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Hej everyone,

I am trying to run a Maple script for multiple parameters on our cluster, so far so good. I found that I can pass for example a:=1 and b:=2 to a Maple script using

maple -c "a:=1;" -c "b:=2;" < script.mpl

Is that the best/only way? For convenience I would like to read the parameters from a file, my first idea was to work with sed, so I tried

maple $(sed -n 1'p' data) < script.mpl

This should take the first line from data (which is -c "a:=1;" -c "b:=2;"), so that I would expect to get the same result.
Unfortunately, this is not the case, only the first parameter a:=1 is passed correctly and non of the further parameters.

I've appended the files, I used.

This may be not a Maple problem but rather me making a mistake using sed, but maybe you can see where I made a mistake.

Thanks in advance,







The mw-file has to be exported as an mpl-file first. In my case data just contains one line: -c "a:=1;" -c "b:=2;" -c "c:=3;" (I couldn't upload either)

I want to write a code but it is too lengthy. I want to do each part of the code in a separate ".mw" file. For example consider the two files "" and "". The "" have specific entries that must be given by "". How should I do this? or in other words How should I link these two files?

I don't want all variables in "" to be passed to "" but just specific variables that are needed.

I do have some m files and they containing procedures where i am interested in
How can i read those procedures in a m file

Thanks in advance


sometimes I observe extreme delays when simply entering a variable name like fooBar; right after starting a Maple session. This happens when the current directory contains a file with that name, because Maple automatically loads this file.

For example, if I create an empty file fooBar.m and start a Maple session,

> fooBar;
Error, `./fooBar.m` is an incorrect or outdated .m file

raises an error. More often however, I have some huge Maple files in the working directory and whenever I use (by chance) a variable name in the Maple session that matches a filename, Maple tries to load the corresponding file.

Is there a documentation of this behaviour and a possibility to stop this automatic loading of files?



Hi everyone,

I need to write a program to save some files in both Windows or Unix System.

The structure of the path files is different from windows to Unix, so i want to something like this

if (WindowsOS) then

        pathFILE := "\\MyDirectory\\blabla.txt";

elif (UnixOS) then

       pathFILE := "\/MyDirectory\/blabla.txt";

end if;


Thanks for help.

Hi there,

i want to generate some plots in files in this example:

this code doesn't work. but without restart; it works fine. i passed 2 days to figure out that "restart;" was the problem.

my questions are :

1. why i have to eliminate the first line of restart;

2. how can i save my files in a directory that is in the current directory. For example i have a directory in current directory named "plotFILES".

thanks in advance for your help

I mean not open these files, and ctrl+A select whole file and copy to one file.

Hello. It World be greate if you could ad a maple file viewer to the Maple Player for the IPad and similar products. It is a greate tool when you are on the move and do not have you pc with you to do the calculations on. I use Maple a lot at my studies at the university of southern denmark, at when I talk to my study mates about a problem, it would be greate to be able to open maple files from you pc on the ipad. I save my documents to my Dropbox, so I always have then nearby....

Hi, I have variables and would like to assign different values to them and later on combine them for the final calculation. How do i do it? For example:

I have 5 variables in each file. (a,b,c,d,e).

It contributes to my Force, Amplitude, MatrixAA and MatrixBB

How do i put it in a way where i can have 3cases?

Case1:= a=1,b=2,c=3,d=1.5,e=6 ; And It shall give me Force1, Amplitude1, MatrixAA1, MatrixBB1
Case2:= a=3,b=3,c=1,d=3,e=8 ; And It shall...

I want to create a package, lets call it Accellib. I want to be able to load it using the usual with(Accellib); construct.

So I have created a module, included the option package and right now one procedure, the name of which is exported. Within the worksheet; this works. This package will grow as more stuff gets added. I want to put it into a directory of my choice, which is NOT the directory where Maple stores the packages from its distribution; I like to keep them...

From \ Simple_Harmonic_Moti.mws
In several attempts I have downloaded the maple worksheet Simple_Harmonic_Moti.mws.
When I try to open I get the following message:

link imagen

How to proceed to execute the worksheet?


For a face recognition program I need to import all the jpg files that are in a map
on the hard drive. I can already do this by f(i):=Read("C:xxx\\xx\\xxx\\xxx.jpg"); 
that gives f(i) a single jpg file.
But this requires every file to be imported separately. Is there a way to import all the jpg
files from that map?
e.g. f:=Read("...\\*.jpg"); that would give f a list of all the jpg files in the map.



I am currently writing a Python program which takes a Maple Worksheet and evaluate the commands in the terminal version of Maple. However, I have trouble figuring out how the input is formatted. As an example I have following XML code in a .mw file:

<Input><Text-field prompt="&gt; " style="Maple Input" layout="Normal">
<Equation executable="true" style="2D Input" input-equation="A := 4;"

Unable to open these maple files, please help

I want to plot the zeros of an ODE dependent on the change of a parameter of the ODE. My idea is to make a loop where i save the zeros to the given parameter into a file, so that i get multiple files with the zeros in it, and then make a plot with the parameter as x coordinate and the zeros as y coordinates. How can i make this possible in Maple? How can i set a variable filename, for example "parameter name = value".txt?

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