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how maple calculate exp(x) with e.g. 100000 decimal numbers

a divsion of the series x^k/k! with e.g. 1/25000!/25001 lasts longer than the exp(1.xx) calculation


is there a faster way to calculate exp(x) than with the x^k/k! series












Is it possible to plot WKB solutions such as exp(-I*f(x)*x)/sqrt(f(x); where f(x) is any generic function of x e.g. sin^2x ? I have been trying in maple but can't get it to give me a plot.

How to solve the inequality 3^((x+3)/(5*x-2))-4 >= 5*3^((9*x-7)/(5*x-2)) with Maple?
An exact and explicit solution is required.

Hi all,

Basically, I want to substitute everthing in m using the s .

More or less, I am doing a reparameterization.

I have looked into subs command, but it does not quite does what I want.

It seems to me the Maple wont be substituting exp(-mu) to s1 ( or exp(mu) to 1/s1 ) if the exp has some other powers in it, such as exp(mu+tau).

Any ideas?



Hi, anyone can show me how to expand this formula with Maple:


where n is an unknown integer. My expectation is x^n +n*x^(n-1)+...


Thank you and regards,


how to plot log(-1+e^t) t=0..2*Pilog(-1+e^t,t=0..2*Pi)

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