory, "\\", myFile);

DL := proc () URLDownloadToFile(0, Url, Destination, 0, 0);
ImportMatrix("C:\\mydir\\data1.csv", source = csv)
end proc;

return DL(), FileTools:-RemoveDirectory("C:\\mydir", recurse = true, forceremove = true)

end proc:



However now I get an error message saying:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) no delimiter found after line 768, column 2

Any ideas how to solve this?

hi, I am tyying to solve this equation but there is arising an error, plz help me,

I have written a Math App in Maple to create a Math App question in Maple TA.

The app has two tables, a plot area, and text box. The first table provides the data to the students for calculating their answer (and so Editable in the component properties is unchecked). The second table is where the student enters their answers (and so Editable is checked). The text area and plot area are for providing some real time feedback and error checking to the students.

Everything works fine in Maple.

In Maple TA I have tried using both a Math App question type and a Question Designer question type with a Math App inserted. I have tested it in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

In all six cases when I click on one of the editable table cells to put in an answer a popup appears with the error message: "Unable to update RTable due to error=TypeError: window.parent.parent.updateRTable is not a function"

I am using Maple 10 and the latest hotfix is SP-002.

What I have worked out so far is that the Maple TA web page is designed so that the Math App sits in an iframe and each table sits in a separate iframe inside that iframe. updateRTable is a function inside the tables iframe that calls the updateRTable on the top level window and if this fails gives the error message above.

The top level window includes the file /maplenet/js/worksheet.js, which includes the function updateRTable.

How do I fix this error?


Error, (in hanoi) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < n

hanoi:=proc(N,source,dest,aux) global moves;
if N>0 then
end if:
end proc:


     I was wondering if there is an easy way to define another set of indices in the Physics package. For example, usually greek indices are for all 4 spacetime dimensions. Using Setup(spaceindices = lowercaselatin), we can define 3 of those as space indices. I was hoping there is a more general command, so that I could use only 2 indices as "space indices". For example, X[i] would run over x,y while X[mu] would run over t, z. Is there such a command in the Physics package, or a simple way to implement this personally?

Second thing. I was playing with SumOverRepeatedIndices on an expression that contained both space indices and spacetime indices. Usually this seems to work, but in my attached example it does not. I tried the same thing with just spacetime indices in Maple 18 (newest Physics update) and it gave the same error.

Any help appreciated,

Hi, I am stumped I've tried many ways but end up getting a graph with nothing on it or errors. I am trying to plot the tangent line to the equation f(x) = 2cosx-x^2 at x = 2; In addition, how would I plot the tangent line and the equation on one graph with distinctive line pattern for example, one being blue and dotted, while the other being red solid).


Thanks in advance!

I always find it difficult to debug maple codes. I'm used to the debug feature in programing laguages like C#, VB.Net, JAVA even MATLAB. They all have one thing in common which is the use of breakpoints. Breakpoints are inserted at different parts of a code so as to follow the program execution and to trace out errors. Is any similar feature in Maple? I only know the DEBUB() function and not that helpful to me.

Please, I have an error message which says Error, (in eul) illegal use of a formal parameter. I can't find the cause of the error. I got the result I wanted if i remove these lines eul := proc(x,y) , return yt: , end proc: and

yv := eul(x,y); that is if I consider the for..loop alone.

fxy := proc(x,y)
  return x/y;
end proc:

a := 0:
b := 1:
N := 10:
h := evalf((b-a)/N):
x := 0:
y := -2:
yt := Vector(3):

eul := proc(x,y)
    for j from 1 to 3 do
          y[j]:= y + h*fxy(x,y):
          x:= 0 + j*h:
          y := y[j]:
          yt[j] := y:
    end do:
    return yt:
end proc:
yv := eul(x,y);


Anyone here know how to use the read command. I tried to use it to call and run the particular code but it didnt work. It produce this such error 

> read "02ExactSoln.m";
Error, could not open `02ExactSoln.m` for reading

I have no idea how to fix it. Or do I need to locate the code in any specific folder. 




I'm trying to build a Maple procedure that will generate vector fields on a metric with certain properties. Working with metric g over the coordinates {u,v,w}, call the field X = (a(u,v,w), b(u,v,w), c(u,v,w)). The field should satisfy <X, X> = 0 and have the directional covariant derivative of X in the direction of each coordinate vector field = 0 (with resepct to the Levi-Civita conenction).

Basically, these conditions yield a system of 3 PDEs and an algebraic expressionin terms of a,b,c. I've been trying to solve them using pdsolve, but I'm getting the error message:

>Error, (in pdsolve/sys) the input system cannot contain equations in the arbitrary parameters alone; found equation depending only on _F1(u,v,w): _F1(u,v,w)

I've attached my worksheet. Can anyone help me out?



Hi, I am new to Maple. I want to plot a graph in a separate window from command-line maple. I tried the following code and getting this error

> plotsetup(window);
> plot(x,x=-10..10);
Plotting error, no plot device driver for plotdevice=window


I tried maplet but I am not getting the plot

> plotsetup(maplet);
> plot(x,x=-10..10);
Initializing Java runtime environment.


What should I do to get the plot??

for a to z1/T1 do ics[a*T1] := [g0(0, a*T1) = r, g0(1, a*T1) = s] end, this loop runs correctly for T1:=1, but gives the too many levels of recursion error for T1<1. In this loop i am inserting equations g0 in a list ics.

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