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When I write in maple the following:



What do I need to write to make maple make the operation that will evaluate the expression and show the following?




simplify(%) or evaluate(%) only shows it the same way it was inputted to start with.

I am trying separation of variables in Maple. I get an equation that has the form   

And now I want to tell Maple to assign the terms with 1/R in them to one variable, say eq21, and the term with 1/Z to second variable, say eq22 The idea is that I can later more easily work with each separate ode. 

I do not know to separate those apart. I could offcourse copy and paste by hand, but I want to automate this.

I tried match() and patmatch() but I am not seeing the way. Here is the code:

T:=  (r,z)-> Z(z)*R(r);
eq1:= diff(T(r,z),r$2)+1/r*diff(T(r,z),r)+diff(T(r,z),z$2);

#need now way to break the above into 2 different variables.

ps. I know I can do this:

T:=  (r,z)-> Z(z)*R(r);
eq1:= diff(T(r,z),r$2)+1/r*diff(T(r,z),r)+diff(T(r,z),z$2);

But this for me is not the right way to do it. I think there should be more algebraic way.


AOA... How are you all. I need the answer of the following question.


input in Maple: expand(exp(a+b)+exp(c+b))

output:  exp(a)*exp(b)+exp(c)*exp(b)


input in Maple: expand(exp(2a+b)+exp(3c+b))

output:  (exp(a))^2*exp(b)+(exp(c))^3*exp(b)

but i need exp(2a)*exp(b)+exp(3c)*exp(b)


PhD (Scholar)
Department of Mathematics

Hi Maple friends.

expand( (a+b)^2 );


expand( (a+b)^3 );


expand( (a+4)^4 )

a^4+16*a^3+96*a^2+256*a+256 (???)

Pascal's triangle shows that 'expand( (a+4)^4 )' should have resulted in a^4+4*a^3*b+6*a^2*b^2+4*a*b^3+b^4

Where are the b variables in Maple's solution?

Thanks in advance.

expand( (a+b)^n)




none  expands in  binomial  form.  Is there any way for Maple to generate  binomial  expansion of (a+b)^n  without


entering  manually.



Please tell me how to do about the following problem to me.




Then, what I obtained was (b*y)^k*k*y, not (b^k)*k*y^(k+1).

expand of the command brought the same answer not (b^k)*k*y^(k+1).

Please tell me what was wrong to my calculation.


Thank you in advance.





f:=Intat(1.0000000000000000000*(1.7969454312181156991*_f^1.2+1.80)^1.2/sqrt(-1.4974545260150964159*(8.9847271560905784954*_f^3+14.640368911168931285*_f^2+30.220202497712627297)^1.2), _f = 0);


I tried to use  value(f);  eval(f); simplify(f); expand(f), but non provide an answer, but return an integral unevaluated.


Is there a command to produce a  numerical result ?

I am trying to expand  a rational function that is in the form:

P(z) = (1 + z1)2 (1 + z)2· (r1z + r0 + r1z1)

to the form:


P(z) = r1z3 + (4r1 + r0)z2 + (7r1 + 4r0)z + (8r1 + 6r0)


+(7r1 + 4r0)z1 + (4r1 + r0)z2 + r1z3

Can someone show me how to do this please?



This is just a question on terminology. The name "combine" implies pulling terms together. Yet, when applied to something like sin(x)^2 it has the effect of expanding it:



Which seems counter-intutive to me. I tried first expand(r) but that did not expand it.

Fyi, in Mathematica the function to do the above is called


    1/2 (1 - Cos[2 x])

As Mathematica does not have a Combine[] function.

So, I am just wondering about the naming, that is all. I would never have thought first that a command called combine() will expand sin(x)^2.



Dear All,

I need your help, what function in Maple must be used to find the different form of this function

f := product((p*beta[1]*(t[i]/theta[1])^(beta[1]-1)*exp(-(t[i]/theta[1])^beta[1])/theta[1])^Y[i]*((1-p)*beta[2]*(t[i]/theta[2])^(beta[2]-1)*exp(-(t[i]/theta[2])^beta[2])/theta[2])^(1-Y[i]), i = 1 .. n)

into this function

Hi, friends:


Having an expression like this:



What is the right way to get:

ee:=(c^2+a^2-b^2)*(a^4-c^4)^3 ?


I have tried:

ee:=applyrule((X::algebraic^k::integer + Y::algebraic^k::integer)^n::integer *
                     (X::algebraic^k::integer - Y::algebraic^k::integer)^n::integer = (X^(2*k)+Y(2*k))^n, ee) 



I need to expand a function of the form {[1]}.{[2]}.({[2, 3]}-{[3, 2]}).({[1, 3]}-{[3, 1]}), where '.' is for non-commutative multiplication. I need to get  {[1]}.{[2]}.{[2,3]}.{[1,3]} - {[1]}.{[2]}.{[2,3]}.{[3,1]} - ... (the order of matters).


Maple has a command 'expand', but that only works for normal products. eg. {[1]}*{[2]}*({[2, 3]}-{[3, 2]})*({[1, 3]}-{[3, 1]}).


Any help appreciated!

Is there a command the takes (A*B)a and returns Aa*Ba ?

I tried expand and  simplify and also used assuming a>1 but without luck here...

I know this is very basic but I have monster product expressions that I need to be able to raise every term inside the parenthesis by the power so I can isolate some terms of interest.

I don't understand why 'expand(x+y)^18' the smart popup work, but with 'expand(x+y)^19'  (or more then 19) i have no smart popups!

Any idea?

Thank you all

How I can get prd with only fifth and lower powers of x[n] in the following code?




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