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for a to z1/T1 do ics[a*T1] := [g0(0, a*T1) = r, g0(1, a*T1) = s] end, this loop runs correctly for T1:=1, but gives the too many levels of recursion error for T1<1. In this loop i am inserting equations g0 in a list ics.

Hey there,

I've a numerical solved system of differential equations, which depend on one argument and one index. I can solve it, but when I try plot it I have this error: Error, (in plot) two lists or Vectors of numerical values expected.

Could anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


> restart;
> A := 115.1558549; B := .3050464658; n := 3; f0 := 0.5e-4;

> alpha := [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6];

Theta := [3*Pi*(1/180), 6*Pi*(1/180), 9*Pi*(1/180), 12*Pi*(1/180), 15*Pi*(1/180), 18*Pi*(1/180), 21*Pi*(1/180), 24*Pi*(1/180), 27*Pi*(1/180), 30*Pi*(1/180), 33*Pi*(1/180), 36*Pi*(1/180), 39*Pi*(1/180), 42*Pi*(1/180), 45*Pi*(1/180), 48*Pi*(1/180), 51*Pi*(1/180), 54*Pi*(1/180), 57*Pi*(1/180), 60*Pi*(1/180)];

>G:= theta->A*sin(theta)*cos(2*arcsin((sin(theta)/n)))/((1+sin(theta)^2/B^2)*cos(arcsin(sin(theta)/n)));

>for j from 1 to 7 do
d1 := diff(Ir(z), z) = -sum(G(Theta[k])*Ir(z)*Is[k](z)/I0,k=1..20)-alpha[j]*Ir(z)-sum(f(Theta[k])*Ir(z),k=1..20):
d2 := diff(Is[1](z), z) = G(Theta[1])*Ir(z)*Is[1](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[1](z)+f(Theta[1])*Ir(z):
d3 := diff(Is[2](z), z) = G(Theta[2])*Ir(z)*Is[2](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[2](z)+f(Theta[2])*Ir(z):
d4 := diff(Is[3](z), z) = G(Theta[3])*Ir(z)*Is[3](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[3](z)+f(Theta[3])*Ir(z):
d5 := diff(Is[4](z), z) = G(Theta[4])*Ir(z)*Is[4](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[4](z)+f(Theta[4])*Ir(z):
d6 := diff(Is[5](z), z) = G(Theta[5])*Ir(z)*Is[5](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[5](z)+f(Theta[5])*Ir(z):
d7 := diff(Is[6](z), z) = G(Theta[6])*Ir(z)*Is[6](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[6](z)+f(Theta[6])*Ir(z):
d8 := diff(Is[7](z), z) = G(Theta[7])*Ir(z)*Is[7](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[7](z)+f(Theta[7])*Ir(z):
d9 := diff(Is[8](z), z) = G(Theta[8])*Ir(z)*Is[8](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[8](z)+f(Theta[8])*Ir(z):
d10 := diff(Is[9](z), z) = G(Theta[9])*Ir(z)*Is[9](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[9](z)+f(Theta[9])*Ir(z):
d11 := diff(Is[10](z), z) = G(Theta[10])*Ir(z)*Is[10](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[10](z)+f(Theta[10])*Ir(z):
d12 := diff(Is[11](z), z) = G(Theta[11])*Ir(z)*Is[11](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[11](z)+f(Theta[11])*Ir(z):
d13 := diff(Is[12](z), z) = G(Theta[12])*Ir(z)*Is[12](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[12](z)+f(Theta[12])*Ir(z):
d14 := diff(Is[13](z), z) = G(Theta[13])*Ir(z)*Is[13](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[13](z)+f(Theta[13])*Ir(z):
d15 := diff(Is[14](z), z) = G(Theta[14])*Ir(z)*Is[14](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[14](z)+f(Theta[14])*Ir(z):
d16 := diff(Is[15](z), z) = G(Theta[15])*Ir(z)*Is[15](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[15](z)+f(Theta[15])*Ir(z):
d17 := diff(Is[16](z), z) = G(Theta[16])*Ir(z)*Is[16](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[16](z)+f(Theta[16])*Ir(z):
d18 := diff(Is[17](z), z) = G(Theta[17])*Ir(z)*Is[17](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[17](z)+f(Theta[17])*Ir(z):
d19 := diff(Is[18](z), z) = G(Theta[18])*Ir(z)*Is[18](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[18](z)+f(Theta[18])*Ir(z):
d20 := diff(Is[19](z), z) = G(Theta[19])*Ir(z)*Is[19](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[19](z)+f(Theta[19])*Ir(z):
d21 := diff(Is[20](z), z) = G(Theta[20])*Ir(z)*Is[20](z)/I0-alpha[j]*Is[20](z)+f(Theta[20])*Ir(z):
dsys := {d1, d10, d11, d12, d13, d14, d15, d16, d17, d18, d19, d2, d20, d21, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d9}:
dSol[j] := dsolve({op(dsys), Ir(0) = 1, Is[1](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[2](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[3](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[4](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[5](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[6](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[7](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[8](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[9](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[10](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[11](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[12](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[13](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[14](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[15](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[16](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[17](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[18](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[19](0) = 0.1e-1, Is[20](0) = 0.1e-1}, [Ir(z), Is[1](z), Is[2](z), Is[3](z), Is[4](z), Is[5](z), Is[6](z), Is[7](z), Is[8](z), Is[9](z), Is[10](z), Is[11](z), Is[12](z), Is[13](z), Is[14](z), Is[15](z), Is[16](z), Is[17](z), Is[18](z), Is[19](z), Is[20](z)], numeric);
end do:

>for j from 1 to 7 do
for l from 1 to 20 do

Error, (in plot) two lists or Vectors of numerical values expected

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve system of ODE but it return this Error, (in fproc) unable to store 'YP[4]' when datatype=float[8]
How can this be corrected, see the worksheet


I'm currently having some difficulties in solving a system of differential equations numerically.

