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can we load part of a package not the package whole !? for example from physics package i only need diff tool not all of the package tools,can i do sth for that !? 

My attempt to export array data using the Browse>Export option when looking at the data fails to work as needed.

The exported data always start in cell A1 of the Excel worksheet even a different starting cell is entered into the Matrix Browser export window.

In summary, my experience is that the Matrix Browser matrix export in Maple 16 and Maple 17 ignores the information about the intended starting destination cell in the Excel file.

Does anyone find that the Matrix Browser exports to a starting Microsoft Excel cell other than A1? 

This exporting with Matrix Browser worked find in Maple 15.  It has been broken in Maple 16 and 17, including Maple 17.02.



(1) Does ModuleCopy, when automatically called from Object,  really get the a shallow copy of the object

as the first parameter in its parameter list? See below, which is copied directly from ?object,create. The

ModuleCopy has first argument new::Dollar but ModuleApply only passes its two arguments not three. I

couldn't find a reference to this feature in the docs.

undisplayed package exports...

February 10 2012 pagan 4905 Maple

Sometimes it is appealing to have a package export a procedure which does not show up when calling with().

For example, the procedure might be used elsewhere, but be otherwise so very technically obscure that nobody else would be interested. (The counter-argument is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander! If something else in Maple can make good use of it and need it, then you might too.)

Now, Maple's modules don't have the concept of "friends",...

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