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Hi Maple friends.

expand( (a+b)^2 );


expand( (a+b)^3 );


expand( (a+4)^4 )

a^4+16*a^3+96*a^2+256*a+256 (???)

Pascal's triangle shows that 'expand( (a+4)^4 )' should have resulted in a^4+4*a^3*b+6*a^2*b^2+4*a*b^3+b^4

Where are the b variables in Maple's solution?

Thanks in advance.

expand( (a+b)^n)




none  expands in  binomial  form.  Is there any way for Maple to generate  binomial  expansion of (a+b)^n  without


entering  manually.



Please tell me how to do about the following problem to me.




Then, what I obtained was (b*y)^k*k*y, not (b^k)*k*y^(k+1).

expand of the command brought the same answer not (b^k)*k*y^(k+1).

Please tell me what was wrong to my calculation.


Thank you in advance.





f:=Intat(1.0000000000000000000*(1.7969454312181156991*_f^1.2+1.80)^1.2/sqrt(-1.4974545260150964159*(8.9847271560905784954*_f^3+14.640368911168931285*_f^2+30.220202497712627297)^1.2), _f = 0);


I tried to use  value(f);  eval(f); simplify(f); expand(f), but non provide an answer, but return an integral unevaluated.


Is there a command to produce a  numerical result ?

I am trying to expand  a rational function that is in the form:

P(z) = (1 + z1)2 (1 + z)2· (r1z + r0 + r1z1)

to the form:


P(z) = r1z3 + (4r1 + r0)z2 + (7r1 + 4r0)z + (8r1 + 6r0)


+(7r1 + 4r0)z1 + (4r1 + r0)z2 + r1z3

Can someone show me how to do this please?



This is just a question on terminology. The name "combine" implies pulling terms together. Yet, when applied to something like sin(x)^2 it has the effect of expanding it:



Which seems counter-intutive to me. I tried first expand(r) but that did not expand it.

Fyi, in Mathematica the function to do the above is called


    1/2 (1 - Cos[2 x])

As Mathematica does not have a Combine[] function.

So, I am just wondering about the naming, that is all. I would never have thought first that a command called combine() will expand sin(x)^2.



Dear All,

I need your help, what function in Maple must be used to find the different form of this function

f := product((p*beta[1]*(t[i]/theta[1])^(beta[1]-1)*exp(-(t[i]/theta[1])^beta[1])/theta[1])^Y[i]*((1-p)*beta[2]*(t[i]/theta[2])^(beta[2]-1)*exp(-(t[i]/theta[2])^beta[2])/theta[2])^(1-Y[i]), i = 1 .. n)

into this function

Hi, friends:


Having an expression like this:



What is the right way to get:

ee:=(c^2+a^2-b^2)*(a^4-c^4)^3 ?


I have tried:

ee:=applyrule((X::algebraic^k::integer + Y::algebraic^k::integer)^n::integer *
                     (X::algebraic^k::integer - Y::algebraic^k::integer)^n::integer = (X^(2*k)+Y(2*k))^n, ee) 



I need to expand a function of the form {[1]}.{[2]}.({[2, 3]}-{[3, 2]}).({[1, 3]}-{[3, 1]}), where '.' is for non-commutative multiplication. I need to get  {[1]}.{[2]}.{[2,3]}.{[1,3]} - {[1]}.{[2]}.{[2,3]}.{[3,1]} - ... (the order of matters).


Maple has a command 'expand', but that only works for normal products. eg. {[1]}*{[2]}*({[2, 3]}-{[3, 2]})*({[1, 3]}-{[3, 1]}).


Any help appreciated!

Is there a command the takes (A*B)a and returns Aa*Ba ?

I tried expand and  simplify and also used assuming a>1 but without luck here...

I know this is very basic but I have monster product expressions that I need to be able to raise every term inside the parenthesis by the power so I can isolate some terms of interest.

I don't understand why 'expand(x+y)^18' the smart popup work, but with 'expand(x+y)^19'  (or more then 19) i have no smart popups!

Any idea?

Thank you all

How I can get prd with only fifth and lower powers of x[n] in the following code?





Comment expand l'expréssion ci-dessous comme un polynome en les variables x,y :


How can I expand (1+x)^n, where n is a posive integer number?


I'd like to verify the Routh-Hurwitz criteria for a 5th degree polynomial. For the last condition, maple computed the quantity. However when I want to expand (with the commands expand or simplify) this expression (in order to check it sign), maple can no longer display it. In fact Maple calculated the expression but cannot display because when I put a colon in front a the expression, it's okay. So I'm looking a way to display those this result. By the way it's a expression with 43302 terms.

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