This is my code.


I am trying to integrate product of exp(t+s) and a piecewise polynomial but the result can not be read and not usefull. also I used numerical integration function "Quadrature" but the result did not change.

Hi guys,

I'm trying to draw a phase portrait based on a system of differential equations, but executing the DEplot command gives me the response in the title. 

The command I entered is this one :

DEplot(sysdif,[u(t),nu(t)],t=0..50,{[u(0)=0.831,nu(0)=0.7]},linecolor=red,numpoints=1000, thickness=1, u=0.5...1, nu=0.6...1, color=black);

the system of equation is this one :

eqd1 := diff(u(t), t) = u(t)*[-gamma + (rho)/(mu - nu(t)) - delta*u(t) + pii - (tau)/(alpha + epsilon*exp(-beta*((omega-u(t))/(kappa-u(t)))))] ;
eqd2 := diff(nu(t), t) = nu(t)*[(omega-u(t))/(kappa-u(t)) - (tau)/(alpha+epsilon*exp(-beta*((omega-u(t))/(kappa-u(t)))))] ;


the model is calibrated. I understand that maple cannot store a kind of number but even changing the parameters won't help. I've been looking for people with same error message but using solutions provided by forum members don't work. Before getting that error message i did have the one with "vars must be declared as a list ..." so I did :

u:='u' ;


but now I have the error  "unable to store  '[HFloat(0.005711776872341132)]' when datatype=float[8]".

Does anybody have an idea of the solution to my problem ?

Thanks for your time,

best regards,



I'm just using it this way:


Error, (in QDifferenceEquations:-QPochhammer) wrong type of arguments

Am I doing something terribly wrong???

I have written some statements in maple and when integrating a vector I encounter an error . whats the problem? the error is:

Error, (in evalf/Ei/taylor) unsupported type of index, 1.

F1 := ScalarMultiply(Phi^%T, f);
F := int(F1, x = 0 .. 1);

which f is exp(x-t) and Phi is a vectror.



Please consider this code:




FirstOrderSys := convertsys(test, [], x(t), t, y, yp );

When it is executed Maple says: Error, (in is/internal) too many levels of recursion

Now if i change just the letter a to, say, p (a(t)->p(t)) like this:




FirstOrderSys := convertsys(test, [], x(t), t, y, yp );

Lo and Behold! Suddenly Maple gives the answer:

/ d / d \\ / d / d \\ |--- |--- x(t)|| + |--- |--- p(t)|| = 0 \ dt \ dt // \ dt \ dt // [[ d / d \] [[yp[1] = y[2], yp[2] = ---- |--- p(t)|], [[ dt \ dt /] [ d ] ] [y[1] = x(t), y[2] = --- x(t)], undefined, []] [ dt ] ]

Why is that so? I don't see how one letter makes this difference. I have learned Maple on my own, so maybe I have missed something?

How to avoid the error described in the title


Could someone help me understand what is happening to this procedure. When I run it, I get the subject error. Thanks.

game := proc()
  local player1, player2, roll;
  roll := rand( 1..6 );
  player1 := roll():
  player2 := roll(2):
  if player1>player2 then "A wins"
  elif player1=player2 then "Tie"
  else "B wins"
  end if;
end proc:

Hi, I'm trying to solve a system of equation and I keep getting this error. Could anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

My problem is:

> alpha := .3; G := 3.5; L := 6; f := 1.1;

for i to 50 do

I0 := x(z)+y[i](z); ICon := x(0) = 1, y[i](0) = 0;

for j to 50 do

i <> j;

d1 := diff(x(z), z) = -G*x(z)*y[i](z)/IC-alpha*x(z);

d2 := diff(y[i](z), z) = G*y[i](z)*y[j](z)/IC-alpha*y[i](z);

dsys := {d1, d2};

F := dsolve({ICon, op(dsys)}, [x(z), y[i](z)], numeric);

end do;

end do;
Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) unknown y[2] present in ODE system is not a specified dependent variable or evaluatable procedure


I am running Maple in a windows virtual machine, on a mac computer.

I have a number of worksheets on its disk

Windows advised me to run its error checking utility (chkdsk)

when I try and open them it gives me a number of options:

maple text

plain text 

and maple input


None of these are the same as the original files. What has happened? and how can i fix it?

The following error occurred when I simulate a build-in model, anyone could help me to solve this problem? Thanks first

guys i got this error permanently for everything , can anyone help me ?

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