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When I wish to perform a "save as" or "export" operation on the menu bar, how do I make Maple default to the same directory as the file is located? On one of my installations, once I select a file, the directory becomes the default "save as" or "export" directory. On my other installation, it first offers me to save to the desktop and I have to search for the subdirectory desired. (This difference occurs across many versions of Maple). Installation is Windows 10.

Dear all,


I am making a mpl file which looks like below:


font_size := thickness = 4, font = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30], labelfont = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30], axis[1] = [thickness = 3], axis[2] = [thickness = 3], captionfont = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30], legendstyle = [font = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30]];


I  export it as mpl, but when I want to read it in a worksheet, I get the error below:


Error, on line 1, syntax error, character `?` unexpected:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Error, while reading ``/Users/..../font_size.mpl``


This is just a simple mpl, I get this error for all mpl s that I want to read!

Can somebody help me with this please? It is really annoying :(


Dear all, I have obtained some figures in Maple code. But they looks not very good. Iwant to export the plot data to matlab. Then try to plot in matlab. I think it should't be very hard. Does anyone can help me? Thanks

how to answer of materix export to Excel.



f:=(x,y)->2*x*evalf(Int(sqrt(1+y^2*(t*x-1)^2/(1-(t*x-1)^2)), t = 0 .. 1)):

for i to 20 do

for j to 11 do

a[i,j]:=f(0.1*i, 0.1*(j-1));

od: od:


A:=Matrix(20,11, (i,j)->a[i,j]):


W:=Vector[row]([cat(x,` \\ `,y),seq(i,i=0..1,0.1)]):

<W, <V|A>>;

Hi all

I have  a simple question in export as eps format in Maple. i want the converted eps file with no box, but when i use export as eps by right click on plotted figure in Maple and then select " Export As--> Encapsulated PostScript(EPS)...", the below mentioned box(as in sample attached picture) will appear. How can I remove it? The Sample picture is attached. 

will be grateful of any guidance.

Thanks in advance

Mahmood   Dadkhah

Ph.D Candidate

Applied Mathematics Department

I have several *.mw files which I have built seperately. Now, for readability reasons, I would like to create a Master document, which will ues the first files, and then generate a PDF document.
I tried the read command, but it does not recognize the files.

Any help is appreciated.


I used to convert the expression to latex code and copy the code to MathType, the insert the expression.

Is there any easier way?

I want the expression I inserted is modifiable, so copy from Maple and paste to Word is not what I want.

I'm trying to write the results of a loop calculation to a file in maple format so that they can be read back in later.

This is a simple example.



for i from 1 to ni do
for j from 1 to nj do

# complicated calculations go here
result:=(x+y)^(i+j); # this is the result (example only)
# write calculated result to file as mat[i,j]:=calculated result; # this is the critical step



read(`outfile`);  # reads in calculated matrix

I don't want to set the result to mat in the loop to avoid memory issues while the terms in mat are calculated.

Does anyone know how to do this?



I have the following list made with dsolve:

num_n := dsolve({c_i1, c_i2, Ecuacion_1, Ecuacion_2}, numeric, method = classical[rk4], {u(x), v(x)}, stepsize = .1);
proc(x_classical) ... end;
for i by .1 to 2 do num_n(i) end do;
[x = 1., u(x) = 1., diff(u(x), x) = 0., v(x) = 0., diff(v(x), x) = 1.]


But when i do :




Should be u(1)=1 and not u(1)=u(1).




Hi all,

I want to know how we can have the result which is made in Maple in Latex in a good style... I must prepare a report of it today, but when I copy the result from Maple to Latex, there're a lot of things to edit, also the results that are obtained from Maple are a lot, so it's very difficult for me to type it in Latex...

Please help me

Dear Friends

My problem is related to exporting Maple code to Latex, to be more specific I want Latex output that look exactly same as it appears in Maple worksheet like like Red Maple prompt etc.

I have found another solution to this:

"In file menu go to “Export As”, then save file in Tex format. But in order to run this Tex file you need to have files like maple2e.sty, mapleenv.sty, maplestd2e.sty, mapletab.sty, mapleenv.def, mapleplots.sty, maplestyle.sty, mapleutil.sty(all part of package maplestd2e), these all file can be copied from C:drive where maple is installed, just copy all these file to Latex folder and you can run Tex file exported from Maple."

But this do not give exactly what I want.

Please see Maple file and its exported Tex version(Not possible to upload) along with pdf output for Maple worksheet.


I have some large worksheets in maple which I would like to export to Latex. Currently, the exported document included both the commands and the results. For example, if the maple code looks like:

The latex document will be:

    %% Created by Maple 17.01, Windows 7
    %% Source Worksheet:
    %% Generated: Fri Sep 11 11:25:29 CEST 2015
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Heading 1}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Text Output}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Dash Item}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Bullet Item}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Normal}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Heading 4}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Heading 3}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Heading 2}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Warning}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Title}
    \DefineParaStyle{Maple Error}
    \DefineCharStyle{Maple Hyperlink}
    \DefineCharStyle{Maple 2D Math}
    \DefineCharStyle{Maple Maple Input}
    \DefineCharStyle{Maple 2D Output}
    \DefineCharStyle{Maple 2D Input}
    \begin{Maple Normal}{
    \begin{Maple Normal}{
    A test equation}\end{Maple Normal}
    }\end{Maple Normal}
    \begin{Maple Normal}{
    \begin{Maple Normal}{
    }\end{Maple Normal}
    }\end{Maple Normal}
    \mapleinline{inert}{2d}{A = c+d}{\[\displaystyle A=c+d\]}
    \mapleinline{inert}{2d}{A = c+d}{\[\displaystyle A=c+d\]}
    \begin{Maple Normal}{
    \begin{Maple Normal}{
    \mapleinline{inert}{2d}{}{\[\displaystyle \]}
    }\end{Maple Normal}
    }\end{Maple Normal}

and the output is:

Is there a way to solve this once while exporting in Maple instead of editing the latex code manually?

In the below file, I have tried to create tree using Graphtheory and export it to file. But exporting works only if I read the procedure twice and that too after running the procedure.


To begin with my code is:




for i from 1 by 1 to 100 do


end do


for i from 1 by 1 to 100 do


  from j from 1 by 1 to 1000 do


  end do

end do


My goal is to produce as an output in the software's screen the values of 1000 bootstrap means for each of 100 original samples in order to export the results to Excel. Based on my basic knowledge of programming I thought that I can do that through the use of the vectors. Unfortunately though when I trigger the operation the software seems to be evaluating (with the homonymous indication in the bottom left corner of the screen) it for an indefinite period of time, obliging me to stop it at some point. However, let me point out that when I do the same process for i and j 4 and 10 for example then I have results, therefore presumably my code is correct. I know that I can do the same operation in Excel and I have already created a respective macro, however I wanted to use Maple in order to take advantage of its fast operation of calculations, which is pointless in case that I have to wait more time for the results than I have already waited to be eventually produced.

Any thought and idea would be appreciated, thank you very much in advance!



Is there a way to export all of the equations (from MapleSim) including the casual equations? I used Multibody Analysis template and Equations template but it only exports the acausal equations.


Your help is really appreciated.

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