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I am working on a project where Maple's output is fed to another software which requires all it's input in specific format. So, I want to print this expression,say

y=+2.*x+.2, in this software, but it takes input as

y=2*x+0.2, So now I have to change

+2. to 2.0 or 2 (if it's starting of the equation)

-2. to -2.0

.2 to 0.2


Is there any way to convert all the numbers in the equation to...



I am working on a Maple project and it require me to pass a differential equation in a specific order like

x'=y & y'=x^2.(It is differentaiting w.r.t 't'(say))

However when I convert the equation into string it converts something as

diff(x(t),t)=y(t) & diff(y(t),t)=x(t)^2


Is there any way to stop maple from evaluating into maple/math format?

Is there any way to pass an equation without changing it's existing form?...

Hey guys.


I've been using a format where everything, math and text, is in black. The awnsers come out in blue.

Some coleges use a (ugly?) format where the equations are in red and are, in my opinion, less easy to read and take longer to type down.


So my question is simply this: Can I do everything using the black format I'm used to, or are there certain things that I MUST use the red format to compute?

If there are...

Hello every one,

I am using similarity transformation to transform a PDE into an ODE.

I got the ode but its in a very ambiguous (unclear) form.

I need help to have the ode in a more friendly reading format.



after defining N_1 N_2 and N_3 with long numbers, and defining M by N_1*N_2*N_3 i tried to step backwards.

By entering something like: M/N_1 (what is exactly like N_2*N_3) it does not show me full numbers, but instead 1/something*M.

After refreshing M and afterwards refreshing M/N_1 it totally worked out and showed me the product of N_2*N_3

Now my question is: how can i prevent this odd display format without refreshing everytime? (i tried...


when i copy my results in excell or notepad, they are in the following format


Dear All,

Further to my previous question on this forum "How to write data from a matrix while choosing the format?", I would like to update it by adding a complex number. What is the easiest way to deal with that?

Here is the file (that does not compile):

> driver := proc () local A, B, x, f, g, i, j, format, fd:

A := Matrix(3, 3):
f := 1-2*I:
g := evalf(sin((1/5)*Pi)):

Dear All,

I would like to know the easiest way to write data, that are stored in a matrix after a computation, to a file with a specific format. To be more precise, I wish to have the possibility to change the format for a given column.

Here is a trial (output is wrote to the terminal for simplification) based on some examples I found, but without success.

Hi all!

Please I'm having difficulties in specifying a repeat count for my format descriptor in Maple. For example,
If I want to repeat the format descriptor "%-+8.4f" ten times, is it compulsary that I write it explicitly as shown below?

fprintf(file, "\n%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f%-+8.4f",e[5],mp[5],zp[5],mt[5],zt[5],roc[5],ac[5],pnloc[5],fs[5],qcode[5]):

I know in Fortran, a descriptor such as "10F8.4" is possible....

every time I enter / or ^, maple automatically changed the text I entered into fraction or power, and I am having hard time enter equations normally like the way I do in graphic calculator or matlab. I am forced to type all my equations on a text pad and then copy over.

is there a way to stop maple from auto formatting my input text? I am more of a matlab guy and I really need to use symbolics and integration abilities right now, but this version of maple is making...

I would like to see the contents of a .m file into a human readable form.  How do I do that?

From \ Simple_Harmonic_Moti.mws
In several attempts I have downloaded the maple worksheet Simple_Harmonic_Moti.mws.
When I try to open I get the following message:

link imagen

How to proceed to execute the worksheet?

If I'm not mistaken Maple already had technical interactive documents.  And Mathematica introduced cdf only in mid 2011, however why is there so much hype about cdf and media coverage about it replacing pdf's.  Of course it differs by one letter and probably done so by design.  And if pdf is so popular, then so might cdf be in the future.  Pretty slick and trick marketing by Wolfram if you ask me. 

Also Maple released the maple Player in...

I have been using Maple in Document mode to provide documentation of engineering calculations according to various design standards.

I have been asked to provide more detail about certain critical calculations.

Ideally, I would want to enter the formula as a symbolic espression, then the output would begin with and echo of the expression with numberic values substituted for the variable names (ie without performing any mathematical operations), and then give the evaluated answer.

I have solved my one chapter of my mathematics text book in maple. i want to get is published, but dont know how to format and how to make the page for book publishing, can any one help?

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