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As a lot of people before me I'm severely dissappointed my Maple's ability to export a .mw file to .tex.

The output looks horrible and even disappears off the side of the page in some places.

I've searched far and wide on the internet but it's difficult for me to understand the few, outdated, results I've dug up.


Is it completely impossible to get my hands on a good (or just working) Maple 18 to LaTex exporter? It's not possible for me to begin coding my own.

3-D Model Import/Export and Printing The new Import and Export commands introduced in Maple 2015 provide a unified approach to all data import and export activities, replacing the need to use different commands in different situations. They can be used with many of the wide variety of file types supported by Maple, including 3-D graphics data, numeric and tabular data, images, audio files, special-purpose formats for mathematical objects such as graphs, and much more.

In the following example, you can see how to use these commands in order to bring 3-D models from the popular website Thingiverse and to export 3-D plots to a format suitable for 3-D printing.

Tips and Techniques: 3-D Model Import/Export and Printing


I have a nice 1 x 2 arry of plots, both columns of which are animations. They play beautifully inline. However, I cannot get them to export. Only one column can be selected at a time, hence I could export each animation separately, but the whole idea is to watch the animations together, side-by-side.

I have tried to change the plot setup to export to a file but when I do that I get an error in plots[display].

See the file above for details.

It could be that Display just cannot do this. But I don't see why not. I can export an array of plots of static images and it creates a single GIF file with both columns. The animated gifs should just be this same idea done 50 times over.


Any advice?

I have drawn a 3d plot of a sphere in maple, but when I try to export this one in an .eps file, only the coordinate system of the plot is shown, but not the colourful plot. The export works if I use jpg and similar file types, but not with .eps, does anybody know if there is a way out of this problem?


Is there a way to export worksheet to pdf format but not in A4 size since some lines are going beyond the page?

When I create any plot or drawing in Maple and print to pdf, the program adds a blank space underneath the plots. How can I stop this from happening?

Example: Some code I wrote, before hitting enter

The code I wrote, before plotting the figure

After hitting enter
BTW if somebody knows how to avoid getting the extra [> I'm much obliged


And now a screenshot from the print to pdf

See the blank space which is suddenly added?! It really destroys my lay-out for my report. I think the solution must be an easy change in the settings, but I can't figure it out.


Thanks in advance

Is there a way to tell Maple to export a figure to PDF with a proper bounding box, like all of its other graphics export formats?

To export a graphics produced by Maple's plot(), I right-click on the plot, select Export, and then one of the several choices of graphics formats.  All options, other than the PDF, work fine—they produce graphics files whose bounding boxes correspond to the extents of the image.  Exporting to PDF misbehaves—it produces the equivalent of a 8.5''x11'' paper and inserts the graphics somewhere near the upper left corner.  I am absolutely at a loss to see the utility of that.  What in the world is the use of such an export?

Is there a configuration setting that tells Maple to save to PDF with a proper bounding box?  I looked around but couldn't find one.


What can i do to prevemt maple from resizing my drawings and inserting empty space beneath drawings?

It happens when i export to pdf or print the document out.

Is there any other way i can export to a readable format without this happening?

It seems a frequent issue that exported 3d plots are not shown as wished. I experience the same problem. Although I exported in the .eps format into a .tex latex-file the resulting .pdf-file shows a somewhat pixelated image of my 3d plot as if it was created in "Paint". Is there a solution for this in Maple13?

I would like to implement a rule for typeseting delayDotProduct in latex exports (in which this expressions appears in plain form). It corresponds to dot products of vectors/matrices with the "." operator. I tried to define 

sprintf("{ {%s}{%s} }",cat(`latex/print`(f1)),cat(`latex/print`(f2)))
end proc:

which does not do the job. 


A related question: How can I make


produce x''(t) in latex output?

For different reasons I need to ocasionally export a number of Maple worksheet in a folder to pdf files. Is there a way to automate this? I would want that the worksheet is opened, output removed, then executed and eventually exported to pdf. It can take quite a while to do this manually for about 50 worksheets.

When i copy expression and past it in word, i can change the size of the picture whitout loosing the detials.

How can i export the expression to a file, such that when i will open it in word i could change the size without loosing details? much thnks :)

Hello everyone.

I have lots of lengthy equations in Maple that I don't want to waste time for rewritting them. I am looking for a clean and tidy way to export these equations from Maple and import them into a LaTeX or Word document.

As an example do it with the equation in the following file.

Many many thanks.

I have to calculate the data in JSON format and export the result back to JSON.

It would be greate if there is any JSON package for Maple.

Also, I use`ExportMatrix` to export the result to CSV format.

But there are some comma (`,`) in the result content and `ExportMatrix` does not handle it well.
Is there any solution for export data to CSV file in my situation?



According to kernelopts(version), I am using Maple 16.02, X86 64 LINUX, Nov 18 2012, Build ID 7888210 , having just updated

Maple 16.

I have a Maple worksheet with some graphs of 10^5 data points. When I export the worksheet to a pdf for inclusion in a LaTeX document (with pdfpages package, this recognizes page breaks), the file is around 100 Mb, much larger than I would like.

It seems that the file is large as a figure in the pdf is not just an image, the pdf seems to contain all of the information necessary to plot each data point individually.

Is there some way to encourage Maple 16 to treat figures as bitmaps (or something similarly much smaller than the original figures) upon exporting a worksheet to a pdf? I'll be happy for any suggestions.


1. This question was originally for Maple 16.00. Updating to 16.02a has not solved the problem.

2. I am suspicious that there is some bug in how Maple 16 exports figures made with "plot" to a pdf file.

When I try various methods of compressing the pdf that I've seen on the web, such as with pdftk 1.44, or ghostscript 8.70 or 9.07,  or pdf2ps followed by ps2pdf ,

error messages are returned. For example using pdftk:

pdftk input.pdf output.pdf


"Done. Input errors, so no output created"


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