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I don't know the use to me of having PDF exports having animations requiring huge emails since I don't own website. Yet, I've been fooling with Apple textbook maker app that has movie imort to PDFs. Someday, I'll use google drive links...

So, action item, maybe Maple would like to have a worksheet drop in to this apple textbook app Like movies. I hope it's easy from Apple taunting html5.

Hi all,

I drew a undirected graph using Maple

G := Graph(undirected, {[{1, 2}, 4], {1, 4}, {2, 3}, {2, 5}, {3, 4}});
DrawGraph(G, style = circle);

I want to import this graph to picturebox or panel on C#, please help me!


I would like to export some plots from a worksheet as vectorial picture.

However, I didn't find how to export plots as .svg ou .emf files. These files are accepted by visio which is the software I use for the creation of my figures.

Is it possible to export picture as a vectorial picture and yes, how ?

Moreover, I would like these kind of extensions that is to say .svg and .emf

Thanks a lot for your help.

Is it possible to view maple workbook content in older versions?



I would like to start using maple workbook to manage my projects but i can't figure out the paths. suppose i have a workbook named: WorkBookTest.maple

and inside this i have a folder containing Data in which i have an excel workbook DataTest.xlsx

and also i have a folder containing Documents in which i have a maple worksheet

and also i have a folder containing Code in which i have a mathematica notebook Code.nb


Now inside the maple worksheet, to import the excel data i use the command: Import("this:///Data/DataTest.xlsx")

and it works

Now inside the mathematica workbook, to import the excel data i use the command: Import["this:///Data//DataTest.xlsx"]

and it fails


so if i have other program like mathematica notebook inside maple workbook that wants to call a file with data, how should i define the path?


I would like to ask you for your help

I receive this message when trying to export matrix to excel file:


> restart; with(ExcelTools); with(LinearAlgebra);

> C := Import("C:/SourceFile.xlsx", "Overview", "AK51:CB94");

> C := convert(C, Matrix);

> B := Import("C:/SourceFile.xlsx", "Overview", "G3:G46");

> B := convert(B, Matrix);

> IM := IdentityMatrix(44, 44);

> NP := 1/(C-IM).(-B);

> NP[6, 1];  //check if there is value. Yes, it works.

> Export(NP, "C:/ResultFile.xlsx", "Sheet1", "A1");


Thank you for any help.

I have studied most posts about plot quality, still confused.


When I export 2d graphs and import the to microsoft word, the quality is horrible. How can I presents my results in a reseanably good way? 

what command should I add to my code that the quality increase notoceably? 

Any suggestion about 3d plots? 

If I export as an eps file, how can I import that in microsoft word? I did, but I guess they are not compatibble. 


thank you 

Hi all,


I have have s simple graph, see figure below. I want to export it to e.g. PDF-format.

But I want landscape, not portrait. How can I export PDF to landscape?


I tried a workaround: Export it as to JPG gives very bad quality.

I simply want to export my figures to landscape with good quality.


How can I solve this?



Dear ones.hello!
  I want to export a plot to a specified path but i dont want do enter it in plotsetup command.
For example:


exports the bmp file to a location already provided (bold one).
Is there a way to initiate save/browse windows instead of writing the adress of the location inside the plotsetup ?
I know how to do it in mathematica and i want a similar thing in maple

How can I quickly  convert a maple file ful of equations into MathML in Word, nt losing the upper and lower index structure - basically to be able to count each letter in MS Word 2013?

When I tried via Latex or MathML, I have lost the letter structure and got the conversion as an image.


I'm trying to export a worksheet to Latex. I'm able to exprot it. But the long equations are not broken into multiple lines. I have used Mathlinebreaking width 5.0 inch in the export option. But it still does not work. I can see the linebreaking command (\\) in the tex file. But when I compile my latex code the pdf does not have any linebreak. The equation just overflows. Any help will be appreciated. 

We are running Maple16 in a virtual lab setup using Citrix, when exporting to PDF and saving the file to the local machine the PDF comes out as a 0kb file and the PDF is corrupt.  Has anyone else had an issue like this before?

Hello all,

I am pretty new to Maple, but I am trying to understand something. I was able to find a numerical solution to a PDE in maple (with some community help, thanks guys!). I am trying to manipulate this data but am struggling with it. I thought if I could take this data to matlab it would be pretty easy for me to manipulate and do what I want. 

So my question is: How do I export my numerical solution (pds module) to matlab. Just taking the data is okay. I know you can evaluate the data at some points. 


I see there is "Matlab" command that converts code, it doesn't seem to like pds as an input though.

I also see an export matrix command. I guess it could be possible to create a matrix of plot data and convert it this way?


I had to do a change of coordinate system to solve the PDE because of boundary conditions. I'm trying to transform this data back to my regular x,y coordinate system to see if it matches some other simulations. 

Thanks in advance! And here is my file.

Setup(mathematicalnotation = true):

V(Z, f);

If function ( varphi) is defined, use this one.

PDE1 := subs[inplace](x = xi*varphi(t), PDE1);
If function ( varphi) is defined, use this one.

PDE1 := subs[inplace](t = 2*vartheta*(1/omega), PDE1);




When I wish to perform a "save as" or "export" operation on the menu bar, how do I make Maple default to the same directory as the file is located? On one of my installations, once I select a file, the directory becomes the default "save as" or "export" directory. On my other installation, it first offers me to save to the desktop and I have to search for the subdirectory desired. (This difference occurs across many versions of Maple). Installation is Windows 10.

Dear all,


I am making a mpl file which looks like below:


font_size := thickness = 4, font = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30], labelfont = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30], axis[1] = [thickness = 3], axis[2] = [thickness = 3], captionfont = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30], legendstyle = [font = [bold, "TimesNewRoman", 30]];


I  export it as mpl, but when I want to read it in a worksheet, I get the error below:


Error, on line 1, syntax error, character `?` unexpected:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Error, while reading ``/Users/..../font_size.mpl``


This is just a simple mpl, I get this error for all mpl s that I want to read!

Can somebody help me with this please? It is really annoying :(


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