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I am new user of Maple. I have an expression like f(x,y)/g(x,y) and I want to have Maple name f(x,y) as something simple like "h" so that later equations write h/g(x,y) instead of the complete f(x,y)/g(x,y), and also to be able to simplify other equations in terms of h.

For example, a=(x+1)(y-5)^2/(x+y-3). Can I get Maple to let h=(x+1)(y-5)^2, so that I get h/(x+y-3) when I ask for a?

Sorry if this question is basic (and my math terminology incorrect), but I have been trying for a while.

I would like to tell Maple to evaluate all numbers in an expression using floating point numbers (of a desired precision). Short example:




while I want it to print 


Note that the real expression may be arbitrarily complicated. I know that it is possible easily because I have already seen this somewhere, but I don't remember it. 

I'd like to bind a symbol to some expression, but display the expression analytically before evaluating, and show the value on the same line (not new line).

Something like:

a:=10: b:=3:

But this display the expression and its numerical value on 2 lines. I'd like to get this output:

      f:=a+b^2 ,`=`,19  

This is just so I can see the expression before it is evaluated, and its numerical value on same line. Or if there is a better way do this. I tried using print, but could not get the assignment to work then.


I can't simplify the expression of 





Please tell me how to do this.


Thank you in advance.


Taro yamada

I have this expression; f(a,c,n)=64a²n-16a⁴n-256c²n+32c⁴n-96a²c²+ 8a²c⁴+24a⁴c²-64a²n²+256a²-124a⁴+ 15a⁶+256n²+64a²c²n

such as "a" is between 0 and 2, "c" between 0 and 2 and "n" between 0 and 4.

How do I plot f(a,c,n) so that I can study its sign?


I have defined a function by doing


f:= (x1,x2,x3) -> sum( [complicated expression], [summation ranges]),


which Maple converts to an explicit polynomial in x1,x2,x3.


However, it seems Maple does not quite think of f as this polynomial, but always remembers the original definition of f. How should I do in order for Maple to really define f to be this explicit polynomial?



Contrast the behavior of functions and expressions by performing the following commands.
a)Define a function f equal to x^3 and Define an expression g equal to x^3
b) Evaluate f and g at 2.
c) Evaluate f and g at y.
d )Assign the value 2 to x. Evaluate f and g.

Is it possible that this expression has an elementary one (specifically the dilog's):


Also I'm wondering since Y0 should solve the ode

-(diff(diff(y(t), t), t))+(4-12/(1+s*cosh(2*t))+8*(-s^2+1)/(1+s*cosh(2*t))^2)*y(t) = C/(1+s*cosh(2*t))

with some constant C but I only get rubbish.

I ask this because I found that in another context this seems to be correct:


f2:=(1/2)*((-s^2+1)^(1/2)*(polylog(2, s/(-1+(-s^2+1)^(1/2)))+polylog(2, -s/(1+(-s^2+1)^(1/2))))-polylog(3, s/(-1+(-s^2+1)^(1/2)))+polylog(3, -s/(1+(-s^2+1)^(1/2))))/(-s^2+1)^(3/2)

and f1=f2

but maple doesnt convert it.

Also maple has trouble to convert


everywhere: 0<s<1


I have a trigonometric equation.

I would like to isolate gamma[1](t) and to determine gamma[1](t) in fonction of alpha(t), beta(t) and z(t). The others variables in the equations are fixed parameters.

I have tried to use isolate function. But it doesn't work.

Of course, my expressions should be complex but that is not a problem if i manage to expresse gamma[1](t) in fonction of alpha(t), beta(t) and z(t).

Here my program

Thank you for you help


How do I get Maple to factor to following long expression:

where one factor is (pp1^2+pp2^2+pp3^2)?





Is there a way of extracting the terms of an expression with a certain dependence?

For example:

If I have,


I need to have,


parts separately.

(Of course, a way other than taking derivative.)


How can i simplify the following expression which should be a function of omega

Thank you for your help

Hi again! :-)

I just ran into another problem with units...

I want to remove all units from an expression like this one


I've tried with convert(V[dis],'units_free') but Maple wont let me use that command, when the expression contains units in powers (square and cubic).

I guess there is another way arround, but how?

Best regards

Hi there,

can Maple simplify expression



sum(x[i],i=1..5) ?





Its hard to find every such sequences in big equation, so Maple can help may be.


with great interest and surprise I read the post
"Converting Half-Angle Trig Formulas to Radicals".
Isnt it possible to evaluate cos(arccos(13/14)/3) also
to an exact expression in radicals ?
I simply do not succeed with my humble knowledge of
the Maple commands/internal workings...
Would be great if someone finds a solution ( of an 
unsolvable problem ??? ).

[Edit: Excess white space deleted.---Carl Love]

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