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What's the deal here? When I load Tools>Load Package>Units I get those brackets on the left side of the document along with a red >. I never got them before and now they show up on every new document. Not a big deal, I suppose, but when I hit the !!! the brackets and red >s start to proliferate. A couple more clicks of !!! and my worksheet is covered in them. I can't help but suspect, also, that this is related to the error message I get at the end of this worksheet.

the error is:  Error, (in PDEtools/_zn/get_zn) too many levels of recursion

and the detail is in the additionView on MapleNet or Download
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why I can not get the result, how to solve it ?

Thank you.

 Can any one help me?  please see the attached maple file.

ThxDownload 10597_aa.mws
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I have a system of 14 dae that I solve using method=mebdfi but when it comes to extracting numerical values and plotting my solution I get stuck.

The error I get is Error, (in unknown) unable to integrate past 0.36509631e-3: convergence could not be achieved with stepsize at minimum

I have Maple 13.02 on an Acer Aspire 5532 (64 bit) and there are some severe problems with plotting curves using spacecurve, DEplot, or any plotting method that plots curves. When the option is set for anti-aliasing, I get curves like this: and when anti-aliasing is turned off, the curves look like this:

can Maple do the termwise integration?I'm not familiar with that,

The part on the right of equal sign is what I copied from arctan(z),of course the equation doesn't exist,and that is what I would edit manual,

but the equal sign is strange,which to choose ? though that is unrelated to the overall situation...


anyone can tell me something about termwise integration in maple?

some ODEs can be solved by using different methods,how does maple chosse the methods?

integrating fator problems

question2:what's the error I made in solving the following ODE step by step? the second method and answer is right.

question3:Can Maple automatically add multiplication sign instead of spaces?

I'm posting it here to keep a record for myself.

my second blog post, aka "the lost blog post", is here.

Still some way to go. The following still needs to be tweaked case by case. And it can be made more compact too. Are the arrows flying so much faster in the top triangular area or are the arrows not printing where I expected them to ...

I would like to customize arrows of motion in a phase diagram. The system is the following, with critical point (1,1):

xdot := diff(x(t),t) = x(t)-y(t):
ydot := diff(y(t),t) = y(t)*(1-x(t)):

with phase diagram (the black line is the stable manifold of the system):

Every year my extended family does a "secret santa" gift exchange. Each person draws another person at random and then gets a gift for them. At first, none of my siblings were married, and so the draw was completely random. Then, as people got married, we added the restriction that spouses should not draw each others names. This restriction meant that we moved from using slips of paper on a hat to using a simple computer program to choose names. Then people began to complain when they would get the same person two years in a row, so the program was modified to keep some history and avoid giving anyone a name in their recent history. This year, not everyone was participating, and so after removing names, and limiting the number of exclusions to four per person, I had data something like this:

Corless & Davenport provide a whole bestiarium of rules. This is a small part of the most simple cases, which I sampled more or less for 'all day use' as reference. They are based on the 'unwinding number' (which is a sheet number of according Riemannian surfaces). It turns out, that Maple can 'proof' the identities, if one does not use the definition, but uses the version given in the help pages (= version 2 in the following).

I used eliminate,but there is no result,no error.

I donot know why,what shoud I do?

The programme is in the attachment,the last expression is the eliminate.How should I correct it?View on MapleNet or Download
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Thank you

Download 6782_Cheng.pdf
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Why does Maple squawk when I submit more equations than it needs for FSOLVE?  Shouldn't Maple be able to tell that the first equation is dependent on the next two equations and ignore it?  Why can't SOLVE simply output the solutions as shown in the comment line instead of giving me all that razzamatazz about RootOf this and RootOfthat?  Thanks, Ratch

my system [u(t),v(t),w(t)] is highly non-linear. I want to understand the local behavior at [u=0,v=0,w=0]. The boundary conditions are as follows: u(0) is given but v(0) and w(0) are not. I want to know if there is a suitable choice of v(0) and w(0) such that the system will converge to the critical point [0,0,0].

Can this system be approximated by a linear system? Or by a two-dimensional system?

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